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Chic Essentials for the Modern Fashionista: City Girl Looks from Lioness We Love

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Mon, February 05

As trends go on, we can’t help but look back towards the past for our future fashion inspiration. One era we just can’t seem to let go of is the 90s, and for good reason. With timeless staples like rugged denim and satin-like skirts, it’s easy to see why it was such a classic era.

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Decades fast forward, in a time of microtrends that emerge every second, Lioness is keeping the cool girl look as something to stay.

Shop Lioness at lionessfashion.com

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Hailed as the “it girl” wardrobe brand, Lioness’s effortlessly-cool-without-trying-too-hard aesthetic instantly pulls us towards its allure. With its sleek leather cuts, oversized and slouchy denim, and flattering mini tops, Lioness was born for the ultimate chic fashionista.

With their latest “The Modern” collection, Lioness is giving the classic 90s style a contemporary makeover with a chic update to the original, timeless, and beloved silhouettes as we know them.

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Shop The Modern Collection here.

For the girls who are looking for outfits that can double down for both the casual days and the glamorous, glittery nights out, look no further than our favorite picks from The Modern below:

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The Rhode Mini

Nothing is more of a must than a little mini denim skirt, and the Rhode puts the mini in a mini skirt.

Shop the Rhode Mini in Blue Denim here.

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Low rise is all the rage nowadays, and this trendy little mini skirt keeps it in today’s style, making it the perfect match for all your longer going out tops.

The all-blue denim keeps it a true classic, and the contrast stitching throughout the dress gives it an edgy dimension. Also, this genius little skirt is actually a skort. With attached denim shorts underneath, you don’t ever have to worry about partying too hard in this mini skirt.

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With belt loops all around, the Rhode Mini offers so many opportunities to spice up your look with accessories.

The Bella Moto Jacket

If you ever want to combine your leather jacket with denim, the Bella Moto Jacket is a dream come true.

Shop the Bella Moto Jacket in Blue Denim here.

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There’s so much detail to focus on the Bella Moto Jacket, but if you had to sum it up in a few words, it would be racer style. If you could translate the sleekness of a biker leather jacket into the rugged classic style of denim, this would be it.

With a press stud design on the collar and hem, you immediately know this jacket is infinitely cooler than just about any other denim jacket. With a fitted silhouette and stitching that emphasizes your natural body shape, it doesn’t get any chicer than this.

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All that to say, this is no ordinary jacket. Pair this with your favorite denim jeans for a Y2K denim-on-denim look, and you’re all set.

The Cobain Pant

Easy does it, and the Cobain Pants feel like Sunday mornings infused with New York City streetwear.

Shop the Cobain Pant in Onyx Stripe here.

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With vertical black and white stripes all over, these pants are all about the texture and the drama while still keeping it down to the basic neutrals. The elasticated waist and oversized look feels down to earth, and the cotton and nylon blend makes it a cool fabric for the warmer weather.

The low-rise look is accentuated with a white square patch detail, giving it that trendy “wearing boxers as a going out look” vibe. After all, fashion isn’t truly it without an element of comfort, isn’t it?

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These pants are seriously so comfortable that they could honestly just double down as a pair of pajamas- at least, that’s how easy to wear it feels.

The Dawson Pant

I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a pair of pants more, and the Dawson Pants never fail to make me feel like a boss.

Shop the Dawson Pant in Slate here.

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With a dove gray shade and contrast stitching that gives a vertical lengthening illusion, the Dawson Pant is the ultimate definition of a power move.

These low-rise, slightly oversized pants mean it when it comes to business. With a tortoise-shell-like button closure and belt loops, these pants are the ultimate classy suit pants that don’t feel too overdone.

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I love how casual these can be when dressed down with a form-fitting tank top, and how it can be dressed up with matching suit tops and blazers. Whatever the occasion, the Dawson Pant is an absolute must that will look truly flattering.

The Girl Next Door Dress

This simple halter denim dress is sure to turn heads.

Shop the Girl Next Door Dress in Blue Denim here.

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There is something so effortlessly sweet about the Girl Next Door dress. Featuring a deep v-neckline that goes down into a vertical zip-up front, the front of the dress is lined with contrast stitching throughout that gives a flattering silhouette to the dress.

The halter neckline allows the back to be backless around the shoulders, giving it that easygoing summer energy.

image credit: lionessfashion.com

Pair this with your favorite knee-high leather boots to feel like a total cowgirl or an East Coast city girl- your pick!

The Honey Corset Mini

Nothing can do this dress justice- and I mean it.

Shop the Honey Corset Mini in Blue Denim here.

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This gorgeous denim dress combines the iconic corset with a pleated skirt, creating the most perfect dress to ever exist. Am I exaggerating? Certainly sounds like it, but this dress truly is one of the most gorgeous things to ever be, and it’s hard to believe that something as casual as denim can be this intricately stunning!

The Honey Corset Mini is all about the details. The corset bodice features a front hook and eye closure throughout the entire front and has thin shoulder straps that add a touch of feminine daintiness.

image credit: lionessfashion.com

The pleated skirt has a low-rise sitting and has belt loops for you to accessorize how you like it. The dress comes in pretty form-fitting, and screams “all eyes on me.”

The Dawson Jean

Who says denim has to be plain boring? The Dawson Jean gives your regular faded blue jeans a totally different look.

Shop the Dawson Jean in Washed Blue here.

image credit: lionessfashion.com

With a loose baggy fit, these jeans aren’t trying to hard to fit in, but they definitely aren’t hard to notice with its paneled detailing design.

With contrast stitching that goes directly down vertically the pants, these pants have an edgy design that feels easily alluring. Plus, the paneling continues in the back of the pants, with an upside-down T look that ends at the back of the knees.

image credit: lionessfashion.com

This is the ultimate pair of light blue jeans, and you can take it any way you want it. Pair this with your favorite tank top, shirt, etc– and you’ll be good to go.

The Top Model Jean

Dark denim jeans are always the move, and this special pair will make you feel oh-so-cool without even trying.

Shop the Top Model Jean in Charcoal here.

image credit: lionessfashion.com

These low-rise straight-leg jeans are as classic as it gets, and there are absolutely no complaints there.

With a charcoal wash, these jeans have an all-over dark look that are neither gray nor jet black. I love how flattering the wider legs are, and how the low-rise look complements the back of the jeans.

image credit: lionessfashion.com

With how classic these jeans are, they are so easy to style with just about anything. I love how these are sure to never go out of style, making them a staple for the ultimate modern wardrobe.

Keep Up With Lioness

There’s always something new and exciting with Lioness, and we couldn’t be more obsessed with their eye-catching designs. To stay up to date on all things Lioness, be sure to follow them on social media on Instagram @lioness_official!

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