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As a student, I tend to spend a lot of my time in the study. On my desk, I always keep these 12 essentials items that prove to be handy and helpful.

1. A Ruler

To start off with the very basic and somewhat obvious, I always make sure to keep a ruler on my desk.

It's certainly helpful, and I find that I need this handy tool more often than I'd originally thought. Rulers are pretty standard as they go, but I always make sure to have one for both inches and centimeters.

Pro-tip: A ruler with the centimeter side that also includes millimeters is incredibly beneficial for precision!

2. A Water Bottle

I can't stress this enough: hydration is important!

I make sure to keep a filled water bottle on my desk so that I can simply reach out to take quick sips throughout my day. A simple cup with water always works, too.

Looking for some sustainable water bottles? Welly Bottle offers vacuum insulated bamboo water bottles. Everlane is a sustainable brand that also sells water bottles, which have "100% Human" printed on top. Que offers colorful collapsible water bottles, which can help reduce carbon footprint.

3. Hand Cream

Speaking of hydration, your skin's hydration is important as well.

I recently realized how it was far more significant than it was when my skin dried from the cold- so, if you're seeing this without a hand cream by your side, this is your sign to keep them hydrated!

The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Dry Hand Cream is one of my personal favorites. It's fragrance-free, and it's pretty affordable!

Others that work wonders are Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, Cocunat Divine Balm, and Nécessaire's Hand Cream.

4. Scissors, Glue, & Tape

Pretty much a necessity, I always have scissors, glue, and tape by my side!

If you're looking for some cute ones (I'm a sucker for nice stationery... aren't we all?), you might like Twist x Kate Spade, this adorable Kawaii Pen Shop, these solid colored Poppin supplies, floral-inspired Rifle Paper Co, and elevated classic Papersource.

5. The Writing Mug

I love to keep all my pencils, pens, highlighters, etc all in a mug.

Any type of holder works, to be honest, but I love the look of it in a mug.

Looking for some mugs to put it in? Check out this simple monogram mug from Williams Sonoma, a super cute puppy mug from Chewy, and a World's Best Boss mug. Etsy also carries some Nicholas Cage inspired mugs.

If you prefer a regular holder, you might just love this standard white pen cup from Poppin- which is only $6! World Market offers this gold geometric cup, and Baronfig has this unique minimalistic circular holder. If you're looking for something aesthetically intriguing, check out this hand-shaped holder from Bed Bath & Beyond.

6. A Calendar

Next to the reminder app, my Calendar is everything. I love using it to stay organized and of course, keep up to date with the date. (no pun intended!)

As far as calendars go, they're pretty standard; I prefer to use either big wall calendars or a desk calendar (like this one from Bando).

There's a lot of variations of calendars, such as this acrylic stand calendar from Erin Condren. I also love using planners with included calendars as well- Papier offers some elegant and beautiful designs.

If you're looking to customize your calendar, Shutterfly offers them.

7. Laptop Protection

I'm on my laptop for a good amount of time every day- and I've discovered protection for it is absolutely crucial.

I can't count how many times protective covers have saved me- and would most definitely recommend them.

For starters, get a sleeve or casing for your laptop. Some of the best covers tend to be on the more pricey side, but investing in quality pieces for something like this could prove to be better for the long run.

Keyboard covers are also important to prevent any dust or lint from getting in between the cracks!

8. Snack Stash

Power foods are perfect for me to quickly snack on during my study times. Eating and nutrition is significantly helpful and can even boost your studies.

Some of my favorites are these amazingly tasty KIND bars, Yum Earth fruit snacks, homemade banana muffins (here's a recipe I've actually made before- I can attest that they're pretty good), and of course, some fruit.

9. Sticky Notes & A Bulletin Board

Sticky notes are a great way to remind yourself and make notes. I love to pin them up on a bulletin board as a big space for me to check up on- and they can also serve as decoration, too.

Office Depot offers these affordable boards, and Pottery Barn carries these sleek white/natural boards.

I also love these gold heart bulletin pins from Office Depot that are pretty affordable, as well as these colorful retro pins from Letterfolk.

10. Blue Light Glasses

In the modern world, a lot of our time is spent looking at a screen- like you are right now- and that screen time has increased tremendously for me over the past few months as a virtual student due to COVID-19.

Often times, my eyes would feel strained, and it felt tired.

My blue light glasses have helped me so much by filtering out specific light- if you're on the fence about getting yourself one, I'd highly recommend it.

Felix Gray offers some excellent ones; these MEETSUN glasses from Amazon are pretty affordable, and these are another pair from Amazon that's garnered high ratings.

11. Chapstick

Chapped, dry, peeling lips are the worst; it's such a crusty feeling, not to mention the pain.

Make sure to keep them smooth and moist, especially during the winter! Having them by my desk serves as a great reminder for me to apply them when I can.

I do take extra care, however, to make sure the chapstick in use contains healthy ingredients. Some that I've found and liked are Honest Beauty's chapsticks (which also can come tinted in various shades), Meow Meow Tweet's Vegan Lip Balm, and Henne's Luxury Lip Balm V2.

12. Shelving

Shelves are what you might say to be the "pockets" of furniture- and I always find pockets to be immensely useful. Many desks come with inner drawers, but having shelves always helps!

Consider putting on top of your study shelf some of your books and trinkets.

Looking for some desk shelving? Check out this adjustable cedar desk shelf from Amazon or this College Cube from Dorm.Co!

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