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6 Summer Outfit Ideas to Actually Look Schmick This Season

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May 30, 2022

Summer is here, and so is the time to revamp your wardrobe for the season. With so many great options to choose from, it is not surprising to be confused about finding the right outfits for yourself. With this article, there's nothing to worry about.

We've got you covered with the best trending looks to shine this summer. Follow along!

1. Slip Dress, But Floral

Nothing screams summer like a slip dress with beautiful, light floral prints around the puffed sleeves (if the dress has sleeves at all). These are elegant, and can be sported with white sneakers. Paired with dainty, minimal jewelry, these dresses can make your fairytale waking dream a pleasant reality. Whether it be a picnic with your friends or a sightseeing day out, these upgraded-cami dresses serve the event, one hundred percent.

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2. Corset Tops To Top It All

Corset tops took over the fashion world quite recently, and there's absolutely no reason why they shouldn't. A corset top in the right shade can revamp almost any boring jeans. So, if you have basic staples for lower wear, a pair with a corset top would do.

As far as color is concerned, I give preference to the elite three: white, black, and beige. These shades are classy, and give you the main-character energy everyone craves. White ones, paired with mid-blue flare jeans, are a match made in heaven.

A faux leather corset and wide-leg faux leather pants make it up for a night out. Accessorizing with bold, gold hoop earrings is a must to complete this "Hot Girl Summer" look.

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3. Wide-Leg Shorts

If you feel bored with wearing regular shorts, then this is the best replacement to ask for. You can pair these with almost everything: crop tops, baggy tees, camisoles, halters— you name it. These shorts are perfect for coffee runs or running errands, and come in a wide variety of colors to choose from. Beaded jewelry works best with the overall look, and white sneakers can match the vibes.

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4. Indie Kid Aesthetic for Casuals

If you use TikTok, then you'll know how the Indie kid aesthetic came into the mainstream. Gen Z, especially, has a flair for this style, and it's completely understandable. This aesthetic, with oversized tees, baggy jeans, and converse shoes at its heart, promises cute yet cool outfits for a casual look.

If you have a tight budget for the summer, or attribute your thrifting habits to a frugal lifestyle, then Yesstyle has got you covered. Its online store has some great Indie options with reasonable prices available.

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5. Printed Button-Up

Bold, refreshing, playful, and everything that you can think about summer fits perfectly to describe button-ups. These are comfortable beyond words, and a matching undertone crop top would do justice to the whole look. Wide-leg jeans and Mary Janes are great complementary elements to complete the outfit.

And it goes without saying that we always have some space for jewelry to top it off. Even though this sounds like a beach outfit recipe, there are so many places (and ways) you can rock these. So, be sure to play around with shades and prints. Abstract patterns are great options, too.

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6. Sun Dresses

If you are wondering whether you should consider these dresses for a perfect beach outfit, then this is your sign to officially take that step. They are so cute and fun at the same time, and, apparently, can get you through the hot days with a lot of finesse. You can definitely sport these with sneakers or with a pair of converse shoes.

What really makes the style stand out is how (and what) you accessorize the look with. Beaded jewelry can serve if you are in a playful mood, while sticking to the regular gold, layered necklaces is also fine. These dresses are meant for summer and give you the elegance to carry a positive, grounded aura.

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With these wonderful outfits, you are sure to have a wonderful season. Keep the summer spirits high with colors, styles, and, of course, aura.

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