What to do if You Have a Crush on Your Study Partner
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What to do if You Have a Crush on Your Study Partner


June 17, 2020

Have you ever had a crush on a person who was your study partner? How can you change the topic of conversation from studying to more casual topics? Worry no more!

I have been apart of the same dilemma ever since the first day of school this past year and I am happy to help you get through this. Not everyone will have the same experiences, but I will provide the basics for everyone riding through it.

Below is the promised step-by-step guide on what to do if you have a crush on your study partner.

1. Talk to Them About Schoolwork in General

Ever experienced a form of fleeting attraction when you spot someone you find more interesting than others? Whether you locked eyes with them for the first time in a class or maybe you have spotted one another during a study hall, you are very sure that the two of you may have similar assignments or you have strengths that you can lend with their assignments.

When you have some free time during class, probably doing an assignment that is due the next day or a group project, you can take this time to get to know them. Start with asking for their name and their opinions regarding the class and/or assignment. This is the easiest way to begin a conversation for it can lead to related topics such as what you'd rather do instead of sitting in a classroom, which class you like the most and the least, or if you're lucky, plans to socialize in the future that could possibly include exchanging phone numbers and social media.

I was very shy when I met my crush during my first-period class. Every person were friends with one another while I awkwardly sat alone at a table when this very handsome guy noticed my dilemma. He then called me over and invited me to sit beside him.

I was very grateful for the gesture and even more grateful when I found out that we had another class together. From there, we shared our feelings about those two classes and the homework and I later was courageous enough to ask if we could exchange phone numbers at the end of the week.

2. Stay in Touch

If you have successfully found ways to contact your crush, you are free to message them whenever you want. Just be careful not to message them too much or you'll scare them away. The best way to go about this is to talk to them about when is the best time to contact them and how often you should contact them.

An example of this is when I used to message my crush about the questions I have regarding the assignments due, which is also a way to indirectly prompt your crush that they have your permission to let them text you about any concerns they're having with the assignment as well. Gradually, you may also experience the need to share your personal experiences with them, especially with the stress that school and life in general puts on you and there is a possibility that they might have those problems as well.

Check if they are okay with you venting out what you're feeling now and if you are given the "okay," type out your thoughts.

But then again, I will say this once more: do not text them too much. For now at least.

3. Continue Your Routine

Being friends with your crush is a plus for with the passage of time, you will be able to learn more about them, and you may also end up hanging out with him during the lunch period or after school, which was the case for me by the time three months passed since the day we met.

Do remember that you still have your own academic and extracurricular routines to manage on top of the crush dilemma. Keep focusing on your classes, your friendships, and everything that you have built into your high school life. Having a crush is just one aspect of it, for you don't need to spend most of your time trying to chase them.

The hobbies that I had were time-consuming, yet I did not give them up just because I had that crush on him. Assignments and projects were enough to keep me busy, not to mention my friends were also the key to help me pass the time, which they have been for a long time. I still thought about him here and there, but I made sure he didn't consume my mind.

4. Breaking the News

There will come a point where you can't help but think about your crush virtually every single minute. This is your intuition telling you that you need to tell them about your feelings soon, for it is better for them to know straight from you than assuming that they already know your feelings for them, not to mention that it can also lead to miscommunication with one another, usually when the two of you read each other's body language wrong.

It depends on the type of person you are crushing on when it comes to the method of finally telling them. My crush was somewhat like me, usually quiet yet talkative once he is with people whom he is comfortable with, not to mention that he is very studious.

Knowing my weakness in stuttering a lot, I told him through a four-page letter that I gave him before the next period started. Although I was rejected due to him not being ready for a relationship, I was happy that I was finally able to get my point across and that I knew what he was feeling about me in return, which in his words, that he did not have the same feelings as I did.

The Aftermath

Whether you have scored a date with your study partner turned crush or not, there are valuable lessons to be learned from this experience. Take the chance while you can because you don't know what his love life is going to look like weeks or months from now, or yours.

If you ended up getting together with your crush, I give you my congratulations for you will celebrate numerous amounts of milestones ahead. If not, there are still other people that you could get to know and hang out with. You have a lifetime to find the love of your life, and no matter what, I'm always cheering for you.

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