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Lioness's Latest Collection is All About Sleek Silouettes & Feminine Confidence


June 06, 2022

In the current fashion scene, there is undeniably a lot of diversity in the range of styles. From throwback y2ks to vintage textiles, each and every piece is all about going with the trend. However, as converse as it seems, one thing remains constant: the resurgence of the ultra-modern sleek look with a sense of edge.

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This season, beloved Australian brand Lioness takes this approach to a whole new level by combining the timeless with the modern. Renowned for its luxury-inspired spin on the cool-girl chic aesthetic, Lioness's latest drop translates the cutting-edge style into its own.

Introducing to you the Provocateur Collection: from neutral yet striking colors and form-fitting silhouettes, Provocateur embraces looks that are fierce yet alluring at the same time.

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At first glance, it's every fashionista's streetwear style dream, but its looks extend beyond the exterior coolness. With textiles ranging from sleek leather to classic knit to even fine mesh, the Provocateur Collection is all about exploring and embracing one's personal definition of style with confidence.

The Del Gato Corset Top

Nothing brings on the summer heat more than the Del Gato Corset Top, and we couldn't be more obsessed. An eye-catching look that serves looks and has a magnetic charm of its own, the corset is the perfect definition of stunning.

Shop the Del Gato Corset Top in Off White here.

Immediately, all eyes go to the balconette detailing that leads up to a simple yet intricate tie closure on the front. I just adore how it looks so delicate yet fierce at the same time.

Each side has two ties making a strap-like look connected with a U-hook. It then circles into a halterneck tie closure, which makes the top easily adjustable to your liking.

As all corsets are, this top is no different when it comes to the classic dipped hem and structured boning. The dipped hem makes it perfect for you to pair with a low-rise mini skirt, or bring it up all the way with a high-waisted pair of linen pants. The structured boning allows the top to feel incredibly secure, making fun nights out in this much more comfortable. What's even more, a zip closure in the back completes the look and creates a gorgeous silhouette.

The corset has a lovely off-white shade, which closely resembles a lightly creamy white without being too yellow or too dark. It's the perfect neutral shade for all occasions, whether it be a classic brunch on weekends or a party late into the night.

I love that you can mix the formal with the informality; with this corset, there are no rules. From classic white sneakers to intricate strappy heels, the corset is sure to make it look stunning.

Whichever direction you decide to take it in, the Del Gato Corset can totally make your street style or your party time cooler.

The Agyness Crop Tee

We all have our stay-in days when all we want to do is stay cozy and relax in our favorite pair of sweats- but with Lioness, lounging just got so much chicer.

Shop the Agyness Crop Tee in Grey Marle here.

Meet the Agyness Crop Tee: an easygoing shirt laid back enough to Netflix and Chill in, but amped up in its design with cute scrunches on the side.

As Lioness says, "Paris and Nicole would wear it," and we couldn't agree more. What's more amazing than a crop tee with some added flair?

At a glance, the Agyness Crop Tee is just your regular crew neck with a chic cropped length. The top has a higher neckline and longer sleeves. However, from the sides, the crop tee features side ties that scrunch, giving the crop tee a cinch by the waist and a flattering look overall. I love how the side ties completely transform the tee, all whilst staying highly comfortable.

The ties are adjustable, as they can easily be tugged to your preference. The hanging ties by the sides of the shirt are also such a nice touch to the design.

The Grey Marle shade of this tee adds to the chill-all-day vibe, and I love how it's the perfect neutral shade to pair with any of your favorite pants or classic black leggings (or even yoga pants). The Agyness Crop Tee is all about a good time!

The Resurgance Crop Cardi

Nothing is ever more classic than a little cardigan, and the Resurgance Crop Cardi features an unforgettable twist to a ubiquitous look. The perfect piece that combines trendy with timeless, this cardigan is a lovely match to wear anywhere and at any time.

The cardigan has a flattering form, featuring a fitted cardigan with a low rounded neckline. Staying true to the modern times of fashion, it has a cropped length that makes it perfect to pair with a mini skirt.

When it comes to the first glance at the top, however, all eyes go straight to the front tie closure. This gorgeous cardigan is secured together in the front by three ties that come together in a loose ribbon. I just love how it adds to the edgy yet sweet look, and how unique it feels.

The Resurgance Crop Cardi is perfect for chillier days and is perfect to pair with slightly loose pants or a cutesy little miniskirt. The top comes in the colors Black and Light Grey Pinstripe:

Shop the Resurgance Crop Cardi in Black here.

The Resurgance Crop Cardi in Black is a stunning piece that comes in a jet-black color. This top has a fierce edge to it, and is perfect to pair with a black mini skirt and knee-high black boots for a totally cool-girl look.

Shop the Resurgance Crop Cardi in Light Grey Pinstripe here.

Resurgance Crop Cardi in Light Grey Pinstripe is all about staying neutral with a pop of pattern. The vertical pinstripes are accented in a pale gray shade that almost seems white; it's subtle but noticeable at the same time.

The Fantasy Mesh Tee

Nothing is more daring than the Fantasy Mesh Tee, and the alluring swirls of abstract pink and beige will make you feel like you're lost in a desert daydream fantasy.

Shop the Fantasy Mesh Tee in Desert here.

This crew neck crop top is completely made of mesh, like the name suggests, making this a truly one-of-a-kind tee. It's easygoing and flowy, and perfect to wear in warmer temperatures.

Featuring an abstract desert print, this stunning pale-pink top piques a sense of intrigue in its design. I love the variations in its shades, ranging from a dusty pink to off-white ivory to even darker patches of gray blush.

The top is quite sheer, which makes styling this piece quite fun. Fashion is all about playing around to what fits your taste, and this top is all about exploring your style.

I love how this piece feels nostalgically retro with its print yet futuristic with its sheer mesh. It's a flawlessly executing combination of different styles by Lioness once again, and we couldn't be more obsessed.

Pair this with the matching Nostalgia 90's Mini Skirt in the same print of Desert for a cohesive, stunning look!

The Provocateur Mini Dress

Nothing says summertime better than a mini dress, and the Provocateur Mini Dress brings it on with an edge of its own. Coming in a distinctly sweet orange color and a mysteriously moody black, the mini dress is a complete catch.

Featuring tiny spaghetti straps that delve into a plunge, the dress has a balconette panel brought together by a tie feature. At the end of the ribbon-tie are two metallic accents, which give the dress a bit of coolness.

Right underneath the tie feature is a small cut-out, which is such a cute look! I love how it feels delicately done and isn't over the top.

The back of the dress is simple, with a focus on the flattering fit of the dress. The dress hugs the waist and has a loosened flare by the end, which makes it comfortable to wear around.

This dress is such a darling piece and is perfect to pair with your favorite sunglasses and colorful heels. It's such a versatile piece, and is sure to look gorgeous at any event.

Shop the Provocateur Mini Dress in Orange here.

The Provocateur Mini Dress in Orange is a lovely light orange color that almost feels like a ray of sunshine. I just simply adore this color because of how positive and happy it feels! This is the definition of a pretty summer shade.

Shop the Provocateur Mini Dress in Black here.

The Provocateur Mini Dress in Black is an edgy jet black color- the true embodiment of an LBT- or Little Black Dress. Perfect to wear for a night out, this shade brings on a hint of mysteriousness and coolness.

The Haute Basic Singlet

Out of anything in our closets, a core collection is an absolute must; consisting of timeless pieces we can wear anytime and anywhere, these neutrals can truly bring your wardrobe to life. Among the must-haves is a basic tank top, although it's anything but basic.

Meet Lioness's Haute Basic Singlet, an easygoing tank top that is simultaneously luxe and totally modern.

This ribbed jersey is seriously so soft with an almost buttery-smooth feel. The tank top has a racer back design on the back that doesn't cut out too much and has a high hip length.

I love that it dances just between being cropped length to a full one, which makes it so much more versatile to wear to both casual and formal events.

I am totally obsessed with how flattering it looks, and how it shows off the figure. The quality of this tank top is top-notch, and I love the subtle designs, like the vertically ribbed lines to the double-lined neckline. It feels so beautifully high quality!

Because it's a basic tank top, Lioness carries the two most important colors for a neutral closet: white and black.

Shop the Haute Basic Singlet in White here.

The Haute Basic Singlet in White is a classic white that's bright and airy. Perfect to pair with bold colored pants or even pastel ones, this tank top is a must.

Shop the Haute Basic Singlet in Black here.

The Haute Basic Singlet in Black is edgier and perfect to pair with darker-colored bottoms. I love pairing this with a ruffled mini skirt to give it an extra feel!

The Miami Vice Pant

One of the most iconic pieces ever by Lioness, the Miami Vice Pant is truly beloved for good reason. With a flattering cut with an edge, this pair of pants aren't here to play.

Shop the Miami Vice Pant in Slate here.

At first glance, the pants will have you wondering, "Denim or not denim?" But in fact, the pants are indeed denim! Made with a solidly structured feel without being overbearing, the Miami Vice Pants are such a classic laid-back street style look.

Featuring a low-rise baggy fit, the Miami Vice Pants hang low enough for you to pair with your favorite form-fitting baby tee.

To give the look an even more of a flair, the pants feature "tucked detailing along the inner seam at knees"- giving the pants a slightly tapered look and an extra wowza factor. The pants feature numerous pockets- sizable, might I add- and almost feel functional enough to be called utility pants.

The Miami Vice Pant comes in numerous colors and patterns, but this one in particular is a cool-girl Slate. In contrast with the darker gray, the white contrast stitching gives the pants a bit of a pop.

The blue-toned gray gives it a futuristic, city-esque feel, and looks stunning when paired with anything light, like a white tank top. It's such a classic look that we can't help but adore.

The Gisele Corduroy Jacket

Denim is a classic must-have, but so is corduroy. Made with a velvet-like fabric that doesn't feel over-the-top, the Gisele Corduroy Jacket is perfect to wear just about anywhere.

Shop the Gisele Corduroy Jacket in Beige here.

If there was one phrase to describe the Gisele Corduroy Jacket, it would be "functional but stylish." Not all jackets have to be plain and boring, and this jacket proves exactly that.

Featuring a drop shoulder look and accented with dark buttons, the Gisele Corduroy Jacket has semi-formal lapels and cute cuffs with functional buttons that also add to the chic design.

I love the front pockets added onto both sides, and how they're roomy and perfectly efficient. With Lioness, you don't have to compensate comfort for style.

The jacket's creamy ivory color gives it a light and airy feel, making this jacket perfect for a year-round look and not just limited to the chilly autumn. With a slightly oversized fit, the Gisele Corduroy Jacket is oh-so-cute and perfect for bear hugs.

The beige jacket gives plenty of possibilities when it comes to styling, such as matching off-white pants or even black jeans. However you decide to style it, one thing is for certain: the jacket will not keep you warm all day, but fashionable, too.

Keep Up With Lioness

As always with Lioness, we couldn't be more obsessed with their latest collection. Their pieces never fail to make our wardrobes not only flattering but eye-catching, and the brand truly brings out the inner fashionista in all of us.

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