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A Glimpse Into Luv Anthony: the TikTok Sensation Talks Chasing Dreams and Future in Fashion

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June 20, 2022

Luv Anthony has a long list of accomplishments to his name: a TikTok sensation, a model, and also a highly committed boyfriend with millions of followers across multiple social media platforms. Despite his achieved fame, the 20-year-old is making his mark all through effortless coolness and a down-to-earth attitude.

Since his skyrocketing to fame on social media a few years ago, Luv Anthony has been through the ins and outs of the content-creating world. In this exclusive interview, Anthony gives The Teen Magazine the inside scoop on his dreams, hopes, and plans.

The Rise To Fame

To get to know Anthony, we first needed to know: how did he first get into TikTok, the app that launched him into the fame he enjoys today?

"I got into TikTok around 2016; it was actually called Musical.ly back then," Anthony responded, "I remember it was late 2017 when I first became viral- my video got around 500,000 views and then the notifications kept rolling in. I was so happy, excited, and mind-blown!"

On Going Solo

From there, Anthony's popularity only grew, along with the popularity of the platform.

As his platform grew, so did his business ventures. Anthony has been affiliated with the Sway House- consisting of him and his entourage of fellow TikTokes- as well as relations with the Hype House, also a TikToker collective.

With this came the question: would Anthony ever consider going solo? However, Anthony confirmed that his plans are to stick with his friends: "No. Always gonna be with the boys or my girl!"

Influencing The Fashion Scene

Well known for his laid-back, classic yet unique style, Anthony has been adding to the fuel of the latest Gen Z fashion scene. His latest collaboration with Moox, a fashion company, showcases his personal taste in a fun way.

A clothing line that's colorful and playful with a taste of 70's aesthetic, Anthony's developments truly shows his love for fashion. When reflecting on the process of creating his clothing line, Anthony said, "The process wasn’t bad at all. It was actually a blast! Everyone there was so kind and made it super easy for me. Such a great team there!"

According to Anthony, the process consisted of "mainly sending designs back and forth, finding what materials would be best, and of course, doing the shoots for Luvland!"

Looking Towards The Future

Anthony has been involved with many exciting projects, but his plans don't stop there. The TikTok star has his sights set on navigating fashion further by getting further involved with modeling.

Anthony's first modeling experience was really what furthered his love for the field and set his vision for the future. "I was with Hugo Boss and had a photoshoot with them for a Collab with Russell Athletic," said Anthony, "I met some of the top models there, and it was fun!"

"I definitely would love to keep doing modeling," Anthony told us, "Hopefully, runways, billboards, campaigns. I just want to be a top model!"

With his fashion sense and charming looks, we feel certain that we'll be seeing more of him in the modeling industry.

The 3 Fs: Fame, Fans, & Family

Obviously, with great success comes millions of opinions and inquiring minds. While navigating the world of being a big-time social media personality and influencer, certain things came as a surprise to the young star.

When asked if there were any aspects that he didn't expect with the fame, Anthony shared that he didn't expect people to show up at his house to look through his windows. "Like, not just kids- parents and whole families would do it!"

However, social media has allowed Anthony to branch out. When asked about his favorite aspect of going viral and doing what he does on social media, Anthony replied, "Just being more comfortable to express myself and be who I am- and of course, getting to meet people from all over the world with the same interest!"

On Staying Grounded & Humble

Not only has Anthony spread positivity and shared his passions through social media, but he's admirably managed to stay down-to-earth and humble the entire time.

"If it wasn’t for my supporters, there's no chance I’d be where I’m at today," Anthony said, "They really changed my life completely. Couldn’t thank them enough!"

10 Quick Q's With Luv Anthony

To further get to know Anthony beyond just the screen, The Teen Magazine did a quick round of questions that cover all random and intriguing parts of the TikTok star:

1. What is your favorite childhood memory?

Every Sunday at Mamaw’s and Papaw's, [my family] would have football on their big field with all my cousins, brothers, and occasionally some neighbors' kids. We were always supposed to play 2 Hand Touch but never did. So many fights and crazy tackles- it was always a blast!

2. What would you say that your spirit animal would be, and why?

A Wolf. Smart, has good instincts, and the freedom to just roam as you please.

3. What does a typical day look like for you?

My typical day is hanging with some of the boys. Maybe doing some thrifting or going out to eat. Might have a shoot in the mornings as well. Then usually finish the night off with some gaming.

4. If you could have dinner with any famous person in history, who would it be and why?

Tyler the Creator. He’s my favorite artist and has such a creative mind.

5. What would you say your aesthetic is?

Truthfully, I’m still trying to figure it out. I just love so many random things and styles, so I’m not sure what it’d be.

6. What are five of your biggest pet peeves, and why?

  1. Making plans with someone, then [not answering] for the rest of the day. Who does that?
  2. People leaving food and drinks in my room. It’s cool if I do it, not you.
  3. My puppy peeing in the house right after I just took him outside! Like homie, you were just OUTSIDE.
  4. Other people making me late for things. They gave me a certain time to be there for a reason.
  5. People smacking when eating. Just chew with your mouth closed, you’re so loud.

7. What is your favorite dessert?

My favorite dessert definitely has to be ice cream. I could eat a whole tub.

8. If you could advocate for any cause, what would it be?

If I could advocate for any cause, [it’d be for] Ending Domestic Violence and making sure that all women have access to safe abortions.

9. How did you meet your girlfriend Avani?

We met- [around] 4~5 years ago- just from social media; Musical.ly, I believe. We had small DM conversations but eventually met her in person in LA! Been together since, basically!

10. Any big vacation plans this summer?

Going to Destin, Florida- super excited about that! All my trips are usually [in the] last second, so hopefully, I will have more as well!

Keep Up With Luv Anthony

Be sure to keep up with Luv Anthony on all socials! Find him on Instagram at @luvanthony, TikTok at @luvanthony, and Twitter at @imanthonyreeves.

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