Trendy Small Businesses That Will Transform Your Summer Wardrobe

Trendy Small Businesses That Will Transform Your Summer Wardrobe

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April 18, 2021

We are all thrilled that summer is fast approaching and hopefully, if the pandemic restrictions lift world wide, we will be able to have a satisfactory summer to remember. Most of us have been living in our sweats recently, so if you are in need of some style advice or are looking for cute and trendy places to shop, then this article has got you covered Check out some of these small businesses linked below for wardrobe inspiration:

1) Shekou

Shekou is a clothing company known for staying on-trend. Given its reasonable pricing and good quality clothing, there is no reason why you shouldn't shop there! Shekou has a specialty in funky and on-trend jeans, and since mom jeans and wide-leg jeans are in-fashion, you should get your hands on these to join in on the trend.

Jeans like the following pair go excellently with a basic top and a stylized jacket in order for you show off a look that is trendy and well put-together. This clothing website also offers a wide range of sizes which is essential for a body-positive, all-inclusive fashion industry.

2)The V collexion

The V Collexion is a brilliant website that sells gorgeous dresses and night-out clothing that your wardrobe needs! Slip dresses are very in at the moment and the V Collexion offers the best. The pricing is affordable for the quality and style of the clothes showcased. If you are looking for that perfect party outfit that is both casual and 'glitz and glamor,' then I would highly recommend this website.

They also sell beautiful jewelry including big gold hoops which are a Tik Tok craze. A few statement rings and chunky earrings can even make a tracksuit outfit look more boujee, upgrading loungewear to outdoor outfits. If you are going for a day time look, you can pair a dress with some cute trainers and a thin-knit cardigan and if you want to go for a night out, it would also look perfectly fetch with some killer heels and a plush leather jacket.

3) Luminate Thrifts

Luminate Thrifts is definitely a relevant brand, especially now, when lounge wear has become the OOTD. Reworked Nike sweats are so trendy at the moment and this website offers the best. They sell a variety of patchwork sweats which you must check out!

Pair joggers like the following with a simple black crop top or a tee for a stylish yet simple look. Luminate Thrifts pieces are so unique that you would certainly be a trendsetter in their pieces. Whether you want to wear them at home, on a grocery run or for a fun hangout with friends, these sweats will make a fashion forward statement. The unique pattern and complementary selection of colors are just stunning and a must have in your new wardrobe.

4) Ally Quirk

If you are a fan of stylish crew necks, Ally Quirk is the one for you. This brand has the coolest designs with a brilliant variation of colors and options. After a bit of online window shopping on their site, you should find the perfect piece for your wardrobe.

Recently, hoodies and jumpers are considered to be wardrobe necessities/staples. When paired with flared trousers for a quirky look or denim shorts in order to keep it "cute and basic," these crew necks look amazing. Another cool thing about them is each one is unique with its own personal flair. An Ally Quirk jumper is just what you need for that pop of color to your outfit.

5) Lounge with me

Let's face it; we are practically living in our lounge wear these days. When I am in my lazy sweats, I feel unproductive and lethargic. However, this doesn't mean that I can't wear lounge wear since Lounge With Me, one of the most fashionable lounge-wear online stores, is there to save you and me from a potentially unproductive day.

Managing to be both cozy and cute at the same time, these clothes are perfect for a casual Zoom call look. Although they may be comparatively expensive to other lounge wear stores, Lounge With Me guarantees excellent retail quality, so you are getting much more for your money.

6) BSCO apparel

Summer is coming up along with the season's hopes of road trips and beach visits with friends, but these fun activities can be much more appealing in a cute summer fit. BSCO Apparel has your back because they sell a variety of on trend summer clothing that will give you the perfect excuse to get out of the house (mask on, safety first). BSCO Apparel offers limited edition pieces that are unique and effortlessly cool.

If you feel as though your wardrobe doesn't have a fun pop of color in it or is too basic, then check out BSCO Apparel since teir clothing clothing is bold, classy, and detailed, while their dresses are perfect for a summer night out.

7) Evry jewels

Not only does this website offer great quality jewelry of which they are most known for, they also have some stunning clothes that you would love in your wardrobe. Their shirts stand out in shades of pastel (which is very trendy for spring). The clothing is quite girly and can be styled up or down depending on the day which is a compelling quality in clothes.

They sell a cute collection of cropped cardigans, so get your hands on them while you can! This brand may be compared to the same sort of style as Brandy Melville but with more variation and much better pricing.

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