TikTok's Favorite Dancer Nick Bencivengo Talks Discovering Passion, Health, and More
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TikTok's Favorite Dancer Nick Bencivengo Talks Discovering Passion, Health, and More

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May 17, 2021

Nick Bencivengo, the 17-year-old TikTok dancer whom you probably recognize from his viral "doing TikTok dances in front of my family member" series. A natural talent since he was a little boy, Nick continues to inspire his fans and those around him with his smooth and skillful dances.

The Teen Magazine had the chance to talk with Nick about his dance journey, dealing with criticisms, and the future.

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On Discovering His Passion and TikTok

What got you into dancing?

"My mom actually noticed my love for music & dance, so she put me in my first Hip Hop dance class in New Jersey," Nick remembered, "I realized I wanted to pursue dancing and acting when I was about 9 years old."

He started booking jobs for John Legend, Target, and Kidz Bop, and that’s when he realized that he wanted to do it for the rest of his life.

When and how did you get into TikTok?

"I got into TikTok because I’ve always loved posting on social media," Nick says, "Ever since I was young I wished I could have an audience to be able to have a positive influence on. I started gaining attention on TikTok a little over a year ago when my dance videos started blowing up. My most popular series is 'doing TikTok dances in front of my family members'."

It naturally all flowed in for the dancer, whose moves were jaw-droppingly good- and as of publication, Nick boasts the vast number of 3.2 million followers on TikTok.

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How did your family and friends respond to your success online?

"My family and friends were (and still are) so happy for me since they know that this is what I love to do. Since my gain of popularity on social media, my family and friends have mostly stayed the same. They don’t treat me or act any differently around me," Nick acknowledged happily.

Do you have an accomplishment that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself?

When talking about his fans, Nick has a big smile on his face, "A big accomplishment for me is getting recognized in public. Since everything is online I can rarely meet my supporters in real life, but when I do, it makes everything worth it!

Criticisms & Health Issues

How do you deal with online hate?

"Hate comments are something every influencer has to deal with. I personally don’t take any comments to heart because there is no reason to do that to yourself," Nick says, "But sometimes it does get too much & I usually take a break when that happens. I spent time with my family and friends and that makes me feel instantly better."

Getting a rhinoplasty is a big thing. What was the process or influence that made you decide you want to have it now?

"Yes, Rhinoplasties are a very big thing, but it’s something that’s normal in my family. Two of my siblings got them too. Deviated septum run in our family as well as asthma & other breathing problems," Nick tells us.

"My family & I decided to fix this problem before I get any farther into my life. I also go some cosmetic work done at the same time on some things I was insecure about which I am super happy with. Much love to Dr. Raj Kanodia for being an amazing plastic surgeon."

On The Future

What is your next step, and how do you see yourself grow?

"I hope to use my platform to entertain & positively influence kids & adults around to world. It makes me so happy realizing how many people I’ve positively influenced & I can’t wait to influence many more! As COVID-19 slowly loosens up, I hope to book more dance & acting jobs this year! I also want to continue growing on social media."

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9 Quick Q's With Nick Bencivengo

Here are some quick fun facts from Nick's current binge-watching shows to his biggest tip on getting a girlfriend on Omegle.

What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is reality TV shows. They are just so entertaining, and I can't stop once I start watching.

Favorite TV show at this moment?

The circle!! I’ve actually been binge-watching it this entire week.

Who was your role model growing up?

My role model growing up was my sister. Jackie helped me grow up & she truly showed me everything I know today. She showed me how to be strong when times were rough, how to be independent, and most importantly taught me how to treat people. She is still a huge influence on me!

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What’s the worst lie you told your parents?

I usually get in trouble for spending too much money. A few weeks ago I bought a 1,500 dollar pair of shoes and told her that I only bought them for 100 dollars.

Back in middle school, were you the class clown or the quiet kid?

I was definitely the quiet kid who still has a lot of friends.

Biggest tip on getting a girlfriend on Omegle?

I would say to stay consistent and keep trying! I promise you that you will find someone who likes you eventually! Haha.

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If your personality is a type of alcohol, what would it be?

I don’t drink alcohol but If I was a drink I would definitely be cherry coca-cola. I can't really explain this one I just feel like it’s true.

Do you have a secret recipe?

I sadly don’t. I think the only thing I am capable of cooking is pancakes. I can make some bomb pancakes though!

Current favorite songs?

I currently love Dancing In My Room, Put Your Records On, and Keep Your Head Up!

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Keep Up With Nick

To keep up with Nick, be sure to follow him on Instagram at @nickbencivengo and his TikTok at @nickbencivengo.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel here for fun vlogs and videos!

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