Top 10 Netflix Shows You Need to Start Binging


With all this free time we suddenly have, Netflix has become our #1 TV series and movies platform. By now, everyone has probably rewatched their favourite show 10 times over. Do you need a new show to binge? I have plenty of ideas.

These shows will either make you cry with sadness or because you're just laughing too damn hard. Enjoy this list and use it wisely!

1. Friends

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This well-known TV sitcom is known by many as the best sitcom in existence. It takes many twists and turns throughout its 10 seasons of airing. The lives of six friends as they deal with the most basic problems in life told in a really funny imaginative way. Out of all the TV shows I've watched (which is a lot), I would rank this one very high.

I've rewatched this show at least 5 times over quarantine, if you're a big Netflix fan like myself you'll probably finish it within the week. Each episode is short but full of laughter, surely good enough to put you in a better mood than before. It gives you a glimpse of what it's going to be like when you're an adult. Some things are over-exaggerated and too coincidental but that is one of the reasons that makes it a really good show.

2. Once Upon A Time

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You may seem a little surprised that Once Upon A Time is on this list. In my opinion, though, this is a very good show. It clashes fantasy and romance together elegantly with a dash of comedy and drama to keep you on your toes. It stays on for seven seasons featuring a world of fairy tale characters who have been ripped away to a land without magic. They try to guide themselves through our world forgetting who they really were. It's a terrific show. This is probably the first time you've heard of this show before but, trust me, it's amazing.

The best seasons are seasons 3 and 4. That's when my favourite romantic duo began their relationship. They're also the best seasons because they have the best plotlines and comebacks. Season 5 is good too at some parts. Season one is like the first chapter in Harry Potter. You can't just skip to the second season because you wouldn't understand what's happening. The backstories and character descriptions are found in season one so that by the second season, you could enjoy it with the rest of the Oncers(that's what we fans call ourselves).

The seventh season is a wonderful wrap-up to a wonderful show. All the main characters get the ending they deserve. Perfectly making sense with no questions unanswered. Ok, I'll stop spoiling the show with metaphors and just let you watch the show so you can see the masterpiece itself.

Each season has its own unique role in the storyline, but mashed together, they make a great series.

3. Gilmore Girls

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A mother/daughter comedy-drama with some romance mixed in for some fun. I have to be honest with you, this show is kind of old, but the only difference is that they are using flip-phones instead of iPhones. It's about a young woman and her sixteen-year-old daughter as they describe in great detail how she grows up. This includes multiple seasons with boyfriends, parties, and academics and on top of that, the young girl's mother is a single mother, so on top of high school drama is a journey as a single mother.

Gilmore Girls is one of those simple shows, where the characters drink too much coffee and talk about boys with work as a second priority. But it's not as simple as you may think. The personalities of the main characters are well formulated, different from most classic TV shows you watch when you're bored on TV. At some points there are some unexpected shifts in the characters' personalities in the final seasons, throwing off the once-perfect characters we once had, but no one's perfect.

They actually about two years ago shot a revival. It's called: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. To be honest, I don't like how they end it, but it's still a great wrap up to all Gilmore Girl fans. Seeing the characters and their partners together, living happily. There's nothing a Gilmore Girls fan would love more.

4. Riverdale

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You've definitely heard of this show. It's probably what everyone talks about at school. It describes the path of a few teenagers as they go through high school. But it's not what you may think. Riverdale is a town where there are serial killers lurking about, with people constantly dying. It's quite a dark show. I haven't rewatched it myself because it's that scary but some people are into that kind of show.

All my friends and I are fans of Riverdale. Every time a new episode came out, we would run to school to talk about it immediately after. The last season was aired not long ago and I think is going to air a new season starting in September/October! So if you want to start to watch Riverdale, do so before the new episodes one by one are posted on Netflix or aired on TV.

Some mystery, some drama, and some romance, combined together — you've got Riverdale.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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You need a funny sitcom to make you laugh out loud? 7 seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the way to go! Comedy all throughout with no break! A police force constantly solving crimes and murders couldn't be funnier! The writers did a great job with this one. My friends agree with me as I say that this is a wonderful show! I'd rank it right under Friends.

I've only watched the first episode, but I got to say, the first episode that I watched was full of laughter! I couldn't stop smiling! My mood was uplifted by this show. If you really do get the time to do so, you should watch this show (especially if you're cranky in the morning)!

6. Modern Family

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A classic family drama situation. I guess you can suspect it has something to do with family issues from the title. Not as funny as Friends, but not joke-free as Once Upon A Time. Modern Family is not loved by all, but it still ranks high on some people's lists. It's actually one of Netflix's Top ten TV shows. Who doesn't love a funny family drama?

7. Stranger Things

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I thought I would throw in some thrillers. A Sci-fi/thriller, to be more specific. To be honest I haven't watched this show myself, but I hear it's good. Kids on horrifying adventures in a small town. Need a good scare at haunting hour? I would definitely recommend a show like this one, maybe even Riverdale depending on how easily you get scared.

Maybe from the GIF I inserted you don't really get a scary vibe from this show, but once you start to watch it, you'll have a different opinion.

8. Glee

Hilarious (parody) list of things no women over 30 shouldn't wear. Love this!!!

A great show. Glee has remained an enjoyable show these past few years with a pretty big fanbase. The way they bash Comedy and Drama and Romance together is one of the main reasons it makes a pretty good show.

9. The 100

Bellarke- The 100- 5x6

If you don't like this series through Netflix, remember that there is a book series as well. The genius plot of this show is only the beginning of its brilliance. Drama at every twist and turn. Some mysteries to make it interesting. One of the best shows out there. Even if you're not a fan of Sci-fi Drama shows, you will become one after you watch this.

I love this show, the plotline is cool, the character matchups are perfect. Everything in this show is perfect. I wouldn't really recommend a 12-year-old watching it though. Because of how cool it sounded I actually started the show myself. By the end of the second episode, I was freaked. I really want to continue watching it, but I'm afraid I'm going to get nightmares if I watch it any longer. So if you decide to watch this incredible show, you better love horror movies.

10. The Fosters

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Drama, High School, and Romance? You've got the Fosters. This fantastic show guides us through the life of a lesbian couple who adopted a family and as they act out throughout high school. There's always something happening, surprises continually keeping you up all night, staring so close to the screen you lose your eyesight within minutes. The short amount of airing it had, 5 seasons to be exact, will make you rewatch it many times over.

What I loved about this show was the constant drama. Whenever I would dart my eyes away from the screen I would miss a good part. I wouldn't suggest viewing this production if you desire to watch it while doing your homework or cleaning your room. The setting you should have is a big bowl of cheddar-flavoured popcorn, sitting upright in your bed with your device in front of you.

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