22 Gifts for Book Lovers That Aren't Books


September 22, 2020

We all have people in our lives who are book lovers and when it comes to giving them gifts on their birthdays or for Christmas, the first thing that comes to our minds is BOOKS! Being a book lover, I can assure you that it's the best gift but here I'm going to list some bookish gifts for your book lover friends to take your gifting game up a notch!!

1. Enamel Pins

Because reading is fun when you have such cute enamel pins to look at. Your friends would probably give this pin to someone they lend a book from their library to, at least that's what I'd do. You can get this enamel pin and a lot more bookish stuff on My Secret Copy.

2. Scented Candles

Scented candles are perfect to light up while reading because they make reading the perfect and coziest pastimes. You can browse your scented candle options on Etsy.

3. Book Cart

A book cart is a small-wheeled vehicle, typically with two or three shelves, used to move books around. So your friend(s) can move their to be read around the house with them, you can find them in any furniture store.

4. Table book organizer

You can get them a book organizer, so their tables aren't all full of books. You can find table book organizers on Amazon.

5. Stickers

Come on, who doesn't like stickers? They can use it to decorate their rooms, shelves, or even use them in their journals. And stickers that have cute bookish things written on them are a treat for book lovers, trust me!

6. Bookmarks of their favorite book

Book lovers have the tendency of misplacing their bookmarks and then using anything they find as bookmarks, be it another book, a receipt, or even someone's hand, Having a bookmark of their favorite book will make sure that they won't lose it. You can either buy one or up your game and make one.

7. Book Sleeve

Book sleeves are like an armor for a paperback, they protect books from getting creased, marked, or torn inside bags and are a perfect gift for someone who carries their books around wherever they go.

8. Customized Stamp

This is a perfect gift for a friend who lends their books frequently, this way they know which books belong to them. Also, this is super cute and might give them a satisfaction which I really can't put into words. You can get them on Etsy or check out any custom stamp-making store.

9. Posters

Bookish posters are great for the walls of a book lover's room. They look good and describe the book lover for who they are. You can either print posters or buy them on any online store.

10. Scarf

A literary scarf for all those fall and winter days, they look chic and are perfect for a book lover.

11. T-shirt

Adding new clothes to your book lover friend's closet is always a good idea!!

12. A ticket to Disneyland

Not so bookish, but a ticket to Disneyland can be a dream come true for many and is where magic begins, right??

13. A ticket to the meet & greet of their favorite author

Getting the chance to meet their favorite author, asking questions, getting to know the author, attending such things are always overwhelming for someone who loves books. If it's a book launch party, then it is a cherry on the top.

14. A signed copy

Because who wouldn't want a signed copy of a book by their favorite author?

15. A book as a gift

Trust me, I know that books weren't supposed to be on the list, but this is not an ordinary book idea. Gift your friend your favorite book, highlight your favorite parts, put sticky notes on the pages that make you feel happy or sad or anything. This will be the best gift ever!!!

16. Book box subscription

All book readers love book boxes. You can get your book lover friend a one-month plan, three-month plan, six-month plan, or even a year plan. This gift will just be enough to make a book lover cry. Some amazing book boxes you can check out are The big book box, Once upon a book club box, Fae Crate, and many more. They will be receiving books and goodies every month, so you might not be seeing them come out of their reading for a long long time.

17. Coffee cup

All a book reader ever wants is a good book and a good cup of coffee. So every time they have a cup of coffee, they're going to think of you for getting them that cute coffee cup.

18. Light panel

Let us all agree that we love to read past our bedtimes, this gift is perfect for all your book lover friends who don't wanna get caught trying to read when they should be asleep. Also, for the ones' who like to read with a flashlight in their hands, this option will be much more convenient.

19. Merchandise from their favorite book

Your book lover friends are going to love merchandise inspired by their favorite books. They might even carry it with them, wherever they go. It can be anything, a watch, a mug, a bracelet, a cushion cover, literally ANYTHING.

20. Bookish keychain

Do I even need to state a reason for this one?? Keychain are super cute and adorable gifts.

21. A mini-library kit

We all have that one friend who lends books to other people. A personal library kit can be very helpful, and they won't forget which book they lent to which friend. This is super cute and a good gift for someone who loves miniature things.


22. Bookish Treats

Bookish treats can be so fun and delicious. There are many books that have amazing recipes and food ideas. You can buy them or make them for your book lover friend. My number one suggestion would be, blue treats inspired by The Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

I hope this helps you all while thinking of gifts for your book lover friends or family members. A book lover's reaction to any of these is for sure going to be priceless.

Nishtha Gupta
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