How to Focus More on Schoolwork & Avoid Distractions
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How to Focus More on Schoolwork & Avoid Distractions

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November 20, 2017

Remember that goal you made to get Straight A's? You don't? That's probably because you're staring at Dr. Dreamy next to you. Don't fake it girls.

You know how it is. Beautiful body. Creamy eyes. Ugly grades. 

We can't stop the crushes. We can't stop the dreaminess. But we can build resistance and take control, like queens. For those who want a tremendous transcript, a string of A's, and some proud parents, here's four ways on how to focus more on books than bae. 

1. Don't seek him out 

A typical person who has a major crush normally plots this extensive plan, which could probably rival any military operation, just to find a way to meet up with bae. After doing it for awhile, it becomes a routine. For focusing on classes, take those advanced planning skills and figure out ways for getting to class before the bell rings.

Make action plans on how you'll ace your exams and get an A in Honors Chemistry. Yes, you won't see your dream beau for a bit, but remember, bae isn't taking your classes. Bae isn't paying for your tuition.

And most importantly, bae isn't going to get you the grades you want. So plan for your success right now instead of later. If bae is interested, they will find a way to meet you at the stairwell. 

2. Find a new (healthy) obsession

It took time for you to become hooked on bae. Now you need a new fix, only this time a productive one. Instead of dreaming about those hardcore hazel eyes, dream about seeing a giant A plus on your next weekly Chemistry test.

Dream, dream and dream about it until you are driven to get up and make it happen. My sports girls out there, grind out your endorphins so you can take your school to states, better yet nationals! You can, and you know it's possible.

And for the low key book nerds out there, make a date with your next read for Friday night. They won't argue with you, ignore your texts, and are always open. All in all, just find a new focus for your thoughts. This way, all the things you've been putting off for your crush are now your top priorities. Watch how fast you slay your goals. 

3. Delete and Block 

We all knew this was inevitable my lovelies. Go through your phone, find the number, and stare longingly at the digits just before deleting them. Pressing the flashing red button reading "delete" may only take two seconds, but it's two seconds of heart-wrenching agony.

Girls, it will be hard. Girls, it will be painful. And girls, it will benefit you in the end.

Making room for success means cleaning out the clutter. So pick up your device, run through the apps, and delete with a passion. Cry if necessary.

And afterword, be happy that you at least have more storage on your phone! Don't forget to block the digits ladies. You know how they try to come back any old time. So keep it under lock and key. 

4. Treat yourself when it's time

When all your homework is finished, send bae a text or dm if you got the number. After your report card delivers your well-deserved grades, celebrate by saying hi to him later in the week. You might be blessed with another gift: him asking to hang out with you!

It is the ultimate goal, but baby steps my dears. The point is, you've been working hard to the bone. Erasing all temptation so that you can excel is one of the hardest sacrifices as a young girl.

It takes a whopping load of discipline and determination. It's about time you've been rewarded. Just remember: you still got homework to do later. 

I'm just playing! Well, mostly. 

In all seriousness ladies, you are in for a full journey with this one. It will take grit, drive, and a rocking playlist to go from bae-obsessed to A-obsessed. I'm still in the process, as there are always new baes crawling from every corner. Just keep your image of a long line of A's at the forefront, and be patient with yourself. It won't be easy, but it is surely worth it. 

And if it helps, imagine his face with a giant A-plus on it. It'll make him even more attractive. 

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