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A Sit Down with TikTok's Makeup Sensation Fabiola Baglieri

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September 05, 2022

The beloved TikTok For You Page is full of videos and discoveries- and you've likely come across Fabiola Baglieri's jaw-droppingly stunning makeup transformations on the very same page.

An Italian star who rose to fame through her before and after makeup videos and tutorials, Fabiola is establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with.

Teen Magazine had the honor of sitting down with Fabiola Baglieri, an Italian content creator who blew up from just one video. When asked how she went viral, she simply shares: "It was something really unexpected. It was just a normal school day like any other until I decided to check TikTok and found out that one of my first videos got 40 million views. It’s something I still can’t believe. My initial thoughts after the leap in my views were that I urgently needed to improve my makeup skills."

And improve she certainly has. Fabiola has worked her way up the ranks one transformation video at a time and now has 1.1 million followers on her Instagram and 12.5 million on her TikTok.


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The High School Years

If there's one thing most teens have in common, it's strict parents. However, there are some children blessed with authoritative parents that also let their children experience some freedom. Fabiola's parental figures fall somewhere in between. They initially weren't sold on her wearing make-up but eventually bought into the idea once she began her transformation through her Tiktoks.

"I wasn’t really allowed to wear makeup until my first year of high school," says Fabiola, "I had my makeup supplies but I couldn’t really leave the house wearing it. That was all until I started doing TikTok, which lined up perfectly with my allowance to wear makeup outside. I didn’t really know how to do my makeup well at first."

One other thing teens are quite familiar with is fake friends- or people that use you for something you have. For Fabiola, encountering and navigating true friendships and relationships led to some challenges. "I didn’t really have friends growing up; however, that changed as I started gaining followers and had people look up to me," she says, "There were people that essentially used me for followers and that would maybe just hang out for a mention in a story or a shout-out."

Mental Health

Being a user of any social media platform has its benefits. Social media helps build relationships, brings awareness to important issues and movements, connects like-minded people, and much more.

However, social platforms can be quite taxing, especially if you are a content creator. People expect you to behave a certain way. Promoters mold you to align with their brand and the images they project.

Hours and hours are spent on editing, brainstorming video ideas, and strategy sessions. After all this work has been put in, your video is posted in the hopes that your audience likes it and they do not crucify or cancel you.

When asked about her strategy in dealing with negative comments in a positive way, Fabiola responds, "I believe that good people will exist, but so will bad people; and really, it’s all about what you choose to be affected by."

"I only pay my mind to comments from people that matter and people that actually want the best for me," she continues, "I am not out there wasting my time and energy on people that just hate on others to feed their insecurities. If I had given in to the hate, I would not have been where I am today, doing what I love and having a great time doing it."


Online and offline, Fabiola serves as a role model to young children all over and has dedicated herself to making relatable content that her viewers can connect with. "If I am working on something for my fans, I will try to have it be the best it can be, and I am very adamant that all my content and all my projects are all-inclusive," she tells us.

"Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of money and, therefore, didn’t get the ultimate fangirl experience of maybe buying merch or getting the chance to see my idols. This is exactly what I will try my hardest to avoid with my own fans. Having so many people look up to me and admire me always gets me thinking of when I was the dedicated fangirl. I would often put myself in my fans’ shoes and remember when it was my younger self looking up to other celebrities and admiring their work. I think of my fans and what would be best for them."


Inspiration is required to motivate us in our daily lives; it motivates us to do the things we need to do in order to achieve our goals in life. Anything can inspire us- and for Fabiola, she finds it in those who look similar to her.

As a make-up artist, it makes the most sense for her to look to "famous celebrities that have similar features" for inspiration for her next looks.

Beauty Standards

As a teen, the pressure to conform to the beauty standards set by those around you is tremendous. Even though the world has tried to become more inclusive, there are still people who are cruel to young girls and boys that don't meet the standards.

However, for Fabiola, these are the people that helped her become as famous as she is now. "[What] made me blow up on social media was actually the hate I received and the comments from people about the way I looked. Even though I wouldn’t like to say I’m used to it, I kind of felt that way after what I had experienced during my high school years and so on."

What Makes It All Worth It?

When asked what truly made her internet fame truly feel the best, Fabiola shares with us a beautiful memory: "A young girl contacted me about her little brother, who had an advanced stage of cancer, telling me all about how her little brother followed and loved me and how it would make his day and that it’s his wish if I can just make a video to him. I had a full-on video chat with the little boy, and I will never forget that moment."

Learning Lessons From Experience

Social media certainly teaches one a lot of lessons, and for Fabiola, her biggest takeaway is one of authenticity. "Just be yourself. It all works out when you are being yourself," the star affirms.

"All the times I wasn’t being myself and was only just doing what was expected of me, it did not work out. People will always want to see the true version of you and if you fake that, people will know. The vibes are never right when you fake who you are. Even if you think you’re the worst person ever, still be yourself."

Future Endeavours

Fabiols has accomplished quite the multitude of projects and accolades in her recent rise to fame, but she has even more to come.

"Right now I am in Los Angeles to study to become an actor. One of my biggest hopes and dreams is to act. I am also working on bettering my English and my accent," she shares.

"I also have really big projects coming up, but that’s all I can say for now." You can all anticipate an all-inclusive beauty project from Fabiola soon!

Fabiola's Advice

To those aspiring to experiment with or become professional in the makeup industry, Fabiola recommends to "find your inspiration from people that look like you."

"Looking at different artists’ work and different makeup looks on people that had similar features as me were what helped me the most. Keep on trying and experimenting with things to figure out what fits you and what you like and dislike. Be confident and believe in yourself regardless of what anyone else says," she reflects.

10 Quick Q's With Fabiola Baglieri

To many, you are the influencer, but who influences you?

Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner.

Favorite makeup items that you can’t live without?

Concealer and mascara.

What is a makeup trend you love?

The faux freckles with the sun-kissed look.

What is one makeup trend that has to go?

Full matte makeup looks with too much product.

Go-to date look?

Simple gloss with an eyeliner does the job.

What hobbies do you enjoy in your free time?

I draw hyper-realistic portraits

What is your favorite song?

Die For You by The Weeknd.

What’s your ultimate fangirl moment up till now?

Having always loved the D'Amelio's, meeting them was a huge moment.

What is a dream come true for you?

Being a role model to young girls out there.

Keep Up With Fabiola

You can check out Fabiola on her Instagram page @fabiola.baglieri, on her Tiktok @fabiola.baglieri, and on her Youtube @Fabiola Baglieri. Thank you for the talk, Fabiola!

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