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The Perfect Guide to Organizing Your Bookshelf

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October 26, 2022

The beauty of being a bookworm: buying books, reading those books, and creating your own personal library.

As book lovers, we always find ourselves buying books we don't need, only to discover that there isn't enough room for all of them to fit on our shelves. So, whether you buy too many or just don't know how to organize your shelf, here are some tips and tricks for you!

1. Donate Books You Know You Won't Ever Read Again

The first step is to make space and get rid of clutter. We often get attached to objects and give them sentimental value. That's completely fine for a few objects.

But, when you have shelves full of books that don't even interest you, then there's an issue. So why do we keep onto them? It's better to give them to someone else who will actually appreciate the book, and will want to reread it every day!

Consider whether a book makes you happy before deciding whether to retain it or donate it. If it does, keep it! Put it in the donation box if it doesn't.

This will not only declutter your shelves, but it will offer you more space for the new books you add. You will also be able to try out different ways to style your current books, some of which might require more space than others (such as facing a book forward).

Furthermore, there are many places that accept book donations. The majority of public libraries, for instance, accept donations for book sales. Even thrift shops will accept them!

Additionally, some communities offer tiny boxes where you may contribute your books for the community at large to read. So you can quickly check to see whether you have one by taking a stroll through your neighbourhood. You might even find a novel to enjoy when you go to donate your own!

If you are having a hard time deciding whether to keep a certain book or not, put it on hold and add it to your "maybe" pile. After then, you have time to consider if maintaining it is worthwhile.

2. Class Your Books Alphabetically

Although it may not be the most artistic way to arrange your books, alphabetizing them is always a straightforward approach. Even while it is relatively easy to do, it works incredibly well, especially if you frequently visit your bookshelf. By doing this, you will be able to discover the book you're looking for with ease.

There are many ways you can choose to organize your books alphabetically. For instance, you can organize by the author's last name (maybe even first name). To use this strategy, you might need to be able to recall the names of your books' writers; otherwise, you won't know what to seek. However, this strategy would be effective for you if you have favourite authors and can recall who wrote which book.

Another way would be to organize by the book's title. If you do decide to do so, avoid the words that numerous books begin with, such as "The" and "A." Through this, you will most likely be able to quickly find the book you are looking for.

3. Arrange By Genre

Organizing by genre is another simple way to reshuffle your bookshelf. If you're the kind of person who picks what they read depending on their mood, then you should definitely try out this method of organization. You can do straightforward sections, such as fiction or non-fiction, or you can go more in-depth and class your bookshelf into sections of fantasy, romance, mystery, action, history, and so on.

4. Organise by Height

If you wish to have a bookshelf that has a neat look, then you should consider organizing your books by height. Books of comparable sizes should be arranged together to provide the ideal neat appearance. Additionally, you can choose to place the tall books in the corners or in the middle. Even better, arrange your big volumes on one shelf while arranging your smaller books on another.

5. Create a Rainbow Effect

The rainbow effect is still a favourite among people, as you may have noticed online through various social media platforms. That is because most people think it to be aesthetically beautiful, and if that is the case for you as well, you should absolutely give this one a try! With this method, you can easily put back a book after you've read it because you will know exactly in which color group it belongs.

Try keeping the darker colors, such as blacks and grays, at the top or bottom shelves. Then, you can organize the colors from there to the other end. However, if you don't have enough books to create a full rainbow effect, you can also try pairing books with similar colors found in your room together, so that they can complement the rest of the room.

6. Build Stacks

Stacks are a great way to optimize space- since you can place multiple books on top of one. Additionally, stacking makes your shelves appear more appealing, particularly if you use the books with the most attractive covers to create those stacks. They can also assist with books like enormous hardbacks that don't seem to fit anywhere.

After building your stack, pick one of your favourite novels to position upright and facing forward. Try to put the largest one at the bottom.

Additionally, stacks can allow you to differentiate between your books and sections. For instance, you can make a stack in between two genres to separate them. It will also help you find the right book when you are looking for a particular one.

7. Make Space for Other Objects

Whenever you seem to have empty spaces on your shelves, you can try adding random objects to tie them all together. For instance, you can never go wrong with adding plants to your novels; they are terrific decorations. You can even prop up your artwork to add a special touch of yourself on your bookshelf.

Furthermore, most people just usually add objects that bring them joy or that have a special significance for them. This can include photographs, family heirlooms, vases, or even flowers. It really just comes down to what you would enjoy seeing every day amongst your books.


These pointers will undoubtedly be useful when choosing where to start when organizing your bookshelf. They will also assist you in determining which look and style will suit you the best. But if you are still in need of more inspiration, there are many resources online, such as Instagram and TikTok, that can show you various additional aesthetics!

Just keep in mind that your bookshelf should reflect who you are when you're designing its appearance. Follow what you would be glad to wake up to every day rather than the trends you see online. You will then be on your way to building your ideal home library!

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