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Every store, every new season, designs new clothes and accessories that make you wish to have them all. However, if you look closely, they tend to look the same, since they try to follow the trends. So, I am here to tell you about some items that you need and won’t be money going to waste. Since we can all follow the trends without wasting a lot of money.

1. A Statement Jacket

Winter is all about layers and as much as the inside is important, so is the exterior, since it’s what people see most and what really marks the outfit. That’s why this season you need a good jacket that represents you. If you search on Pinterest for “winter jackets”, you will find puffer jackets, leather jackets, and colourful jackets (yes, because this year we discovered colours!). Honestly, every winter puffer jackets came back, and I fully understand it. Just this year I bought my first one, black, of course, because that is my statement color, however there are a lot of other choices.

Zara right now has some leather ones that you should check, like this one:

Or this one vest, because "yes", they are coming back! Believe me, I was a little bit intrigued when I started seeing photos, but it can elevate any "boring" outfit. And then I bought my "first" one, and I can tell you that I love it, and want to wear it with any outfit.


However, if we are talking about puffer jackets, we need to talk about The North Face. And remember, although black always goes with everything, other colours are worth it. Colours like yellow, purple and red are really coming back. And, of course, this brand has its name, not only for puffer jackets, but they are famous on Pinterest and Instragram. Everyone is wearing them!

This winter we also brought back long jackets, like trench coats, cardigans and, most especially, plaid jackets! Take a look at these ones! I was surprised, because my mom gave me an old plaid jacket of her and I didn't know when to wear it. But then I started seeing all around Pinterest and I was just glad I didn't have to buy one.

OBEY Emile Brushed Longline


2. A Good Scarf

This winter, as mentioned before, colours are coming back to our wardrobe, which means people are starting to get a little more comfortable and brave with their outfits. And the colours can also appear in the accessories we use. That means scarves and everyone needs a good and awesome scarf for those colder days.

Scarves are something kinda easy to find and a lot of stores sell good and fashionable ones, but Pinterest is going crazy over this one from acne studios.

However, the site offers a lot of other options, like my favourite:


3. A Good Pair of Gloves and A Beanie

During winter, we fear that with all the layers, the outfits will stop being cute. However, that is a mistake. We just need to know how to pick the perfect things that will hopefully match everything. Like scarves, during winter we can't forget about our beloved gloves and beanies and hats. In terms of fashion, they look fantastic while well paired, but they are also really good to protect you from the cold.

You can try leather ones, and these are truly a statement piece, with their vibrant colour. You might be wondering if this is a bit too much. Don't worry, I've questioned that too. However, this year I learned that every outfit needs a pop of colour, and this can be that pop for you.

If you don't like the leather ones and feel like they are too grown up, you can try wool ones, that, in my opinion, are super cute and just make you feel like a little kid again, like:


Bucket hats, for some reason, have still not left the chat. People still buy them, there is a huge variety of them in different stores, for every type. I am personally more leaned to the simple and base colors, like black or beige, but here are a few options for you:

UO Printed Sherpa Bucket Hat

Wide Wale Corduroy Bucket Hat

However, how could we forget about berets? Season two of Emily in Paris was just released and we need that French vibe in our lives to feel chic and put together. We can never know if Emily's outfits are "fashion" or just too much, but what we can agree on is that some of the items are worth it, like the hats and sunglasses that she uses.

4. The perfect sunglasses

You might be wondering why this is even an item on this list. However, I can assure you that summer glasses are very different from winter ones. You should get ones that are more discreet, with wooden tones and with dark lenses. Personally, I love sunglasses, I am always wearing them, and I have managed to "steal" the vintage ones from my mom. There's a joke between me and my friends, because I wear sunglasses all the time, that I even wear them during the night because they are always on the top of my head.

For this season, I recommend these two. They combine modern with vintage in a perfect way and they are just the right fit for winter.

5. Perfume

NOW, I know this is not a wearable item or even something you can “use”, but each season has its smells. For example, in summer, people tend to use floral and citrus smells for that fresh finish. But during the winter, it's all about wood smells. And remember, that the first impressions always matter, that's why meeting someone new, you need to smell good.

My recommendation for this season is Dior's Vanilla Diorama Fragrance, with scents of vanilla, rum and patchouli.

To sum it all up, winter can be very different from summer in terms of items, colours and aesthetics. However, it is still a continuation of what we wore. A lot of things this year and into the next, are coming back, like the ugg boots, that we now see everywhere. That does not mean that just because something is becoming a trend, we have to follow it or buy everything. And if you want to follow them, remember to look in your closet before going to any stores. You might have something to help you out.

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