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10 Signs Someone Has a Crush on You: Text Edition


December 21, 2022

For the start of a relationship, texting definitely should not be the only thing going on and giving you butterflies, but surely it does give signs whether the other person likes you or not. Here are some signs you could look for if they have a crush on you!

1. Always Reply Fast

If they always reply fast, it means they look forward to your texts. They might not use their phones all the time, but because of you, they are constantly checking their texts looking for a particular name to pop up on the screen.

It is a sign of priority, and while they might be busy with work or school, the fact that they make an effort to text you back as fast as possible means they enjoy talking with you and your being a part of their day.

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2. They Often Start The Conversation

Starting the conversation is a big difference from simply replying to your texts. It means they actually think about you and just want to be involved more in your day. Whereas replying is inactive, starting a conversation requires quite a little more effort. It is quite an obvious sign that they like you too, and if they are willing to text you first all the time, they are probably letting you know that they are going for you.

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3. They Prolong The Conversation

Both of you will notice when the conversation is coming to an end, and if you see the other person moving on to another subject, or asking a question so that there is more to talk about, they are prolonging the conversation. They just don't wanna leave you yet.

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4. They Tell You About Unimportant Little Things In Their Day

They are getting more personal with you if they do this, because otherwise why would they? It shows that you are becoming important to them as they want you to know where they are, what they had for lunch, or how their days went. These little things also bring people closer together now that the conversations are more natural and spontaneous. Gradually, they feel safe that they could share anything with you, rather than only big stories.

5. They Remember Little Things

Sometimes they remind you of little things you said to them before, like what annoys you, or your favorite colors... This shows that they remember little things you said to them and hold them of importance. They would normally be attentive to your stories and actually care about things you say.

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6. They Text You Throughout The Day

It's a sign they want to keep thinking about you, and want you to keep thinking about them. Even though there might not necessarily always be something important to say, texting throughout the day forms a connection, and in a way reminds you that they want to stick around.

7. Inside Jokes

Inside jokes are like secrets. If they create inside jokes with you, the intimacy is growing, and they love that there is something nobody but only the both of you know. It is exciting and has the suspense of a relationship being formed.

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8. They Text You Right Away When Important Things Happen

If they text you when important things happen, it means you have become pretty important to them. They could have let you know later, or let you find out by other means, but personally telling you certainly ensures that you mean more than just anyone, and they want you to know it.

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9. Saying "We" And Hinting They Want To Do More Than Just Texting

Saying "we should try this" instead of "you" or "I" is like secretly asking about your interest in doing things with them, and at the same time telling you that they want to do more things together with you, rather than just texting. It means they want to explore things with you and spend time with you and move a little further in the relationship.

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10. "Good Morning", "Goodnight"

This could be a sign that you are the first person they think of when they wake up and the last on their mind before they sleep. It is just a sweet thing to do, and everyone knows it, so the fact that they do it is to quietly tell you they do have some feelings for you.

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Writer's Notes About Texting In Relationships

Texting is certainly a big part of relationships these days - it is some sort of reassurance sometimes, and it adds colors to the flourishing of emotions. Hopefully, the signs above help you know better about the situation you are in, but this is just a little reminder that texting is not everything, and if it is the only way of assuring you about their feelings, and you think they do like you, you might also need to ask them to speak up about their feelings in other ways.

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