9 Binge-Worthy TV Shows That You Need to Be Watching Right Now

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December 21, 2020

You will probably have been watching more TV than usual this year. Surprisingly, a global pandemic leaves you with not much else to do (other than those online lessons, of course). As we go into the winter, and life is still far from normal, there are still plenty of opportunities for some more binge-watching. Fear not, here are some of the most binge-worthy series this year…

Love Life

Available On HBO Max

Finding true love is not easy. HBO Max’s new hit series explores the love life of Darby (Anna Kendrick), a New York-dweller, who is on her journey to finding her everlasting love. From those infamous sweatpants and ice cream days to some beautifully romantic moments, this is a very relatable tale of a young adult finding her way in the world.


For me, Anna Kendrick is what makes this series a success, with her bubbly character and superb acting. If you loved her in Pitch Perfect, you'll definitely love this.

Emily In Paris

Available on Netflix

The latest creation from Sex and the City creator Darren Star features Lily Collins as Emily, a marketing executive from Chicago, who has relocated to Paris. After initially struggling to fit in due to cultural and linguistic differences, Emily begins to embrace ‘the city of love’ with new friendships, love interests, and a beret.


I must admit that the characters are overly caricatured and some parts are a bit too cliché... however, its light-hearted humor and positive energy are what make this series so delightful. Besides, who wouldn't fancy a retreat to Paris right now?

The Umbrella Academy

Available On Netflix

A mysterious adventure about adopted siblings with superpowers. After being estranged from each other for several years, they reunite after discovering the impending threat of an apocalypse.


Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness

Available On Netflix

Detailed documentary footage of the life of eccentric zoo owner, Joe Exotic, has become an unlikely triumph for Netflix this year. Be prepared for surreal and jaw-dropping moments in every episode, as Joe fights financial battles and a few more dangerous battles with one of nature's most threatening big cats...


'Murder, Madness, and Mayhem' certainly captures the absurdity and harsh truths explored in this series. Aside from its bizarre storyline, there are also some genuinely thought-provoking moments as it spotlights the blatant exploitation of exotic animals in enclosures.

The Good Place

Available On Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

Eleanor Shellstrop is dead. Along with three other strangers from different walks of life, their posthumous reward is an eternity in the utopian land of The Good Place. This is until Eleanor drops the bombshell — she doesn’t belong there. The subsequent journey is a heart-warming story about four people evaluating their values to become the best versions of themselves with some laugh-out-loud moments too.


The show was masterminded by the genius that is Michael Schur, who is known for creating and producing great series such as The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and this is no exception. It is one of my favorite US sitcoms, so it was a shame to see it come to an end earlier this year, but at least it is available for us to watch all over again on Netflix.

Ted Lasso

Apple TV+

American Football coach Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) jets across the Atlantic to manage a British soccer team. But this sitcom is far more than just a comedy — it is a spiritual enlightenment into the self-belief philosophy of Lasso.


Since its release in August, it has since become something of a surprise hit for the new streaming service. I only encountered it by chance, although I can now confirm that it is a hidden gem. The comedy is ever-present and laugh-out-loud funny, yet it never overshadows the beautifully heart-warming nature of this series.

Dash and Lily

Available On Netflix

Lily loves Christmas. Dash prefers to spend Christmas alone. The tale of two unlikely romantics finding their soul mate portrays the recurrent festive love story in a whole new way. A series of dares exchanged merely through a red notebook help each of the star-crossed lovers to discover more about their mysterious other.


I began watching the series to commemorate the start of the festivities, and I'm glad I did too. Filled with festive cheer and joy, this will certainly get you into the Christmas spirit!

Schitt's Creek

Available On Netflix

After losing their millions, the Rose family are forced to leave their mansion for a motel in the unconventional town of Schitt's Creek. In September, it hit the headlines for scooping nine Emmy Awards - making it one of the most famous Canadian exports since maple syrup. Its creators, Daniel and Eugene Levy, have said that they feel they have created the show that they always set out to create: one which prides itself on its kindness, friendship, and inclusivity.


This is a delightful comedy, and the escapades of Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis have never failed to make me laugh, and I can guarantee that it will have you in fits of laughter too!

Never Have I Ever

Available On Netflix

A simply brilliant series. From creator Mindy Kaling (of The Office and The Mindy Project fame), this series follows the lives of three sophomores — Devi, Eleanor, and Fabiola — through the trials and tribulations of teenage life.


It is an honest, and relatable representation of life as a modern teenager — something which is often lacking in other teen comedies or dramas. Former tennis player John McEnroe narrates the series, and, whilst it may seem an illogical choice, the poignant reasoning becomes clear throughout the series. A superb cast, great storylines... this is surely one of the best new releases of this year.

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