These Body Positive TikTokers Will Help You Love Your Body


Though it is filled with funny, entertaining videos, TikTok has its fair share of negative videos. Plenty of users understand the feeling of logging off of TikTok feeling bad about yourself, or specifically your body.

There is a shocking amount of negative videos about body image on TikTok. So, it is important to fill up your feed with positive influencers instead of negative ones. Here are my favorite body positive TikTokers:

Brittani Lancaster

Brittani is a body positive TikToker that is in recovery of two eating disorders. Every day, Brittani posts “What I Eat in a Day” videos which promote nourishing your body every day with delicious, healthy food.

In addition to these videos, Brittani also often posts tips about recovery, loving your body and delicious recipes. Brittani's videos are extremely uplifting and comforting, she feels like a big sister figure. She is a great person to follow, and I definitely recommend.


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Sienna Mae Gomez

If you have been on TikTok for a while, you have definitely seen Sienna on your For You Page before; here's why you should give her that follow.

Sienna is a 16-year-old from California who gained success in the summer from her body positive videos. In her videos, she frequently discusses confidence, body image, and insecurities.

Sienna also does “What I Eat in a Day” videos and “Eat With Me” videos to help her follows feel supported through their eating habits. Sienna is a great role model for young girls and is definitely worth the follow!


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Victoria Garrick

Victoria, a former USC Women's volleyball libero, is a fantastic person to follow on TikTok if you want to learn more about body positivity, intuitive eating, and mental health.

During her time at USC, Victoria suffered from an eating disorder. Now in recovery, Victoria can share an interesting perspective about mental health struggles while being an athlete. Victoria also has a podcast called "Real Pod" where she interviews guests every week about their mental health.

Overall, Victoria is a great mentor for teen athletes.


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Brooklynne Webb

Brooklynne, A.K.A. xobrooklynne, is a 16-year-old from Canada. Brooklynne's videos are all about learning to love your body and being confident in your own skin.

Brooklynne is also a talented makeup artist and posts many beauty videos. My personal favorite videos of Brooklynne's are when she responds directly to hate comments with confident videos that usually attract a lot of support. Brooklynne's videos are great if you need some help to find confidence.


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Rianna Kish

Rianna Kish, an 18-year-old from Canada is a great role model that everyone should follow. Rianna, who is in recovery from an eating disorder, shares videos about body confidence, recovery tips, and educational videos about eating disorders.

Her videos are inspiring, and she will always put a smile on your face. If you want to learn more about eating disorders and eating disorder recovery, Rianna is the girl for you!


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Clara Guillem

Clara Guillem, A.K.A. Claraandherself, is a 24-year-old from Tennessee. Clara's TikToks focus on confidence--whether that is body image, body hair, scars, or eating disorder recovery.

Clara seems like a big sister; she gives personal, and helpful advice that can help any girl. She is the perfect person to follow if you need a little more positivity in your life!

Also, psst... The Teen Magazine did an interview with her this past summer. Click here to read!


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If you need help finding confidence, these TikTokers will definitely help you! Consider giving them a follow for a bit more positivity in your day!

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