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The Hottest Prints & Pieces for Your Next Getaway: a Peppermayo Summer

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Summer is finally here, and we couldn't be more excited about heading out on the vacations we've been dreaming of for months. With that also comes the process of picking out outfits to pair for your summer holidays; after all, nothing makes anything feel more complete than an outfit!

From sparkling beaches to cobblestone city streets, wherever you go, beloved Australian brand Peppermayo is sure to make your days of adventure extra special. Best known for its one-of-a-kind prints and eyecatching, vibrant pieces, Peppermayo is all about taking it easy and enjoying the ride.

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The brand's newest summer release features summer classics, such as white linen and flowing maxis, but also trendy, pop-of-color moments and intricate crochets. From flirty and playful looks to regal, sophisticated styles, Peppermayo's latest collection is sure to make this summer the best yet!

The Summer Club Terry Romper

Nothing brings on the summer playfulness more than this adorable fun-in-one romper. The Summer Club Terry Romper is the perfect go-to for an active day, whether that be at the pool as the perfect bikini cover-up or at the park for a picnic date.

Shop the Summer Club Terry Romper in Cobalt here.

This playsuit balances out the cute with the cool, with a folded-over collar. It's easy to wear out anytime, with a button-down look that doesn't feel so serious. I love how large-sized the buttons are because they add such a cute design to the look overall and also makes the romper feel much more secure.

The attached shorts bring on all the fun, and is perfect for you to perform all sorts of activities; this romper is all about freedom and moving as you please.

I just adore how this romper hugs at all the right places while maintaining a relaxed fit. It's the perfect piece to wear out to draw attention to your figure while staying all-time comfortable.

Summer is all about the brilliant burst of colors, and this romper scores all the points for its lovely blue shade. The beachside pool color is an easygoing yet eye-catching hue, and the perfect encapsulation of a cheery summer mood.

Plus, the terry-like texture makes you feel like you're right in the prime time of summer. The cotton feel has a lightly fuzzy feel that feels so soft and unique.

To make this piece truly complete, pair it with your favorite vintage white sneakers and some gold jewelry. You'll be all set to have a total blast!

The Summer Getaway Linen Shirt

If you want to channel your inner tourist while staying fashionable, the Summer Getaway Linen Shirt is the perfect fit for you. A throwback-style flower print makes this shirt the perfect accompaniment to your swimsuits and linen trousers, all whilst bringing on a fun pattern.

Shop the Summer Getaway Linen Shirt in Blossom here.

This Peppermayo Exclusive shirt is all about having a good time: this shirt is simply just a collared button-down with short sleeves for the hot weather. Everything about it screams "vacationer!"

The print features multiple different flowers, ranging from multi-petaled ones to cut-out curved ones. Every one of them has a minimalist yet nostalgic look to them, and I simply adore the bright colors of pink, orange, yellow, sky blue, and so many more. Along with the flower print are little white hearts that add a lovely element to the design.

This top features all the vibrant colors without feeling gaudy; I'm really into the vintage-like feel this top has. The shirt has its own personality, and I couldn't be more obsessed.

I love how versatile this top is, and how it can fit multiple styles and occasions. Whether you throw it on over a bikini or match it to a knitted midi skirt, this shirt is sure to look stunning!

As Peppermayo suggests, try it with some platform sandals for "cool girl vibes." With the Summer Getaway Linen Shirt, the cool girl in you is just vibing.

The Italian Love Maxi Dress

For those dreaming of a European summer, the Italian Love Maxi Dress is the most absolute perfect dress for it. A gorgeous cut-out dress that dramatically sweeps to the floor, this lovely white piece is simply unforgettable and oh-so-sweet.

Shop the Italian Love Maxi Dress in White here.

This stunning dress immediately captures your attention with its delicate twist, giving the neckline a deep cut. The twist also features a cut-out styling under the bust, exposing your midriff for the perfect breezy summer touch.

The skirt of the dress has a gorgeous A-line silhouette that accentuates the length of the dress, especially when worn with heels. I love how simple yet pretty the dress is!

The dress also has a short split on the left leg, which really adds to the easygoing nature. Plus, it makes it so much easier to move around, which is always a plus!

The back of the dress features an invisible zipper and elasticized ruched straps. The straps cross over the back to create a cross, and has a small rounded cut where the zipper meets the exposed back.

If you're going off on a trip somewhere by the beach, this dress simply cannot be missed. This Peppermayo Exclusive piece is the perfect dress to wear out for a dinner. As Peppermayo suggests, "Add a statement earring and your fave heels for cocktail o'clock!"

The Late Nights in N.Y Pants

If you're exploring the bustling city this summer, look no further than the Late Nights in N.Y pants to truly add an extra touch to your urban exploration.

Shop the Late Nights in N.Y Pants in Neutral Film Graphic here.

A jaw-droppingly cool pair of pants, the Late Nights in N.Y pants feature beige, tan, and cream prints with city-esque photographs and stylized lettering spelling out "Peppermayo" in a subtle touch.

I just love how it feels straight out of a film photograph that's been washed over with a sepia tint. It looks so cool and looks even more amazing on. The neutral brown tones give you the perfect opportunity to wear out to somewhere with stunning architecture, and simply have a leisurely time all whilst staying comfortable.

The pants have a straight-leg fit, and I love how they accentuate all the curves without feeling too tight like skinny jeans. They come with not one, but five (!) pockets, so that you can store any travel finds conveniently.

Plus, the pants are high-waisted, giving you the percent opportunity to style with an equally retro crop top. As Peppermayo suggests, go for "funky shades and chunky-soled biker boots."

With these pair of pants, tonight, you're putting the heat on the outfit game!

The Speed Racer Crewneck

Summer may be the time to unwind by the beach or explore a new city, but sometimes, it's also just a time to chill out and relax.

If you ever need to throw on a jumper (which inevitably happens every summer season), Vacancy Supply's cool-girl casual crewneck is the perfect sweatshirt.

Shop the Speed Racer Crewneck in Charcoal here.

This moody gray sweatshirt is all about blazing forward with a taste for wild adventures. Part of Vacancy Supply's sixth collection, Joyride, the Speed Racer Crewneck is all about having some unforgettable fun.

As described, "Joyride is made for the rebellious and the untamed, the thrill-seekers and renegades. Pedal to the metal lovers, blink and you'll miss it."

As on-the-edge the design is, I love how comfortable and laid back the sweatshirt is. The relaxed fit is perfect for summer nights when it gets a little chilly, and the thicker cotton has a cozy weight to it.

The vintage design on the front simply cannot go unnoticed. The black-and-white racing flag is accompanied with "Speed Scene" written in bold red font, really emphasizing the fun-hearted spirit.

The sweater has little cuffs on the wrists, which adds to the oversized look. Pair this with your favorite pair of sweatpants and you're all set for a cozy day!

The Lankai Traveller Crop

If you're a beach lover and enjoyed of sunkissed skin, the Lankai Traveller Crop Top may just speak to you. With its dazzling tropical flower print and a combination of playful pink and beige, this crop top will make you feel like it's summer all the way.

Shop the Lankai Traveller Crop in Butter here.

This tank style is perfect to throw on over a bikini top, or simply wear about. I love the crop length and how it hits right above the length of where jean shorts of white trousers would sit. This is the perfect must-have for a beach trip!

The front of the top features a vintage-inspired motif with an omber orange circle with a contrasting white tropical flower. In fancy cursive lettering across the circle is the name of the lovely beach.

The edge of the tank top features a pink trim with the same tropical flower print. I love how it feels so summery and vacation-like, and it really just puts you in that happy mood only a good trip to the beach can bring.

If you're looking to style this piece with your Peppermayo favorites, go for the "Electric Avenue pants and platform sandals," as the brand suggests!

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