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How to Get the Effortlessly Chic Model-Off-Duty Look: All Eyes on Lioness, the It-Girl Brand

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Mon, September 04

An it girl has so many definitions and subcategories of aesthetic- but there's one ultimate aspect that combines them all. Every icon has a distinct outfit for every occasion, matched with a stargirl kind of energy.

What really makes the it girls ultimately comes down to their individual fashion sense complimenting their personalities; after all, what we wear reflects how we feel, and it's only right to wear what makes us feel our best selves!

If there is any one brand that has nailed the ultimate chic look, it's the beloved brand Lioness. The designated hot spot for fashionistas, our favorite influencers, and world-famous models, Lioness has formulated designs that feel high-class, photogenically beautiful, and just like our favorite luxurious fashion collections with a trendy-chic spin of its own.

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Shop Lioness at lionessfashion.com.

With Lioness, it's not just about the looks- it's about the confident attitude and it-girl charm that the cutting-edge designs can give you.

With the cooler fall weather approaching, below are our favorite picks of the season to seamlessly hop on trending designs whilst maintaining an original, one-of-a-kind character.

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It's Time To Suit Up

The casual streetwear blazer look has taken this year up by storm this year; this fall, we're loving the professional vibes that are also keeping it lowkey and relaxed at the same time.

The Je Suis Halter

This Parisian-chic halter top is just like that one piece from the cooler older sister's closet.

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With a halter neck design with a fully open back, this top incorporates a vintage-inspired cowgirl-esque design with the buckle strap on the back. At the front is a deep v-neck with a corset-like stitching accent.

This top is perfect for the warmer days where you want to show off a bit of skin- and perfect for on-the-go moments.

Shop the Je Suis Halter in Ecru here.

This creamy shade is just straight from a daydream. Something about the bronze stitch shade gives it a very vintage-inspired look, and we are totally obsessed. Cowgirl hat, anyone?

Shop the Je Suis Halter in Crimson here.

This bright and bold red shade is every bit the drama queen in the best way possible. This top is sure to get all the attention, and we are totally in love with how saturated and full of personality it is!

Shop the Je Suis Halter in Onyx here.

The Onyx is a deep black straight from the midnight skies. With a jet black-based color, this is perfect for pairing with just about any bottoms due to its versatility.

The Dawson Jean

It's time to reimagine jeans as we know them.

The Dawnson Jeans take the best of both worlds with denim's straight cut, iconicness, and the cargo pants' laid-back energy. With paneled detailing throughout, these jeans easily pop out from the crowd.

Hopping on the low rise trend, the Dawnson Jeans keep it chill with a baggy fit. Pair these with your favorite crop tops for that it-girl factor.

Shop the Dawson Jean in Ecru here.

The Ecru is the most gorgeous creamy shade. I love how unique the shade is; it's not the everyday off-white, and it's not a deep yellow vanilla, either. With a sepia brown contrast stitching, everything about these jeans gives off Western cowgirl.

Shop the Dawson Jean in Crimson here.

The Crimson is a show-stopper, and she knows it. This gorgeous cherry-red shade has all eyes on it, and the bold color is simply so striking. The pants are such a vivid shade, and it'll multiply your confidence by the thousands.

The Cruz Blazer Dress

Lioness says it best: business in the front, party in the back.

Shop the Cruz Blazer Dress in Onyx here.

This gorgeous blazer dress takes it all the way to the professional level in the front. With a v-neck line, double breasted button designs, and form-fitting silhouette, the Cruz Blazer Dress is all the way sleek and serious.

However, when it comes to the back, this dress is a whole new piece. With a scooped open back that cuts down low, this dress is every bit the star of the show.

I love how fun this dress is; pair these with your favorite sunnies, and you'll feel like a celebrity all night!

City Girl Chic

If Lower East Side met cool-girl-without-a-care-in-the-world kind of energy... the city girl chic can only be encapsulated by a certain vibe, and these pieces nail it exactly.

The Halle Midi

Take an elegant twist to the midi trend with the Halle Midi.

Shop the Halle Midi in Slate here.

This stunning wrap-around skirt actually made me gasp because of how gorgeous this skirt truly is. With a flowy, silky, long-length style, this midi skirt is sure to make you feel and look sophisticated.

With a built-in waist tie, this skirt gives a bias cut and space for your legs to peek through, yet still wraps around completely enough for you to feel completely covered.

Plus, the dark dove gray shade makes this skirt even more luxurious looking, and we're obsessed with the delicate slate for the neutral wardrobe.

The Halle Cami

The silky classic is a must have in every girl's closet, and we are totally obsessed with this dark silvery-slate look.

Shop the Halle Cami in Slate here.

This gorgeous v-neck cami features a very loose yet fitted look that is every bit the most relaxed yet effortlessly put-together look.

I just love the delicate features of it all: from the spaghetti straps to the lightweight, silky fabric, this top is every bit the stargirl look.

Wear this with your favorite mini skirt or keep it laid back with jeans, and you're all set! Elevate it with your favorite kitten mules, and you have a look ready for a dinner date.

The Uma Denim Jacket

This is the denim jacket of our dreams...

Shop the Uma Denim Jacket in Denim Blue here.

Straight from our Pinterest boards, the Uma Denim Jacket features a slim fit design that accentuates the torso. With a zip up front and an effortlessly chic collared look, the Uma Jacket stands out with its bronze contrast stitching against the dark wash denim.

I'm completely obsessed with this look, and it's quickly found its way into my wardrobe as a staple piece to wear out and about.

Pair this with your favorite denim midi skirt, mini skirt, or jeans, and you're all set!

Party Animal Mode

Every day is a great time for a fun time...

The Camille Backless Top

Not to exaggerate, but this top has me completely hooked.

Shop the Camille Backless Top in Onyx here.

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This sleek backless top shows skin in all the right places, and accentuates the curves in all the right ways. With a square neckline and a curved silhouette for the torso that flares out at the end, the front of the Camille top begins sleek and basic- but at the back, all the fun is for sure there.

With an open back connected by two simple adjustable straps, the Camille top is daring but sturdy, and absolutely alluring. This is the kind of top that has you excited to wear it the night before!

Wear this top for a fun night out, and you can bet it'll be one to remember forever.

Keep Up With Lioness

Want to have that it-girl factor in your looks and have that alluring model-off-duty attitude? Be sure to keep up with Lioness on all social media platforms. Find Lioness on Instagram at @lioness_official and on TikTok at @lionessfashion.

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