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October 29, 2019

Every day, we are bombarded with tons of posts and videos promoting unrealistic body images. Fake body images have been widely spread and taken quite seriously among women, especially among teen girls playing a role in mental issues, low self-esteem and low-self confidence among girls who can't apply those images.

"Everyone is different, and we don't want to look all the same. We want to look different, appreciate each other's beauty, " said Charlotte Price, a daily university vlogger, traveler, and body-positive fashion blogger, in an exclusive interview with The Teen Magazine. "Our bodies are incredible. We should start praising them, rather than knocking them down," said Charlotte.

Indeed she is right! For all the unrealistic images being perpetuated in magazines, TV shows and movies. Here is the truth about our bodies. ​​​​"My body has got me to this point in my life. It is functioning. I need to start appreciating it more rather than giving it a hard time" said Price.

She advises girls who have insecurities about their looks or weight to start looking at the beauty inside and see beyond the exterior, especially teen girls who are the most susceptible to these images. "Make sure you follow accounts that promote body positivity. Make sure you aren't following anyone who makes you feel insecure about yourself, and get rid of anyone who makes you insecure about your body"

Those unrealistic images have been normalized among many teens and not only cause self-confidence issues but also create grounds for hate and discrimination for those who don't look these images.

"Being a body positive content creator, I received quite a lot of negative criticism especially on my videos" Charlotte recalls. "The comments are full of hate and discrimination, however; I come to realize I don't care about anyone's opinions unless I personally know 'em," she said. " Negative energy is not to keep in your way, so delete all the negative comments. Just remember your worth" she continues.

Exactly! Instead of letting some stranger patronize, discriminate or fat-shame or skinny-shame you, take action. Control your life. "If you wouldn't take advice from these random strangers, why would you take the negative criticism? " said Charlotte.

On taking actions towards bullying, Charlotte continues, "Deleting or blocking anyone who's causing grieve is the way forward. Remember your worth. These people don't mean anything to you, so ignore them."

Being an online fashion influencer, Charlotte faces a lot of difficulties with fake people and people who used to talk negatively about her at school, and those who genuinely don't give her a good vibe, because it can be hard to see that everyone has your best interest at heart and love you for who you are.

Keeping healthy relationships with positive people is an essential thing in building up your self-confidence and going forward in life, especially if you are trying to pursue a career or start college/high school. "Living with my best friends is the thing I love most about university; they have supported me with everything, we lift each other up" and that is something everyone should have in life.

Speaking of careers, Charlotte happily talks about how certain hobbies and activities can help upgrade your skills, enrich your knowledge and boost your self-confidence to the fullest. " I have been to a lot of traveling adventures this year. I've been to Bali, Turkey, Romania, and Guatemala," Charlotte says. "Traveling has affected my career in a really positive way" she continues. "It has broadened my knowledge and helped other girls who want to travel too."

"A lot of people think it can impact your career negatively cause you are not at home working on stuff, but I find my travel content has done super well this year," Charlotte says.

"There's no time like the present" that was Charlotte's advice to girls who are hesitating about traveling. "Go for it. Life is too short. Do what you wanna do, save your money, think about where you want to go next and just book it " she says.

Want more? Check out the full interview with Charlotte Price and watch her talking about hilarious college moments, clothes, friends and her best and worst moments of University!

Interview with Charlotte Price

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