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Behind the Scenes: the Captivating Journey of Joe Albanese

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July 27, 2023

When we're downloading TikTok and performing dances or trying to make people laugh with our silly skits, we never actually think they'll blow up. Right? Like most of Generation Z, Joe Albanese thought the same thing until it all changed for him. I'm sure most of you have seen his videos pop up on your FYP with his eccentric internet presence and light-hearted videos.

Amassing 43.7 million followers on his TikTok account and over 1 million followers on Instagram, Joe's stardom reaches no bounds. But that's not all – he's a YouTube star too, captivating audiences with reactions, challenges, pranks, lifestyle, and gaming videos that have gained millions of views and subscribers.

The Teen Magazine has had the chance to chat with Joe as he shares his inspiring journey to TikTok fame and beyond, all while staying grounded and cherishing the bond with his friends and family.

From Average Joe to Social Media Star

Joe has been on social media since Musical.ly's final days as it transitioned over to TikTok (R.I.P Musical.ly 2014-2018). "The app was nowhere as popular as it is today," he says, "People used to think it was cringy to have TikTok, so I never told any of my friends. I got the app because I saw my little sister making funny dance videos on it. I downloaded the app as a joke and made a variety of funny videos each day; without expecting any of them to go viral."

"I always try to make sure I'm putting out content that I'm happy with and I know my supporters would enjoy too. I stick with what my supporters enjoy the most and I think that's most important. I engage with my audience by replying to comments and responding to direct messages." - Joe Albanese

Dancing into Viral Fame

However, like most good things, it just took time: "It wasn't until early 2019 one of my videos went extremely viral. It was awesome to see the amount of traction it was getting. My first videos consisted of me doing extreme stunts with breakdancing. I acquired the reputation of that one 'crazy guy' on TikTok. It's crazy to see how quickly my life changed in just a span of 6-months from downloading the app."

"I [have been] breakdancing for my entire life," Joe shared, revealing the origins of his impressive dancing skills as seen in his videos. "Growing up, my mom owned a dance studio. I quickly learned how to breakdance and have always had the skill. Nowadays, I typically just do it for fun. However, I incorporated it into my TikToks to add another layer of entertainment in my videos."

"One of my videos in March 2019 consisted of me breakdancing in our living room and singing a song. I always come up with random ideas throughout the day and make myself write them down. That particular video was one of them." He muses, "I never thought the video would go as viral as it did.

Meme pages on other platforms began to repost it. I thought it was awesome because people were liking the content I was making. I made sure to keep doing things other people weren't doing."


Describe my moms reaction… 😳

♬ Barney and friends - Trap remix

Beyond his dancing videos on TikTok, Joe goes out of his way to provide his fan base with new forms of content that can keep them wanting to watch more of him. "On my YouTube channel I used to make Roblox gaming videos. Then I transitioned to more real-life vlogs, pranks, and challenges. Now I do a mix of both. YouTube is awesome because it allows me to make longer videos to furthermore engage with my supporters."

In his YouTube journey, his first video showcased an impressive head spin, marking the beginning of an entertaining channel filled with vlogs, humor, and games. Transitioning to TikTok in January 2020, he introduced fitness and one-leg squat videos as his first TikTok content.

However, "one of the first ever videos I made with my family went viral. I had made a funny dance video with my sisters and my mom's reaction in the background was priceless. We started making videos as a family because I felt [we] were all entertaining in our own ways. There's so many types of videos we're able to make as a family such as pranks, dances, skits, challenges, etc." With a knack for captivating their audience, Joe and his family have built a devoted fanbase captivated by their delightful camaraderie.

Where To Go Next

The one common benefit that any star, whether that may be an influencer or celebrity, shares is the connections that they make, which helps develop them professionally and sometimes even personally. "I've found a few like-minded individuals who were always working hard and had a positive reach." For Joe, these connections have come in the form of various sponsorships and ambassadors for companies such as Arizona Ice Tea, Fashion Nova, MVMT, Young and Reckless, Pacsun, Redbull, and most notably, Bang Energy. "It's my job as an ambassador to make entertaining content for these brands so they could potentially gain new customers."

However, the life of an influencer is not all glitz and glam like it may appear on social media. Like any other job, especially a demanding one, having a good work-life balance is key to avoiding burning yourself out and keeping yourself content with what you're doing. Joe shares, "Mental health is a priority over doing things that won't make you happy. I've personally been able to balance my life quite well. I do what I can to inspire others and spend time with family and close ones."

In terms of what's ahead for the future, "My supporters can look forward to seeing appearances on certain channels they may have watched while growing up. There's some exciting collaborations coming up that I can't wait to show." Whatever it may be, rest assured, it's bound to be grander and more extraordinary than any of his previous ventures!

10 Fun Questions

1. What's the strangest food combination you've ever tried, and did you like it?

My weirdest food combination I've tried was cereal and orange juice. I ran out of milk and wanted to try it with something else. It wasn't a good idea.

2. If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it?

I wish I could teleport wherever I wanted because I can visit friends and family around the world/country within seconds.

3. If you could switch lives with any fictional character for a day, who would it be and why?

Maybe Thanos because he is incredibly strong and almost indestructible unless the Avengers are attacking him. But anyways, I'd like to see how strong I'd be.

4. What's your favorite ice cream flavor, and how would you describe it in three words?

My favorite ice-cream flavor is mint chocolate chip. Amazing, delicious, and underrated.

5. What is your go-to dance move when you're on the dance floor?

Probably, windmills are my go-to move. I do them in my videos a loooot.

6. If you could have a personal theme song that played whenever you entered a room, what would it be and why?

I hear the Barney remix song when I sleep. It'd probably be that because that's what lots of people know me on TikTok for. Barney. Remix.

7. What would be the title of your autobiography, and what three words would sum up your life story?

I think the title of my autobiography would be "The Life of Joe Albanese" where I go into depth of my entire life.

8. What's the most unusual or interesting talent you have that not many people know about?

I can put my legs in the back of my head. No idea how, but I've always been able to do it.

9. If you could have a conversation with any animal and they could understand and respond to you, which animal would you choose and what would you ask?

I wish I could talk with dogs because dogs are amazing. That's the easiest way I can put it into words. I'd probably ask them what they think about humans.

10. If you could instantly become an expert in any field or profession, what would it be and why?

Astronomy. The thought of us possibly being the only planet with life in the galaxy or the thought of there being tons of other planets with life is fascinating.

Stay up to date with Joe

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