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She is the Moment: Dare to Stand Out with Lioness's Nostalgia Collection


February 21, 2022

The way we dress says quite a lot about ourselves; whether you're a dreamy girl who loves her silky dresses or a city girl with adoration for a sleek street style, there is always a way to express yourself with fashion.

Of all, there is nothing more that screams "it girl" than Lioness, the influencer-beloved, luxe Aussie brand. With effortlessly cool looks and collections of high fashion, Lioness simply has that cool-girl factor that cannot be replicated.

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Their vast variety of stunning, one-of-a-kind looks is jaw-dropping to look at. From slouchy-chill cargo pants to smoking hot sheer tops to the classic fitted baby tees, Lioness has it all. No matter the thousands of micro-trends we go through, Lioness's coolness is the one thing that stays consistent throughout time.

Never lacking in passion, the Lioness girl defies stereotypes, oozes confidence and refuses to be defined.


The Nostalgia Collection

Recently, Lioness released their newest collection, which has us on our toes with excitement. Understandably so, too; a game-changing brand releasing game-changing outfits? We're all in!

Appropriately named the Nostalgia Collection for its throwback style and inspirations going back to the '90s, '00s, and more, Lioness's newest launch has us yearning for a time so classic yet cutting-edge.

The it-brand integrates fashion's all-time iconic looks with today's contemporary styles, making it into something of its own- and we couldn't be more obsessed.

The Iconic Miami Vice Pants

The trend of oversized cargo pants is back in full swing, and I couldn't be more excited about it. Slouchy pants and fitted tees make the best combination, and it's truly the embodiment of truly effortless streetwear.

And that's exactly what Lioness does best: with a low rise, baggy fit that just screams "I'm cool and I know it," Lioness's Miami Vice Pants are iconic for a reason. Gone are the days of cargo pants being boring pants- now, they are hands down one of the most coveted styles, with influencers everywhere spotted wearing them. Plus, who wouldn't say no to all those pocket spaces?

The Miami Vice pants feature roomy pockets both front, back, down the legs, and a style that hands low but solidly on your waist. Its low-rise fit makes for the perfect opportunity to wear a fitted tee or tank top.

It's the classic cargo pants, plus Lioness's own addition of its recognizable twist: the brand includes "tucked detailing along the inner seam at knees." This makes the cargo pants slightly flare out, giving it an edgy, unique look.

Available in a wide variety of colors, the Nostalgia Collection introduces two new colors: navy pinstripe and blue. All Miami Vice pants are oversized, and it is recommended to size down for a slimmer fit.

Shop the Miami Vice Pants in Navy Pinstripe here.

The Navy Pinstripe pants feature vertical navy lines doing all across the pants, giving it a fun visual pattern and something more exciting. Plus, it elongates your legs and makes them look miles long!

Shop the Miami Vice Pants in Blue here.

Electric shock, baby! These bright blue pants cannot be missed even from meters away. The shockingly bright blue is this vivid in real life, and adds a fun pop of color to your wardrobe. Blue jeans are essential, but funky blue cargo pants are just as necessary!

The Love Bites Baby Tee

Valentine's Day is over, and we're tired of stupid love. Unlike that crazy love, though, this baby tee doesn't bite- it's sweet as can be!

Shop the Love Bites Baby Tee in Red here.

With a crop-length, fitted style, this baby tee is straight cut and isn't here to play any games. With a bold, fresh logo that proclaims "Love Bites" in pink across the front, this baby tee is here to make a statement.

This tee is the perfect blend of softness and slight stretchiness and is all-around oh-so-comfortable.

My favorite thing? The classic white tee goes along with any outfit- and when I say any outfit, I really mean it! From a slinky black mini skirt to a pair of ripped blue jeans, this shirt makes any outfit complete.

I love how iconic this tee is- in all its minimalist simplicity, it's proud and classic. Had this tee existed back in the '90s, the supermodel-it-girls would totally have been spotted wearing this (definitely not talking about one of Lioness's muses, Kate Moss)!

The Tanis Corsets

Corsets aren't just a thing of the past anymore- the delicate, feminine top has been making waves in the fashion world lately, with celebrities and influencers wearing them out and about.

With a form-fitting, silhouette-enhancing look, Lioness's Tanis Corsets are the perfect match to oversized pants and look modern and stylish.

Made of smooth satin-like material, the Tanis Corset is lightweight and easy to wear with no discomfort. As Lioness says, "You’re sure to look sweet in satin!"

Featuring a dip hem to have that authentic corset look and boning to provide structure and support, this corset has it all. Plus, it's cropped, making it perfect to wear with pants or skirts of any length.

The corsets have thin adjustable straps attached, which adds to the dainty look. The back is an exposed zip with a well-sized band going across it. Lioness recommends that you size down for these corsets to ensure a well-fitting fit.

Shop the Tanis Corset in Blue Porcelain here.

One of Lioness's recently launched colors, the Blue Porcelain makes the Tanis Corsets look straight out of the regency style era. With a beautiful toile style print of light blue and ivory white, the top is delicate and flowery.

It's totally giving Bridgerton vibes, and we're here for it.

Shop the Tanis Corset in Navy here.

The Tanis Corset in Navy is moody and mysterious, with a beautiful shade of midnight navy. The color doesn't feel too dark but carries an air of charm of its own.

I love how the light bouncing off the color makes it lustrous and velvety, and it is absolutely stunning.

Fantasy Tie Dye Tee

I'll say it: tie-dye is not a trend that just comes and goes- it's an integral part of fashion history, and will remain iconic forever. It comes back stronger than ever each and every time, and the tie-dye craze is real!

Lioness takes the universal love for tie-dye in an everyday, causal tee that feels so adorable.

Shop the Fantasy Tie Dye Tee in Red Tie Dye here.

This sweet tee features a tie-dye print that goes all over. With a swirl of red, pink, and white, this tee is the definition of "lovely." I love how it has a cap sleeve, making it feel very 2000s; plus, it creates a pretty illusion!

Plus, the tie-dye is truly unique- as Lioness shares, the tee is "subject to variances due to the dying process," making it all the more special!

The Fantasy Tie Dye Tee is printed on a fitted baby tee. With the classic crop length and crew neck, this top is so soft and easy to wear out to just about anything. School?


Sports game? Check. Movie date? Check.

Plus, the shirt is generally just fun to style and accessorize. Any solid colored pants will do, especially black ones, and you could even do mini skirts or denim skirts as well.

Here's a fun idea that's easy to put together: Fantasy Tie Dye Tee, solid black pants (we recommend going for the Miami Vice!), vintage baseball cap, and blocky sunglasses. There you have it: a timeless, classic look that is also so trendy.

Nostalgia 90's Dress

Are you dreaming of being in a beautiful French valley, or a breezy beachside vacation? Imagine you're on holiday, out for a delicious dinner (some fabulous pasta, I hope). Look in the mirror- what are you wearing?

The one and only answer is the Nostalgia 90's Dress- elegant, dainty, and unforgettable. This dress is the definition of a lovely summer night.

Shop the Nostalgia 90's Dress in Blue Porcelain here.

This gorgeous dress features a detailed blue porcelain print with a silky fabric. It is so light and hits right at your lower legs at a midi length. You know what that means- it's perfect for strolls by the beach, or really anywhere!

The midi dress features a bias cut and has a beautiful backless design. I mean, what's more perfect than this to show off your tan in a romantic dress? The shoulder straps (which are adjustable) wrap around the arms and go across the back to meet in a ribbon, which you can self-tie.

All around, the dress fits well- not too tight nor too loose, but just right. Lioness recommends that you size up for this dress.

I just love how elegant this dress is- just by slipping it on, you will feel so sophisticated. This dress reminds me of watching the sun set by the beach, and is the perfect fit for a vacation dress.

Elle Mini Skirt

Balance your chill girl vibes with boss girl energy, and you get the Elle Mini Skirt. Inspired by the legendary Elle Woods, this skirt says it all: "What? Like, it’s hard to look this hot?"

Shop the Elle Mini Skirt in Black here.

This super cute mini skirt is functional and flirty- the two most important things when it comes to a mini skirt.

With a short length that hits right by your thighs, the Elle Mini Skirt is held by an included belt that feels so chic. Plus, it's low rise, so a belt is more than appropriate- it's a necessity!

The skirt is pleated all over, creating a nice texture and dimension to the fabric. The ends of the skirt are purposely frayed, giving it a "I don't care but I still look amazing" personality.

The Elle Mini Skirt is easy to slip on whenever and is perfect to pair with a classic white top. Opt for a muscle tank top or a baby tee- your call!

First Date Tie Top

If there's one phrase to describe the First Date Tie Top, it would be "smoking hot." No joke, this dark, sheer top is here for the thrill, and isn't one to do the chase- it only attracts.

Be warned, this top is so stunning, it might just make you give heart eyes at it.

Shop the First Date Tie Top in Black here.

Made of ultra-light sheer fabric, this top is nearly see-through with a cool-to-the-touch fabric. A black undershirt will have you all set, and this top can be styled any way you like it.

The top starts off with a noticeably deep plunge neckline, followed by a cross-tie detailing- almost like a lace-up, if you will- with black ties you can adjust yourself. You can even cinch it to bring attention to your curves and all the right places.

The top has a long sleeve that's way longer than usual to bring attention to those long arms, and has a cute lettuce edged hem at the ends. The little eye to detail in this top is impressive!

Perfect for date nights and dinners out in the city, this top is a must-have for all cool girls with a love for the nightlife. Style this with any of Lioness's Miami Vice pants or cutesy mini skirts, and you'll be all set!

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