5 Shows You Simply Must Binge Watch This Winter


It's winter break, you're at home, and you love your free time... buuuuut you're so BORED! Well, don't you worry, because that's where I step in. Sit back, nuzzle into your most comfortable binge watching position and let your fairy godmother of media (aka me) take care of your TV watching needs!

Why Women Kill

Sex. Scandal. Murder. What makes for a better time? Why Women Kill follows one house through three decades of romances that all end with one common denominator... But what could a 1960s housewife, 80s socialite, and a 2010s shark lawyer have in common?

I have to admit I can't give this series justice by describing it! If I were able to watch it all in one sitting, I would have! The impeccable plot along with the suspense and easy-to-follow timeline switches leaves you wanting more at every turn. Why Women Kill has plenty of friendly faces in the cast, such as Lucy Liu, Ginnifer Goodwin, Leo Howard, and more.

Season two has even more scandal to bring with a whole new plot cast of characters. If you like period pieces, drama and American Horror Story-style seasonal anthologies, then Why Women Kill is a must!

Why Women Kill streams exclusively on Paramount+

Inside Job

If you love mystery, drama, and a plot to take over the deep state, then Inside Job is for you! Follow Regan Ridley as she plots to take over the world... I mean as she works her way up the corporate ladder for Cognito Inc. This show is quirky, relatable, AND makes fun of right-wing conspiracy theorists! It's the total package.

Inside Job streams exclusively on Netflix

The Nanny

This is the crown jewel of this list!! If you don't know, The Nanny is the story of Fran Fine. She was working in a bridal shop in Flushing, Queens, until her boyfriend kicked her out in one of those crushing scenes... What was she to do? Where was she to go? She was out on her fanny. So she went over the bridge from Flushing, to the Sheffield's door. She was there to sell make-up, but the father saw more. She had style, she had flair, she was there... and that's how she became The Nanny! And if you have seen the show, you know exactly what I did just there 😉

The Nanny follows Fran Fine and Maxwell Sheffield as they embark on the Will they - Won't They of the millenia. Six years worth of rich development, exceptional character arches and witty banter is therapeutic for the soul. The Nanny is my comfort show, and I hope it can bring some comfort to you as well! I find it physically impossible to be bored, sad, or feel in any way bad when listening to Fran's voice!

The Nanny streams on HBOMax (in full), Tubi & Pluto (for free & in part)


Adult iCarly, original iCarly, it doesn't matter! Just watch iCarly! iCarly is a show about a relatable web show host and her life as she faces the struggles of everyday life. Carly Shay and her crazy friends tackle life one day at a time, and in doing so, they make ours a little easier. The original show began just as webshows began to gain popularity, aka when we were all kids. As we grew up, so did the show, and now, with a new addition to the iCarly universe, we get to keep growing up alongside Carly.

Little iCarly streams on Paramount+ & Netflix | Big iCarly streams on Paramount+

Only Murders in the Building

If you haven't already at least started this, then you are behind! Only Murders in the Building is a comedic-mystery about three perfect strangers, who have nothing in common... except for an apartment building and an obsession over true crime, that is! These three characters find each other and begin unlocking the murder of Tim Kono, a man who died in their building.

Solving a murder is all fun and games until you discover that the murderer may be just a few doors down 😉

Only Murders in the Building streams on Hulu

Well my darlings, with that, I bid you farewell as I strongly urge you to add these to your watch list immediately! Some of these shows are new, some are a bit older, all are waiting for you to open them up so they can provide the entertainment that you so desperately need! Oh come on now, don't pretend you're not desperate for entertainment! Why else would you be here? Go watch TV, and have a wonderful new year 🖤

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