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Peppermayo is Our New Favorite Dreamy Summer Dresses with Vintage Designs This Season

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Recently, we've been seeing the rise of dreamy summer dresses- the type inspired by the vintage, romantic lifestyle by a seaside or an old city.

If you're looking to find the perfect dress this season, Peppermayo is most definitely what you've been searching for.

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This Aussie brand is known to make heads turn with stunning, flattering statement pieces, and with no doubt, this summer will be just like that with their newest release of dreamy dresses.

Meet Peppermayo

Ask any fashionista what their favorite online fashion boutique is, and you can bet that Peppermayo is their answer. This boutique is definitely specialized in creating eye-catching pieces fueled with trendy outfits that still remain with a touch of timeless uniqueness.

Plus, Peppermayo is on its way to truly establish sustainability within its brand, with sustainable fashion, zero-waste packaging, carbon positiveness, community initiatives, and more coming soon.

We are under no illusions; we can and have to do better. As a business that can have a profound impact on people, the community and the environment, our social and environmental responsibilities will be our number one priority.


Summer Villa Linen Mini Dress

Meet the absolute milkmaid dress of our dreams. Every social media fashion page and influencer has recently been spotted with these romantic milkmaid-style summer dresses, and we're obsessed.

Peppermayo's very own Summer Villa Linen mini dress is the perfect clash of a European holiday getaway and the quiet, idyllic seaside cottage.

shop the Summer Villa Linen Mini Dress here.

Close your eyes and imagine that you're in the perfect summer weather with the wind breezing through your hair and you in a gorgeous white mini dress- that's exactly the mood captured by the Summer Villa Linen Dress.

Coming in an elastic-cinched detail with hugged waist but a flowy skirt, this dress is exactly what a summer mood is.

The dress features a slightly deep v neck that is elasticized in the neckline. The elastic is super comfortable and creates natural ruffles in the line fabric, which adds to the dreamy tone of the dress.

The v neck continues into a gathered bust detail and the elastic neckline could even allow you to slightly pull down to your shoulders. We love a good dress we can improvise an off-the-shoulder look on!

The puff sleeves are such a look; while it's not totally dramatized, it has a subtle flair of its own. The puff sleeves have elastic ends as well, adding to the ruffle style of the dress.

The waist, too, is elastic, with a smocked design. I love how the waist has a shirred effect and creates a corset-belt-like effect. It's also so comfortable that it hugs right to your shape. It's adorable how it looks so flattering on!

Right from the smocked waist, the skirt of the dress flows immediately out, and the three-tiered skirt adds a beautiful touch to the romantic style of the dress. The skirt is so breezy and oh-so-flowy. If you could imagine twirling around in any mini dress, this might just be the one!

The back of the dress is simple, and features a curved round backline from the neck. It has natural ruffle lines again that meet the waistline, which adds to the rustic, vintage-like aesthetic of the dress.

The dress is lined, and has a breathable fabric that makes it just right for the warmer weather.

As the dress name suggests, this is a summer linen dress; made with 55% Linen, 45% Cotton, this dress is super lightweight and feels just like a dream.

The Summer Villa Linen Mini Dress maintains an air of vintage youth in a summer holiday. I love how it's dainty and lovely without being over the top. It just has the perfect touch of a feminine, dreamy summer!

Wear this on any sunny day, and you're good to go. Pair this with some matching vintage mules, kitten heels, or flat sandals, and you have a complete summer fit right there!

Peppermayo x National Breast Cancer Foundation

The brand partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation in honor of International Women's Day, and the Summer Villa Linen Dress is a part of the collection.

"Peppermayo partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) on a capsule collection in celebration of International Women’s Day," writes Peppermayo, "50% of profits from this collection will be donated to NBCF to help fund their research and save lives."

With this collaboration, Peppermayo created the hastag #LeadWithLove to show support and love for those affected and for the foundation.

“International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate all women, in all their diversities, to recognise how far we’ve come but also how far we have to go, to create awareness and celebrate feminist achievements. Women supporting women is so powerful!”

— Peppermayo Managing Director, Georgia Wright

“Our goal is to raise $10,000 to donate to NBCF to help fund their research and raise awareness on a global scale," says Peppermayo.

To read more, click here. Peppermayo's collaboration with NBCF was for the month of IWD.

Audrey Vintage Slip Dress

Lights, camera, action! We just took a trip to the old golden days, and the Audrey Slip Dress is modernized yet still maintains a vintage charm version of the classic slip dress we all love.

This exclusive Peppermayo dress will make you feel like a total movie star. As Peppermayo says, "Silky simplicity is always a good idea."

To shop the Audrey Vintage Slip Dress, click here.

The Audrey Vintage Slip Dress comes in a multitude of colors that has a huge range of options, and the Audrey in shade Cobalt was a personal favorite of mine.

The cobalt color is a gorgeous gem-like navy blue. I love how deep and alluring the color is, and the Audrey in Cobalt would be the perfect little dress for a night out with your best friends.

The Audrey Slip Dress has a little v cut neckline- but get this: it's not only in the front, but also in the back, too.

In front of the dress is a "triangle style bust with gathered detail"- a feature you often see in summer halter tops. This well-cut-out design allows for some freedom for you to show off and look your absolute best.

The dress is made to be well-fit; meaning, it's going to be snug around your waist and flare out for the skirt.

I love how the waist is accentuated with a little tie feature. At the back of the dress, you'll find two long ribbon straps to create a simplistic, effortlessly elegant bow to go along with the dress.

The little ribbon tie will then rest at the back of the dress, adding a little extra to the otherwise simple "less is more" look.

I was so pleasantly surprised when the dress fabric felt almost like crumpled velvet. It feels so quality without being overly thick, and I love the slight texture that it has.

The Audrey Vintage Slip Dress is made of 100% Polyester and features full lining.

I love how the dress is minimal without being too bare and has small details that subtly there. It feels elegantly refined without being over the top, and the Audrey Slip Dress sure knows how to balance it all!

"This is the perfect dress for the upcoming event season. Pair with strappy heels and chic gold jewellery," advises Peppermayo. This dress will bring you to a glamorous vintage style!

Little Journey Linen Mini Dress

Backless dresses are everything- truly everything. Pepperymayo's creative and cute style of mixing up the prettiest brown mini dress with an open back might just be exactly what your closet needs.

The Little Journey Linen Mini Dress was truly made for this season- contemporary but classic, and a timeless staple, this is the backless dress of our dreams.

This was totally made for you to grab brunch at your favorite place, or have a little picnic at the local park- anywhere you go, this dress will look absolutely stunning on you.

to shop the Little Journey Linen Mini Dress, click here.

"Featuring a beautiful cut-out back, flattering A-line shape and this season's most on-trend colour, she is ticking all the right boxes," says Peppermayo. We couldn't agree more.

The front of the dress features a halter-like top seen on previous dresses we featured here (this might just be Peppermayo's expertise because it is absolutely gorgeous) and the back of the halter has a tie-neck feature.

This allows for the back of the dress to be completely open, which I just love! The back of the dress has a triangular-like opening, and is closed with the skirt of the dress. This really places an emphasis on the fit and flare style of the A-line mini dress, making it incredibly flattering.

Additionally, the back also has the tie-neck up top, which you can tie into a ribbon or fancy bow of your choice.

The front of the dress has a triangle bust, and the skirt flows out easily from there while still hugging your form. I love how comfortable it feels on- while it's not too tight like a glove, it still fits pretty nice and snug!

The dress has a slightly deeper v-neck, which makes it perfect to layer on some jewelry to spice up your look.

I love that the fabric is super light and feels very durable. It's made of 100% Cotton, so you know it's quite breathable!

It's amazing how it's not too simple but has eye-catching designs everywhere all over. This dress is the dress that keeps on giving us cute little details that we're obsessed with.

The brown color of the dress is most definitely on-trend. Brown was explosively a huge must in our closets this fall, and it's coming back for the summer, too. This rich chocolate shade fits the dress's look perfectly.

"We love this paired with heeled mules and your fave mini bag for your next long lunch with the girls," says Peppermayo. This would look so cute with slightly casual but decorated accessories. Looking effortlessly cute just go so much easier!

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