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All Eyes on Lioness: It-Girl Fashion Line Taking Luxury and Trends to a New Level

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Stop what you're doing, drop what you're holding, and direct all your attention to Lioness right now.

This hot Australian brand is seriously taking the fusion of elevated luxury and the latest trends to a whole new level, and we're totally here for it.

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Something about the brand makes us completely struck with awe- and it has to do with the brand's careful eye for cutting-edge designs, an air of effortless coolness and fierceness, and a signature style. All that to say, we just have to share our favorites, because we're totally obsessed.

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The Bel Air Collection

The Australian brand recently launched their Bel Air Collection, and it's everything that you would think it is and more.

With sleek, modern looks fused with casual yet dressed-up looks, the Bel Air Collection is the perfect definition of contemporary fashion that is both quality and trendy.

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The Bel Air Collection is simply something so fashion-forward, we just had to share some of our favorite Lioness pieces!

Popcorn Tops Are Making A Comeback

Hey fashionistas, if you've been staying up to date on the newest fashion news recently, you may have heard that popcorn tops are making a comeback. That's right- even Vogue said so!

Y2k is back in full swing but in a much more elevated, cool-girl way. Lioness takes this approach in the form of the Kourt Long Sleeve Top, with a frilly yet sleek look.

Shop the Kourt Long Sleeve Top in black here.

This long-sleeved top is defined to be well-fitting and sticks tight to your skin. Starting off with a low frill turtleneck, the top elongates your arms with long sleeves and features a slight crop.

Of course, the biggest feature of this top? The popcorn-esque ruched detailing. Everything about it is just so it-girl; it's unique and head-turning in the best possible way. The bubble-like detailing is all over the top, from the neck to the sleeves to both the front and back.

The fabric is nice and thinly made while being slightly stretchy. It's a bit sheer, but nothing too extreme. All it does is give you that casual model-off-duty look!

The Kourt Top is perfect to pair with any of your favorite pants- even better if they're relaxed style (because the tight-top loose-pants combo never misses)! Versatile and easy to style, this top is simply the coolest.

Your New Favorite Go-To Jeans

Everyone needs a classic pair of unripped, slightly slouchy but put-together pair of light blue jeans. Well, lucky for us, Lioness's French Kiss Denim Jeans are exactly that!

Shop the French Kiss Denim Blue Jeans here.

The French Kiss Denim Jeans are not exactly form-fitting nor completely baggy, but just the perfect in-between. These jeans are perfect for outlining your silhouette in a casual, effortless way.

In a pretty sky-blue color, the French Kiss Denim Jeans are classic and timeless at their best.

These jeans are somewhat in between being high-waisted to mid-waisted. With belt loops all around, you can adjust these jeans with your favorite pair of belts.

Made of pure cotton, this denim is so comfortable. It's not rigid, so it makes you feel in your most relaxed state even while wearing jeans!

Also, can we talk about pockets? Everyone appreciates a good pocket moment, but the French Kiss Denim Jeans offer so much more than your standard jeans! With a five-pocket design, these jeans are so convenient to store all of the random things that end up in our pockets.

With a relaxed style, these jeans are all about feeling good while not being too overdressed but still staying fashionable. Pair these cuties with your favorite cropped white tank top or virtually any top, and you're good to go!

In Our Wildest Dreams Is The Fantasy Mesh

If there ever was a cropped tee that felt glamorously effortless in a very low-key, subtle way, it would be the Fantasy Mesh.

"Be in a fantasy in our Fantasy Mesh Tee," says Lioness, and we couldn't agree more.

Shop the Fantasy Mesh Tee in Blue Moonlight here.

In a gorgeous abstract moonlight print, this tee features swirls of various shades of blue, making it feel like a piece of art you can wear.

It has the softest fabric ever, with tiny holes featured all throughout, making it super light and breathable. I seriously don't think I've ever felt such a lightweight top before! It is slightly sheer, but nothing too extreme.

In a crew neck style, this top is cropped and has a baby-tee-like fit without being as tight.

Pair this top with your favorite pair of pants- like Lioness's Miami Vice- and you're good to go!

Join The Miami Vice Club

You're invited officially by Lioness: "Join our Miami Vice club."

These cargo-like pants are not just your average pants. These are simply just so much cooler in a way that can't truly be captured by words- it's like love at first sight.

These denim pants have a low rise, baggy fit. It's slouched in a way that's stylish, with a relaxed silhouette and a "don't care" look. It does have a somewhat looser fit, so it is advised that you size down if you prefer a slimmer fit.

With a "tucked detailing along the inner seam at knees", the Miami Vice pants take detail seriously. With multiple pockets both by the sides and down the legs and various loops, these pants are simply so well done.

The pants tend to be heavier as it is made of 100% cotton. I love how it feels like it is heavy-duty, and it is definitely higher quality- because you should never expect less from Lioness!

The Miami Vice Pants are available in various sizes, including Black, Stone, Forest Green, White, and Blue Denim. Our personal favorites, Stone and Black, are the perfect staple pieces due to their easy-to-style colors.

The Stone

The Stone is a gorgeous tan-wheat shade. It's far from khakis but has a distinct stone-like color, which is a must for your autumn closet.

Shop the Miami Vice Pant in Stone here.

The Stone color is perfect for styling with other neutral shades such as white and black.

The Black

The Black is an inky, almost midnight-like shade with an in-between of very dark navy and black.

Shop the Miami Vice Pant in Black here.

You know it- black pants are the easiest thing to style, and we love it! Go for any of your favorite crop tops, and voila! You've got it. If you want to dress it up, go for any of Lioness's lapeled, cropped, or embellished tops, and you'll be the star!

The Most Signature Bel Air Look

Okay, I seriously don't think I've ever been more obsessed with a cardigan before- because Lioness's Bel Air Top is everything. With a super-soft fuzzy, hot pink cardigan with an open chain, what's more Bel Air than this?

The Y2K era is screaming with joy right now.

Shop the Bel Air Top in Pink here.

With a scoop neck, the Bel Air Top is anything but boring. This long-sleeved cardigan is the fuzziest thing ever. It feels so soft, and I absolutely love it!

I absolutely love the hot pink color- it makes it feel so glamorous and is the perfect throwback to the 2000s, where hot pink and fuzzy cardigans were totally in.

The big game-changer? Definitely the chain detailing if you ask me. This beautiful light gold-colored chain extends to each end of the cardigan sides, making it the hottest cardigan out there.

This cardigan offers more ways to style it than you might think. You could go with just the cardigan, but you could also layer another piece underneath to your liking. The possibilities are endless!

Give Off Big LA Vibes With This Corset

The East Gate Corset is made for the perfect laid-back streetwear style. As Lioness says, "Big LA vibes, you're gonna love it." And we totally agree: we do so love it!

Shop the East Gate Corset in Stone here.

With a gorgeous bustier fit, the East Gate Corset makes you feel like a princess, or like a model taking a casual stroll through the streets of Los Angeles. Whichever you feel like, one thing is for sure: you'll feel good, and you'll look good too.

The corset features tie closures snaked around the middle, which can be adjustable. I love the crisis cross pattern that it takes- it's absolutely stunning.

The back of the corset is simply just a backing, and it is completely strapless, making it easier to wear- and much more comfortable, too.

The East Gate Corset is perfect to be paired with the Lioness Pants in Stone- it's the dream match!

How To Emit Goddess Energy

From the beautiful, deep blue color that almost feels like royalty to the quality velvet look, the Goddess Crop sticks true to its name.

"Unleash your inner Bel Air goddess," says Lioness.

Shop the Goddess Crop in Blue here.

With a one-shoulder look, this top is perfect for parties, concerts, and fun nights out. The top is cropped, making it perfect to pair with any of your favorite high-waisted bottoms.

The material of the top feels just like velvet, with its smoothness; it's also very stretchy, given its ruched style.

The Goddess Crop comes in various colors such as Pink, Python, and Black. The Blue in particular is a very rich cobalt color and is a lovely rich blue shade.

We Should All Talk About This Dress

I genuinely mean it when I say that we should all be talking about this dress. What's not to be obsessed with? From the fuzzy black outlining or the open-back cutout, the Westside Mini Dress completely strikes us all in awe.

Shop the Westside Mini Dress in Black here.

If a dress could be a girl's best friend, it's definitely got to be this one. With an easy pull-on design, this dress is actually quite comfortable and easy to move around in.

All over the dress is a fuzzy texture that feels oh-so-soft. We all love fuzzy things, and this dress just feels like a full-on hug!

This gorgeous dress features a crew neck and a slim-fitting mini-dress in the front. But in the back is much of the wow factor goes.

With a cut-out scoop back, the back of the dress completely exposes the top of your back, making this dress a sleek, modern take on your typical black mini-dress.

The Westside Mini Dress in Black would totally be a stunner paired with your favorite pair of black heels. So many fun adventures await for you in this dress!

Keep Up With Lioness

Be sure to keep up with Lioness on social media to stay on top of their newest releases! Find them on Instagram @lioness_official.

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