4 Ways to Shoot Your Shot
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4 Ways to Shoot Your Shot


October 23, 2020

High school is a complicated battlefield when it comes to love. In the world of high school, there are many things constantly swirling through your mind.

However, especially for girls, the beautiful person sitting next to you in Spanish class could be the biggest thing on your mind. Your heart races and you can't focus on your teacher. Just the way that person makes you feel. It's that undeniable adrenaline that causes your blood to flow extra hard when that person so much as blinks near you.

It's often a debate as strong as the presidential debate if you should even consider making a move. For many people, the thought of talking to the person you like makes you want to throw up. But having these uncomfortable moments is part of what builds you as a person. And even if your Spanish class crush doesn't end up being your future spouse, it's still a good experience to have in high school.

There are so many ways to get your crush's attention. But I am only going to list 4 of them. Just a small disclaimer: these tips are coming from a girl and are mostly for girls.

But for you boys out there, feel free to use any of these too! Take this advice how you want. Maybe use them in your own life, no matter what stage of life you are in. I hope that these tips will make your life easier and your knowledge on love bigger.

Tip 1: Start off with casual conversation

People way to often overthink the first big move. But, in my experience at least, starting off with normal conversation had the best effect. It proves you aren't super over the top with them and can handle yourself like a normal human being.

Plus, it gives you a chance to get to know that person. Starting off as friends or acquaintances can give you the proper insight on how to proceed with your crush. Maybe you wanted a big gesture, but they hate those. So, now you know to make your announcement for liking them a private affair.

For example, if you were going to ask this person to the dance. Instead of a huge gesture, you could give them a note. Or a puzzle to figure out. Or just a simple, direct question.

Also, getting to know the person first will build trust between you two. Trust is probably the most important thing in any relationship. So, if you know you two have trust before you become official, you are going to be way better off. Never underestimate the power of good small talk.

Tip 2: Body Language

There is so much more to communication than just words. More often than not, people notice your body language before a single word is said. And there are so many ways you can purposefully or not purposefully communicate your feelings with your body. I bet most of you think about the way a person looked at you across the room more than the words they said.

One way to show your interest is by facing your whole body towards them in conversation. This shows that you are interested in what they are saying and are paying full attention. Another way is eye contact.

If you are giving them full eye contact, this can help in many ways. It can show your interest in what they are saying. Also, it is a well-known thing that dilated pupils show that you like what you are seeing.

Or, in simple terms, love. Another thing is if you are leaning in while you two are talking, it shows closeness and attentiveness in conversation. For girls, playing with your hair shows nervousness.

For guys, rubbing the back of your neck portrays the same thing. Many signs of nervousness around the person you like. While it's not the most attractive thing at times, it at least shows that the person is nervous around you. Most often meaning they like you.

Some more intimate physical signs can portray your affection in a more confident way. But be careful in what environment you do these. Putting your hand on their knee or thigh shows attentiveness and affection.

Rubbing the person's shoulder, especially if they are upset around something, can be a good thing. It shows you care about their well-being and are the comforting type. And, there is always the classic holding of hands. One of the most universal signs of love, affection, protection, and announcing to everyone you two are together.

Tip 3: Joke about it

An often overlooked tactic is the power of humor. While often a nervous attempt at something else, humor can also plant the seeds you want without saying it upfront. If you make light of your feelings, it'll sometimes help you process while alerting your crush of your feelings.

You can say things like, “If you were my boyfriend, I'd make you my date to the dance. LOL.” Or, “I'd date you since we are both lonely. LOL.” Little jokes like that can set the foundation in your crush's mind for the possibility of you making it not a joke one day. And, this can help build your confidence for the day that you decide to be brave.

Tip 4: Just Say it

Now, the biggest advice never used. Just come out and say it.

While some boys may be intimidated by your confidence, some are totally into it. And girls are almost 100% into a man with confidence. Just coming out and saying it shows you are confident enough to say what you mean. It shows that your feelings are so strong, you want that person to know about it.

And, just saying it gives your crush the power to do what he wants with 100% accurate information. No mixed signals. No what-ifs.

Just pure facts. And doesn't finally saying it get so much weight off your shoulders? You finally feel free of a secret only God knows how long you've been holding onto. Now, your crush finally knows there's someone out there who thinks the world of them.

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