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Brooklynne Webb is Taking on Tiktok with Her POVs, Body Positivity and Mental Health

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May 24, 2021

At some point during the peak of Tiktok, POV videos were so popular. One of the queens of POV's is Brooklynne Webb. You might have seen her as a Queen, a princess, a lost twin, and so many other characters; however, today we get to know Brooklynne beyond all the characters.

What drove her to record herself acting as different characters? How did that help her and did ut help other people? Who inspires her stories and characters. All that and more is all discussed with Buchwald.

Tiktok and The Goal

Fun fact, Brooklynne started just doing TikTok as a joke in school! The longer she spent on the app the more she started to lean towards POVs and acting!

"My first goal was I had just hoped to get a 'viral' video with 10k likes'', she explained. The young star did reach that goal with the POVs. "It changed as I started to take my account more seriously!"

Ideas and inspirations

When you make POVs or try to think of them, many ideas might cross your mind. But anyone can run out of ideas really soon. We asked Brooklynne to ask her what’s the secret to her never-ending creativity.

And surprisingly enough, she had the best answer. “I listen to the lyrics of the songs.” She said in the interview. Brooklynne revealed that she tries to find a VERY short story with a beginning, middle, and end!

"What or who inspires you the most?"

"I definitely draw a lot of inspiration from creators like Abby Roberts, Caleb Finn, Charlotte Roberts, Benji Krol, and Isseypovs! Seeing other creators being creative really motivates me to be creative!"

Having a platform

Having 437K followers is not easy. As good as it feels, sometimes big trouble comes with big platforms. Brooklynne uses hers to spread points of view and body positivity.

“What’s the best part of having a platform?” We asked her. “I absolutely love connecting with people.” She replied. “I have met some of the coolest and kindest creators out there!”

“What's the worst part of it?” We continued.

“Definitely the hate, it used to take a larger toll on my mental health, but now it definitely doesn’t faze me at all.” Surprisingly, this seems to be a common answer between many other creators we have interviewed. Hate is completely unnecessary, and if there is one thing we all can agree on is this world would be definitely better without it.

Future Plans

Brooklynne has done musical theatre throughout growing up. “However that doesn’t mean I am the stronger singer.” She told us she’s definitely interested in acting and starting to put lots of effort into it!

Advice To Others

"What’s your advice to young boys and girls that want to have a platform like you?" We asked her. With new job opportunities opening every day, it's not unlikely that many kids have a dream to become someone famous and have an impact on the world. But it's not easy.

"Find something you're passionate about and put in the work!" Brooklynne advised. "You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it and practice!"

Makeup And Skincare

It's not easy finding trustworthy brands when it comes to makeup and skincare. Luckily for you, Brooklynne is here with some recommendations!

For makeup, she has "absolutely fallen in love" with Charlotte Tilbury.

For skincare 100% the most trustworthy brand is Cocokind! "If you especially haven’t checked out Cocokind I’d highly recommend it!"

Body Positivity and Comfort

It's no hidden fact that body positivity is really important. Acceptance of who we are matters more than anything. Self-love is the best kind of love.

"The biggest piece of advice I could give you is to not compare yourself to others!" Brooklynne spoke up "Focusing on yourself as an individual is the best thing you can do!"

Mental Health

Our May 2021 issue focuses on mental health, which is one of the most underrated topics out here.

"Does social media affect your mental health?" We asked her.

"Social media 100% affects mental health in so many ways," Brooklynne claims social media can bring a lot of positives but also A LOT of negatives.

"It’s super important to get a regular check-up because your mental health is important and can change so rapidly!" She finished.

Check out this month's issue to read a debate between two writers regarding the positives and negatives of social media.

Quick Q's

Do POV’s help you escape reality for the 15-60 seconds they last? Is that how they are fun?

They definitely do! I love becoming a different person with a different story!

What's your favorite cosplay out of all you have done so far?

I love the princess cosplay I originally started doing! It’s the first and the one who has stuck with me.

What's your favorite TikTok trend so far?

I loved all the old POV trends in early 2020! There were new ones every 3 days, and they were SO FUN

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