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The Era of the “Basic” Look Is Over: Channel Your Inner Dark, Luxe Charisma with Lioness’s Mobstress-Inspired Collection

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Tue, April 02

Starting this past summer, the “clean girl” trend seemed to have dominated our social media feed. Everyone traded in their eclectic y2k camis for solid long tanks and tucked away their funky printed high-waisted pants for strictly straight-leg denim.

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However, times have changed, and frankly, we’re getting a little bored of seeing too much minimalism. Sometimes, having some excitement and uniqueness to our outfits makes expressing ourselves through fashion all the more exciting- which is exactly why the internet is collectively moving onto the next era: the Mobstress.

Now, you may be wondering: what exactly is a mobstress?

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Mobstress, as I personally describe it, is someone who has an alluring charm and drips of luxe energy. There’s an aroma of vanilla musk around her and she always wears pointed heels with dark glossy lipstick. She’s confident, she’s smart, and she knows what she wants- and always manages to get it all.

With sleek, cutting-edge designs that feel both grown-up yet versatile for the older teens and twenty-somethings, Lioness’s luxury-inspired collections never fail to steal our hearts. But for one, the Mobstress collection might just have stopped us in our tracks, and we couldn’t be more obsessed.

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From leather-inspired mini-dresses to suede-like coats that emphasize some drama and glamour in your outfits, here are our favorite picks from the “Married to the Mob” collection:

The Buckle Corset

This top is for the girls that know how to party, and wants to embrace their inner wild cowgirl.

Shop the Buckle Corset in Dark Denim here.

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This corset has some major fierce energy, and we couldn’t be more in love. This is the type of top that has you counting down the days to wear it, because it’s seriously that special.

Featuring an all-denim design with buckle detailing strapping over the front of the torso, this top has the most flirty femme fatale feel.

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I mean, the front cut-outs are daring to say the least, but when the moment comes to party like nothing else, a good confidence-boosting top may be just all you need.

Pair this with your favorite oversized denim pants and dress it up with heels for a fun night out in the city!

She's All That Jean

Blue jeans are so original, but sometimes, you need to switch it out for something edgier.

Shop the She's All That Jean in Petrol here.

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This 90s-inspired jean feels like it has been doused with some real leather oil and has that worn-in look of the chic, luxurious sports cars.

With a low rise, these jeans definitely are on top of what’s currently trending. The dark sepia wash of the jeans give it a chic look that just can’t be found anywhere else, and we couldn’t be more obsessed.

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With the perfect dark lighting ambiance, these jeans are a total killer, transforming you to a cool girl- the kind iconic bands write songs about.

Dress this up or down with your favorite kitten heels or even sneakers- either way, these jeans are sure to give you a cool girl’s glowing aura.

The Biker Mini Dress

This is the kind of minidress you see once, and it won’t ever leave your mind.

Shop the Biker Mini Dress in Petrol here.

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No photo can do this dress true justice, as this is the kind of dress where the details just keep on giving, making this dress a true dream come true.

The eye to attention does not go unnoticed. With belt straps for each shoulder strap and two belt designs going across the waist, this dress is all about emphasizing that metallic, shiny side of the leather-dominated biker aesthetic.

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With a scoop neckline and a silhouette that huge the waist in all the right ways, this dress is accentuated around the skirt area with double belts, pleated skirt, and pocket attached at the skirt.

Wearing this dress will make you feel like you’re living out an alter ego, and it’s natural to feel like a total boss with this on. It’s the kind of outfit fit for a Barbie- perhaps a biker edition?

The Carrie Halter Dress

Sheer, baby blue, and checkered, this is the perfect pre-summer dress.

Shop the Carrie Halter Dress in Blue Check here.

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Lioness could not have said it better- this is the type of dress Carrie Bradshaw would wear, and all of New York would envy her as she walked down the streets of 5th avenue.

This beautiful maxi dress features a sheer fabric that’s been lined with a gorgeous subtle checkered design with an all-over baby blue moment.

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With a halter neck and deep v-cut to the front, this dress feels so effortlessly charming.

Wear this with nude undergarments and eye-catching chunky jewelry for an eclectic fashionista moment straight out of a vintage fashion catalog!

The Rugby Jersey

The cool girl vibe is totally on.

Shop the Rugby Jersey in Onyx Multi here.

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Lately, the tomboy-esque feels have been all the rage lately. From it girls on Pinterest embracing the giant denim jorts and the sporty chic Adidas Gazelles, it seems like the cool girl look is what everyone is striving for.

The Rugby Jersey is no different. With an oversized collared shirt, this design features contrast ribbed cuffs and hem that cinches in at the right places to give you a flattering silhouette. Nonetheless, it maintains a casual, no-stress type of vibe.

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If you’re ever nervous about rocking stripes, the dark medley of navy, white, and pomegranate red makes this shirt so fun to wear without feeling too bold with the print.

The Olsen Coat

The sleek, minimalist vibe of the coat feels just as cool as the Olsen sisters.

Shop the Olsen Coat in Blue here.

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Long, floor-sweeping coats are nothing new, but this gorgeous powder blue shade is so eye-catching and completely reinvents our perception of what a long coat looks like.

With a classic oversized lapel and mid-weight feel, the design of the Olsen Coat is classically understated and modest while carrying an element of elegance that cannot be missed.

image credit: lionessfashion.com

The gorgeous blue shade is so remarkably pretty that I can’t not mention it. With a beautiful striking blue shade, this will make you feel like a total movie star.

Drape this over your favorite all-black ensemble for an outfit to remember.

The Sculpted Long Sleeve Tank

Give the basic blank tank top a major glow-up.

Shop the Sculpted Long Sleeve Tank in Onyx here.

image credit: lionessfashion.com

Every girl needs a basic black tank top. You won’t believe how handy it is to have on rotation in your closet, and it will make your life so much easier. Only with Lioness, you know you’re getting the best of the best, and it can’t be too boring.

With the Sculpted Long Sleeve Tank, you have the best of both worlds. Featuring a simple black halter neck tank top, this stretchy breathable tank features an open back.

image credit: lionessfashion.com

To spice this look up, the top comes with a long-sleeved shrug that’s attached via a button closure by each arm. It’s detachable, so you can adjust to how you like it best.

This top looks good with just about any top, and there are a million different ways you can style it for a night in or out and make it all yours.

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