TikTok Star Gabby Morrison on Rise to Fame, Chasing Dreams, and Empowering Skincare
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TikTok Star Gabby Morrison on Rise to Fame, Chasing Dreams, and Empowering Skincare

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November 28, 2022

When it comes to the personification of the perfect blend of business savvy and style, there are little people better to turn to than Gabby Morrison, the dancer and actress whose content on travel, makeovers, and more has amassed respective followings of 340k and 3.7m on Instagram and TikTok.

In this The Teen Magazine x Gabby Morrison interview, the rising name reveals what goes behind the curtains and underneath the surface. Who is Gabby when she’s not weightlifting, spinning, or stunning audiences online? How did she get to where she is now, and what's next? Read on to find out!

Up and At 'Em

"One word that summarizes my experience thus far? Blessing."

“I would be in my senior year of college, studying psychology,” the up-and-coming star muses when prompted to reflect upon the person she would be now if not an influencer. “I have [always had] a passion for mental health.”

Early on in her pursuit of higher education, however, Gabby began posting consistently on social media— not just every day, but multiple times each one. Her drive was fueled largely by her belief that she had something rather unique to offer the online world: her authentic self.

“I am unlike anyone else,” she shares, “and I do not like to compare my journey [with] anyone else’s. There is lots of room for talent in the industry, [but] I do have lots… to offer, and I can’t wait to showcase [them].” This is evident not only in her first-rate moves and stunning looks, but in the sense of comfort and realism she simply seems to emanate in each post. “I really want my supporters to feel like they are part of my life with me. Part of my journey.”

Following over two years of diligently maintaining such structure in her practice, Gabby finally stumbled upon her much awaited “I made it” moment when “I realised I was independent and… could [now] spoil [my parents].”

The Small (And Not-So-Small) Stuff

"I love explaining how I did something and sharing how [my audience] can accomplish what I did!"

From roles in Attaway General, Rooney’s Last Role, and Girls’ Night with Madi Monroe to partnerships with big names like Dior, Calvin Klein, and Adidas, there is no doubt that Gabby has thoroughly immersed herself in the world of media. It is with such experience in her back pocket that she is now able to consider her profession’s various ups and downs.

“The best part of being in the industry is the doors it opens to [collaborations] with such amazing brands and the platform to reach amazing people,” Gabby claims with an air that can only be described as unshakable ambition. “[Another] best, but also worst, part… is navigating a career where you are your own boss. The… stress of finding the balance between overworking yourself and giving yourself a break is difficult.”

Beyond this, of course, are the undeniable strains on her personal relationships and mental health. “One of the challenges I faced was going through a breakup online. [It] caused me to lose focus on why I was posting in the first place.” And while hate certainly exacerbated the issue, she always manages to find solace in the fact that those who spread negativity on her page “do not actually know the whole story or understand my intentions.”

There She Goes

I plan to "continue to do my best to achieve my dreams, and every concrete step I take, I [will update my audience] in any way I can."

If there’s one thing we should all know about Gabby by now, it’s that her story is far from over. Despite what are sure to be big steps and considerable changes in the future, however, she remains confident about one thing: her platforms are here to stay.

“I hope to bring my supporters [along on] my journey of coming of age…, to continue following my dreams with them.”

And follow along with Gabby’s dreams they shall, as current supporters of the young star have front-row seats to one of her greatest milestones yet… Lagoon with Beaubble! The incredibly exciting passion project and body-care line works to promote “confidence by helping enrich and improve skin for those battling with [high sensitivity].”

“Skincare is a journey that has been both so personal and so collective for me,” she shares on the official Beaubble page. “I want to create the perfect product for my skin. A product I will use every day.”

This endeavour is a perfect reflection of who she is— a bold and spirited trailblazer, undaunted by her pursuit of the perfect blend between personal life, social media presence, and irrepressible passion— and is sure to go down as yet another of her glowing successes… if not her greatest one yet!

Gabby's Top 3...

Favourite Projects Thus Far

  1. My Amazon Devices partnership
  2. My global campaign with GHD
  3. One of my first partnerships with Levi's

Tips for Aspiring Influencers

  1. Stay consistent
  2. Study as much as you can
  3. Find an inspiration whose career path you feel you can emulate

10 Quick Q's with Gabby Morrison

What is your guilty pleasure?

A good burger!

What would you call a "perfect" day?

A productive day wherein I get everything on my checklist done and have a little time to wind down at the end.

What has been your favourite "main character" moment?

Working with GHD in England! My entire trip felt like a movie.

What kind of character do you think you'd be able to portray best?

One with a romantic interest.

If you stumbled into a genie, what would your three wishes me?

  1. To land a role
  2. For my parents to win the lottery
  3. To get casted in Dancing with the Stars

What is the most embarrassing 21 Questions question you could ever be asked?

"What did your hair look like in your junior year of high school?"

If you could write one sentence to your Past and Future Selves, what would each one be?

Past: Don't underestimate yourself.

Future: Remember your passion for dance, always.

What three "ingredients" define you?

Beauty, Dance, and Passion.

Show us the most hilarious photo on your camera roll that simply demands an explanation!

This photo always cracks me up. It was our Halloween costume, but it was better after we added some blood! We were the twins from The Shining.

If you could donate a million dollars to one organization, what would it be?

It would be the Color of Change Organization, which is fighting to help struggling Black individuals improve their circumstances.

Keep Up with Gabby

Excited to see where Gabby is headed next? Be sure to follow her @gabby.morr, @gabbymorr, @Gabby Morrison, and @gabby_morrison on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Snapchat, respectively!

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