March Favorites to Try When You're Cooped up Indoors
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March Favorites to Try When You're Cooped up Indoors

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March 21, 2020

Surprise! This article is not about the CoronaVirus. You’re welcome?

We could all use a little break from the hysteria. Although I lacked my usual inspiration to write, as I felt people were solely concerned with breaking news updates and my measly opinions would be irrelevant, I’ve caught a new wind in believing distraction could serve everyone well. Especially in the information we read.

Therefore, I’ve deemed this article and blog a Corona-free zone. I’ve compiled a list of my March favorites, many of which I’ve become especially fond of from spending so much time inside. So, consider these March favorites/quarantine essentials, and a small description to follow. Enjoy this miscellaneous collection!

Favorite breakfast: A poached egg atop toast.

If you know me well, you’re aware I love a poached egg. Although oatmeal with berries used to be my go-to breakfast, I found myself starving an hour into the school day. Therefore, I’ve opted for the just-as healthy, yet more protein-packed poached egg on toast.

I’m not sure how others like their eggs cooked- but I like the yolk super runny with the whites fluffy. My trick for an oozy, easy to break, poached egg is to immerse the egg into boiling water on medium high heat for two minutes, and gently splash some water on the yolk to give it a fragile, yet coated top. Depending on which pan I use, I usually leave the egg in another two minutes on medium heat- or until my toast is done.

While the egg does seem like the showstopper here, the toast is equally as important. Since the yolk will saturate the toast, giving it more time in the toaster makes for the perfect texture. I prefer whole-wheat bread, as it convinces me I’m healthier than I really am.

I’ve been using some random Trader Joe’s seed bread, which probably isn’t actually whole-wheat. Like I said, it’s all about convincing myself it’s healthy.

Favorite skincare product: I Dew Care Sugar Kitten face mask.

This may be the first time in a while you’ve read “Face mask” and had to refer to a skincare product rather than a measure to fight the CoronaVirus. As face mask selfies are equally as important as the mask’s actual health benefits, this holographic, sparkly mask fulfills both roles. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I initially bought this mask because it looked pretty and seemed like a cute photo-op, and paid zero attention to its promised benefits.

And, it’s a peel off mask which I find super satisfying and more fun than spending hours in front of my sink scrubbing off a wash-off face mask. Despite having no intention of seeing any improvement in my skin, I was pleasantly surprised to find my skin looking amazing and glowy after removing the mask. Now, it may just be that I’m actually getting the recommended hours of sleep now that my schedule is more lenient, but my skin is absolutely thriving.

And, for the sake of this article, I’ll credit my skin to this mask. It is a shame my skin looks great considering I am quarantined inside and nobody except my mom can see me. And she always tells me I look nice.

So, you’re just going to have to take my word for it. I swear though, the day we are unquarantined I will just get a massive pimple and eat my words.

Favorite TV Show: The Great British Baking Show

I know I’m not alone when I say food has been on my mind more than usual this month. Now, 80% of my time is spent thinking about eating my next meal, or about food in general. As resources are scarce and using all the flour in my pantry to bake a new batch of cookies everyday is unfortunately necessary and very unhealthy, I’ve channeled this interest in food into watching other people bake.

Considering Love Island is one of my favorite TV shows, I began watching the Great British Baking Show on Netflix. Needless to say, watching the incredible desserts the chefs bake leaves me even hungrier than before, and equally as inspired. What I like about the show, besides their unique accents and obviously stunning creations, is that they are all home bakers.

For each contestant, baking is a hobby they do outside their day-to-day jobs. It’s inspiring as I am a so-to-speak home baker, if my cookies can attest to that. Obviously, I am not making technical desserts like Genoise sponge cake, it’s good recipe inspiration and educational.

I have learned that in England, biscuits are cookies, and not American biscuits. Not surprising, I have tried to replicate the contestant’s accents and don’t sound as bad as expected!

Favorite clothing item: Fluffy Ugg Slippers

Although I got these as a Christmas present, and have been in love ever since, I’ve gained a new appreciation for them as I’m home more often. I’m not kidding when I say I wear these 24/7. I seriously fell asleep with them a few nights ago.

They are that comfortable. While Uggs are notoriously known for their expensive price tags, they are worth every penny. I have yet to find a pair of shoes, or slippers, as comfortable, and in my opinion, cute.

I have them in a charcoal, grey color which unintentionally coordinates with every outfit. Another bonus is that they are slip-on. I’m super lazy and being able to quickly kick these off before filming an elaborate Tik Tok dance is very convenient.

Additionally, being a California native, and just weirdy cold at all times, any temperature under 60 degrees has me shivering. These slippers are the perfect remedy for keeping me cozy and warm. I truly wish you could feel the fur through the screen.

So soft. They truly are the best. That’s all.

Favorite workout: Alexis Ren workout videos

More time is a wonderful opportunity to begin exercising more. As I’ve always been an advocate of frequent exercise, I’ve been enjoying having more time to dedicate to my health. However, I strive for consistency rather than longevity when it comes to working out.

Rather than tiring myself out by taking an hour long run one day, I prefer to work out daily in smaller doses. I typically alternate between a 2 mile run around my neighborhood and following Alexis Ren’s exercise videos in my room. Her videos can be found on Youtube and are only ten minute each.

They pack a lot of punch and if you’re doing the exercises properly you will definitely be sore the next day. I particularly like these videos because of their length and I’m able to notice myself improving the more and more I do them. Not to mention, Alexis Ren is a model and absolutely gorgeous, so I trust her workout advice.

They don’t require any gym equipment and only take up a few feet of space, perfect for people like me without a home gym. And, if you need an extra challenge, using your textbooks as weights can work. One downside is the music on the original video is really depressing and listening to your own hype playlist is a must.

Favorite music: Circles by Mac Miller

Speaking of playlists, I’ve begun expanding my music taste this month. I’m proud to say that my March playlist on Spotify, which I highly recommend, consists of artists I just recently started listening to more. As I have tons of favorite songs from this month, I noticed 4 Mac Miller songs on my playlist of about 20 and knew he had to be highlighted in my article.

Although he sadly passed away in September, Mac Miller’s album Circles released in mid-January. Not really sure why, but I just discovered the album in March and have loved it since the first listen. His music and voice is super calming to listen to while also incorporating a good beat.

My top 5 from the album are Complicated, I Can See, Blue World, Good News, and Hands. I especially like Complicated because it’s my motto for the CoronaVirus: just taking things day by day with ease and not stressing about the future too much. I’m prone to listening to overly screamy music and being that way myself, so Circles is like taking a much-necessary deep breath. It makes for perfect studying music or right before bed. 

Favorite past time: Tik Tok

Are you surprised? I’m a 15-year-old girl, of course, I am obsessed with Tik Tok. I can say without challenge, probably more than the average person.

My infatuation particularly stems from the fact that a video of mine went viral in December, and has now surpassed over 800,000 views. I plug that every conservation I get the chance, so this article was no different. Despite having no luck since, my ego took a much too-sharp increase following my 15 seconds of Tik Tok fame and has probably yet to return to normal.

I can’t lie, it felt great to have a viral video and I am back to craving that attention and stealing the hype from Charli D’Amelio. Unfortunately, my newest Tik Tok rabbit hole has been recreating Tik Tok dances. I can feel my future self, and most likely all of my friends, cringing so hard at the dance videos, but they are too fun and addicting to refrain from. Trust me, doing ‘the woah’ is not going to be my big break, but it’s amusing. 

There you have it- my March favorites!

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