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The Ultimate Birthday Gift Guide for the Person Who Has Everything


January 07, 2023

Birthdays are honestly my favourite part of the year. However, as someone who had sixteen of them, I know that picking a perfect gift can get tedious.

Don't get me wrong, I love sitting for hours on end cruising through websites for items that are utterly useless for me, but sometimes picking out gifts that seem both practical and enjoyable can become a chore. Fear not, for I have compiled a list of 15 gifts that not only may be items you want to add to your wishlist, but items you can gift your loved ones as well!


Gift yourself items from this renowned skincare line to give your skin the essential vitamins and hydration it needs. The products are not only Parabens and Phthalates free but are also known to leave no residue. Any product from this amazing skincare line, famously known for its plumping lip masks and effective cleansers, will be a gift that will surely be remembered for ages.

2. The Ordinary Skincare Set

What sets Ordinary apart from other skincare brands is the transparency they give in their material lists. This also helps users buy products with acids and minerals that are best suited to their skin needs and type. Most ordinary products are renowned for speeding up cell turnover, boosting collagen production, tackling pigmentation, reducing fine lines, and unclogging pores. Famous for its chemical exfoliators and extraordinarily cheap rates (see what I did there?), this gift would be not only effective for all skin types but also a big thank you from your skin and wallet.

3. A "Book of the Month" Subscription

This gift is perfect for the avid book lover in your life, or someone who wants to start reading or exit a book slump. Book of the Month Carefully selects books from all over the globe based on your personal preferences to curate the best reading experience possible. Subscribers have the option to choose from 5 or more different books each month and have discounted access to books on their "To-Be-Read" lists.

Plus, you can skip months if no selected books interest you. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

4. Mirror Alarm Clock

Take the phrase "fashionably late" to a whole new level with this alarm clock that features a charging port, a mirror, and a striking display. You may be late for class, but at least the mirror and LED lights ensure you look like you had ample beauty sleep (contradictory of an alarm clock but oh well!).

5. Mini Fridge

Known to preserve the active ingredients in skincare products and keep them free from bacteria due to their cool temperature, to me this seems more of an asset than a gift. Keep all your skincare in perfect shape and condition with this stylish, yet small, mini fridge that not only gives your room an added pop of colour but also doubles as an aesthetic piece (I personally, would use the fridge to hide my secret food stashes).

6. Casetify Phone Case

While birthdays may come around annually, such good deals for cost-effective, trendy, and shockproof phone cases won't. Choose a custom or ready-made phone case for all types of phones and preferences, and gift yourself the comfort of knowing your phone is safe from almost any threat (a screen guard is still highly recommended)!

7. Marshall Speakers

Marshall speakers use True Stereophonic technology (basically multi-directional sound technology), making it possible for the speaker to deliver fantastic 360-degree sounds. Though on the pricier side of things, these speakers are known to deliver excellent sound and bass quality and are a must-have addition to any party or gathering.

8. Apple Headphones

Active Noise Cancellation is improved by Apple's computational audio, which also enables Transparency mode, hands-free Hey Siri, rapid pairing and device switching, sound adaptation to the fit of the headphones on the head, and more. Timeless, chic, and ever-durable, a pair of Apple headphones are sure to delight both the gifter and the receiver. Besides, who wouldn’t want a pair of these on their wishlist?

9. Hydro-Stars Pimple Patch

These adorable yet functional patches not only serve as a barrier to keep you from touching or picking at a pimple on your face but also keep the affected area moist by absorbing inflammatory pus. Plus, these patches help keep bacteria and dirt at bay; do I need to justify this product more?

10. Polaroid Camera

Personally, a Polaroid always has been and always will be at the top of my wishlist. Why? Well, with its ability to obtain quick and cute pictures instantly, the myriad of available colours, and its delivery of mini keepsakes, this is honestly one of the best items you could ask for.

11. Candle Set

At first, this gift may seem basic or just aesthetically pleasing, but trust me, this simple gift reaps more benefits than you could ever imagine. Candles. known to reduce stress, transform the ambience of a space, improve your mood, and help with sleep, What's not to love about this gift?

12. Journal and Planner Set

I'm sure we can all agree that 2022 (while legendary) was quite chaotic, so why not get a head start on the new year by organising and planning your day bit by bit? Make your short and long-term goals and habits more feasible and boost your productivity by journaling. This task may seem daunting. Yes, but it can be extremely easy and rewarding with this cute planner set

13. Cards Against Humanity Set

What started as a hilarious card game that went viral on TikTok, soon became a worldwide phenomenon loved by all party animals. Players complete fill-in-the-blank statements, using words or phrases typically deemed offensive, risqué, or politically incorrect, printed on playing cards, and the person with the funniest responses wins. What party would be complete without these spectacularly funny cards that are sure to make everyone laugh (and maybe cry)?

14. A Y2K Sunglasses Set

While trends come and go, one thing that always stays in style is sunnies. Get your hands on this cute set of sunglasses that are sure to go with any ensemble, but are also durable and practical enough to provide you with comfort and shade from the sun.

15. Dior Lip Glow Oil:

If you were to remove one thing from this wishlist, I recommend this lip oil that it's blown away both the insta reel-like button and millions of beauty gurus who swear by this product. Known for being long-lasting and hydrating, it's sure to make your lips feel loved. Complete with a subtle yet natural high gloss tint, this is honestly my favourite makeup item that deserves to be in every makeup bag.

Honestly, picking out a gift for my birthday is by far one of my favourite things to do, even though it can be tiring. While I know some items on this list are expensive or maybe out of range of some readers, it's important to note that birthdays are more about the love and warmth your friends and family give you and you feel special on your day. Trust me, you don't need a materialistic item to make you feel this way.

Still, the excitement of receiving gifts you genuinely want and need is something I hope each and every one of you gets to experience, and I sincerely hope that this list helps you narrow down your options. A very happy birthday to anyone reading this!

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