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Jackie Belkin is a highschool senior from New Jersey. She was awarded a 2021-2022 internship with The Writing College at The Women’s Writing Institute. Her intrests include political science, theatre, writing, hanging out with friends and journalism. Outside of Teen Magazine, she also helps run Local Kids Care- a Covid-relief charity based in Central Jersey.

Why Olivia Rodrigo Represents Gen-Z

October 13, 2021

Pop Culture

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TikTok: the App That Defines Gen Z

October 07, 2021

Pop Culture

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Fake Bodies, Real Insecurities

May 28, 2021

Beauty & Style

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How Music from the Past Influences Pop Music Today

March 26, 2021

Pop Culture

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Is Quarantine the Cause of Increased Teen Anxiety?

February 26, 2021

Student Life

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