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TikTok-Trending Fall Essentials from UGG That Give Off Cozy & Chic Vibes at the Same Time

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September 08, 2023

You know it's finally fall when TikTok's For You Page declares so with posts after posts of nostalgic autumn aesthetic edits of Gilmore Girls, or when every baking video somehow includes pumpkin spice, and especially when your favorite influencers begin layering their outfits with lightweight scarves and slip-on boots.

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There's nothing quite like the fall weather when it comes to style: the orange leaves and chilly breeze gives us the perfect opportunity to bundle up and get layered in the cutest knits and patterns, and snuggle up in our coziest fuzzy socks and boots. Outfits aside, it might be hard to figure out how exactly to make clunky winter shoes chic, but one brand has it all figured out.

When it comes to said comfortable footwear for the colder season, every fashionista ever knows UGG- and with its iconic warm-toned, fur-lined, and easily recognizable silhouette, it's easy to say we are all quite obsessed.

UGG is home to the shoes that all your favorite celebs and stars have been spotted in: from Kate Moss to Bella Hadid (we all know that photo of her rocking it in the Ultra Mini Classic Boots with a slice of pizza- you know, the one that went mega viral) to even Beyonce, the So-Cal brand is genuinely a revolutionary force in terms of winter shoewear.

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UGG has risen to such an iconic status that it's become universal to spot one and know immediately that it's an UGG design. There's something so uniquely timeless about their styles: the boots and slippers are classic, but carry an unconventional charm. What's more, no matter how equipped it may be for extreme weather, it still manages to carry on a laid-back California energy. After all, with who else than UGG could you transform your indoor shoes into outdoors?

With responsible crafting of their products, UGG's quality continues to be unmatched and reliable through weather and through time. With a purposeful and mindful production process to keep fashion more sustainable and healthier for the planet and its communities, UGG is not just a face of fashion- it's pinpointing a way for the future.

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"Our commitment is to you and our future. Come with us on a journey toward a more responsible world of fashion that serves people and the planet, and where we invest our resources in regenerative agriculture, renewable and recycled materials, and responsible design."


Winter fashion might seem, well, a bit more basic, but it goes so much more than just being warm. If you want to stay on top of all the winter styling trends that scream cozy and chic, you absolutely can't go without these 3 trending styles:

The Tasman Slipper

These are *the* slippers that took social media by storm last winter- and you can bet they're making another comeback for this chilly season. Every single TikTok video dedicated to colder weather fashion on my For You Page all seemed to feature the iconic Tasman slippers, and I have to say, these slippers are pretty easy to be obsessed with for all the right reasons.

Shop the Tasman Slipper in Chesnut here.

This might just be the most versatile pair of slippers I've ever come across: the best-selling Tasman has the same sturdy outsole as UGG's Classic Boot, making it perfect for both the indoors and outdoors. Plus, the raised platform makes it totally possible for all types of terrain.

The inner lining of the shoes features the softest sheepskin and upcycled wool. UGG creates these with real fur from sheep or lamb, and I was actually so surprised to feel how comfortable they are. They genuinely make it feel like you're walking on a cloud! What's more, the classic slip-on look is lightweight enough for you to wear it nearly year-round; whenever the temperature calls for it, you can wear it- these slippers are definitely not limited just to fall or winter.

I love the timeless look of the soft suede, and how there's chic braid detailing across the end. The Chesnut shade- my personal favorite- features a warm, fuzzy tan look, and the beige-and-sepia contrast stich gives it just the right amount of bohemian-chic. The Tasman Slippers also come in shades: Burnt Cedar, Lilac Mauve, Pink Glow, Dark Grey, Burnt Olive, and Black.

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The Tasman Slippers are also incredibly easy to style because they genuinely look good with any comfortable outfit. Slip these on with your slouchy jeans and pullover knit sweaters, or go full-on cozy mode with your favorite sweatsets!

The Highmel Sneaker

Cold weather can make it a hard time for fashion: you want to be chic, but you also want to stay warm and bundle up. When it comes to bulky winter footwear, it goes exactly the same. However, with the Highmel Sneaker, you don't have to sacrifice style for that comfortable, snuggly fit.

Meet the redesigned winter sneakers straight from our dreams: with a cozy boot-like look and adorably laid-back lace-up designs, the Highmel is the effortless, reliable pair of sneakers we've all been waiting for.

Shop the Highmel Sneaker in Chesnut here.

The Highmel is UGG's latest creation that combines the best of both worlds: not to be dramatic, but with the looks of a high-top sneaker and the everyday comfort of the UGG Neumel, the Highmel is easily the most stylish winter sneakers to ever exist.

I was so excited to come across the Highmel Sneakers because of how chic and durable they were; after all, if you're planning to have fun in the snow, you want to make sure you're as warm and stylish as can be!

With an oversized padding on the tongue for that exaggerated pull-up, a high-top look to protect the ankles, plaid chesnut-and-ivory lace-ups, and platforms to make you feel effortlessly put-together, the Highmel is casual but cool.

Made with UGGPlush Lining that blends repurposed wool and produced fibers, such as Tencel or recycled polyester, the Highmel Sneaker has the feel of sheepskin but has the added boost of promoting a better environment. With the addition of the lace-ups keeping your shoes on snugly, the soft lining will keep you toasty and warm even in frigid temperatures.

Plus, the SugarSole™ of the shoes help combat "dependency on fossil fuels by replacing petroleum-based ethylene, absorbing 1.6 pounds of CO2 for every pound of ethylene replaced." Talk about style that's truly sustainable!

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The Highmel Sneaker also comes in the shade Black.

The Scuff Cali Wave

Who says lounging has to be boring? It's time to upgrade simple house slippers into something more classy and elevated where you could even incorporate it into your everyday streetwear look.

Shop the Scuff Cali Wave Slipper in Evening Sky / Big Sky here.

With a wavy platform that makes you exude that easygoing-yet-cool vibe and fur-lined insides, the Scuff Cali Wave slippers are the epitome of casual comfort, all at your own easygoing pace.

The all-over suede feel of the slippers gives it a touch of sophistication than your regular simple slippers. Made with Eco Suede, the slipper is actually made from "recycled leather scraps and polyester"- effectively reducing leather waste.

The teal blue of the slippers also makes it a fun color to experiment with into your look while still being a dark shade enough to rotate into a neutral wardrobe. I love how the slippers have such a homey look, yet could definitely be used for anything outdoors.

My favorite thing about these slippers is how comfortable they are; believe it or not, it's even comfier than it looks, which seems pretty impossible- but with the UGGplush™ upcycled wool blend, these slippers are actually the coziest thing ever. Pajamas, these slippers, and a bowl of popcorn is an unbeatable combination for this chilly season.

The Scuff Cali Wave also comes in shades: Chestnut / Orange Soda, Pumice, and Black / Pearfect.

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