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Channel Your Inner 90s Supermodel with the Most Alluring Pieces from Lioness

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September 19, 2022

Lights, camera, action: the nineties were a time of iconic beauty and wild nights- an era for the books. Carefree hair was in, grunge-chic was in, and pouty stares into the camera were totally in.

Well defined by the emergence of the Supermodels and sleek, slinky silhouettes, the time marked a period in history where self-confidence was the new cool.

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It only made perfect sense for it-girl brand Lioness to dedicate an entire collection to one of the most iconic decades in fashion history, aptly named Nineties. A collection filled with one-of-a-kind pieces that emulate contemporary yet timeless, silky and alluring looks, Nineties is all about fiercely romantic energy.

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From floor-length silky dress sets to effortlessly put-together vintage-esque denim, Nineties is filled with pieces as iconic as the decade. Time and time again, Lioness wows us over and over again- and this may just be the most captivating collection yet.

Behold- some of our favorite pieces from the collection to get you feeling hotter than ever:

The Miami Vice Jeans

One of the most iconic staple pieces from Lioness ever, the Miami Vice Jeans is the perfect clash of vintage-esque denim with a grunge pocket-like cargo style. These jeans are the perfect go-to for pairing with your favorite baby tee or a tank top for an effortlessly on-the-go look.

Shop the Miami Vice Jeans in Plum here.

The Miami Vice Jean in Plum features a low-rise baggy fit style. If you haven't heard, low-rise jeans are slowly but surely making a comeback- and these jeans are totally on with the current trends.

With an all-over purple wash, these jeans have a moody yet sultry purple coloring to them. This deep purple is perfect for the upcoming fall weather and feels so cutting-edge. The purple is complimented with white contrast stitching.

One of the most stylish features of the jeans is the tucked detailing by the inner sides of the knees, which allows the silhouette of the jeans to come in at the knees and slightly flare out. This adds a twist to the loose fit of the jeans, and looks so stunning.

I absolutely adore all the cargo-like pockets and belt loop details; it's practical as well to hold just about anything.

Style the Miami Vice Jean in Plum with a light-colored top to compliment the moody bottoms. Go for your favorite white singlet or a graphic baby tee for a simple yet put-together casual look. Go for sneakers or platforms, and you're all set!

The Tyra Mini

Named after one of the most iconic 90s models, the Tyra is a simple brown dress that's all about showing off the form. This dress is completely like the pieces model Tyra Banks wore herself, and is perfect for a fun, memorable night out in the city.

As Lioness says it best: "A smart mini is a good mini, that's the Tyra Mini."

Shop the Tyra Mini in Brunette here.

Made with sleek satin, the Tyra Mini is all about a lightweight, airy fit that carries some seriously minimalistic yet powerful looks. Immediately at first gaze, the dress has such a grasp on us- it's alluring with its simple beauty.

The Brunette shade is a nice deep sepia brown, and really makes any warm tones truly pop.

This mini-length hits right at the mid to high thighs, and is all about showing off your legs for days. At the torso of the dress, the Tyra Mini features a paneled bust, creating some lined texture across the bust (and making it so much easier to go bra-free). The dress shows off some major shoulders with its adjustable spaghetti straps. It's thin but surely sturdy, and creates a nice rectangular neckline.

Plus, the dress has invisible zips tucked into the sides of the dress where no one can even ever see it! It's so convenient, and I love how secure it makes me feel in the dress.

Wear this dress out for a party where you'll be dancing all night; you're bound to be the star of the dance floor.

The Kenny Bomber

The fall weather is approaching, and it's time to put on our most cutting-edge, cool-girl leather jackets. With a puffed-up oversized look, the Kenny Bomber makes up its own rules to fashion.

Shop the Kenny Bomber in Jet Black here.

This leather jacket takes oversized to a whole new level. Featuring a drop-shoulder look, the jacket is large in all areas. It's even enough to be sized down to about two sizes!

Made with vegan leather, this jacket is 100% PU. I love the smooth leather-like feel that it has, and it's cool to the touch. From underneath the light, the jacket almost looks glossy as well.

The jacket has a storm flap and a vertical lining in the center of the jacket to cover up the closure. I love the little lapel it has by the neckline. I love that the Kenny Bomber has an eye for detail, with stitch detailing.

This bomber jacket is the epitome of a cool girl jacket- it's the kind that makes you want to put on a helmet and speed off on a motorcycle like in a movie. I just adore this piece and the energy it exudes!

The Shadows Long Sleeve Crop

A good solid long sleeve crop top will never go out of style, and with Lioness, it's time to amp up a classic look with something extra.

This long sleeve top features a funnel neck that's a halfway-turtleneck; I love that this piece is really all about the upcoming fall weather and the chillier days. I just love that the funnel neck is prominent due to the stitching of the piece.

Still, the top maintains a cropped look that's versatile to style with both high waisted and low waisted pieces. The top has longer sleeves, which really helps draw contrast to the crop, making the silhouette look stunnng.

Shop the Shadows Long Sleeve Crop in Lurex Gold here.

Made with lurex knit, the Lurex Gold is an all-over shimmering gold as the name suggests. This stunning top literally has gold knitted in throughout, and genuinely shines throughout.

The gold shade is not too yellow; it's actually more of a metallic shade, and could even be a part of the neutral color palette. The glittery part of the top is really what makes it shine (no pun intended!)- the pictures don't do their glimmer justice.

Shop the Shadows Long Sleeve Crop in Parchment here.

The Parchment is a crocheted top that has a lightweight knit look. I love the all-over white look of the top; it feels so clean and simple, although a closer look shows intricate detailing of the knit.

All over the top is a vertical chevron arrow-like print going throughout. It creates such a pretty illusion, and the vertical direction really makes your form look stunning.

The Shadows Crop

Meet the Shadows Crop: a somewhat formal top that can be playful if you want it to be. This gorgeous top features a cropped short sleeve look with a classic crew neck.

The sleeves of the top extend a little down the arm for more coverage, and features doubled hem on the openings of the top. Within the collection, the Shadows Crop features styles Lurex Gold and Parchment- two distinct and gorgeous looks.

Shop the Shadows Crop in Lurex Gold here.

I love pairing this top with a good dark pair of bottoms to really make the gold pop. Go for your favorite silky black skirt for a dressed up look, and you'll feel like a total lioness.

Shop the Shadows Crop in Parchment here.

I just adore all the patterns that are knitted in throughout the top- it looks oh so gorgeous. Due to the spaces in between the top, pair this with a nude undergarment underneath, and you'll be all set!

The Miami Vice Mini

You've got the iconic Miami Vice Pants- but now, make it into a mini skirt. Meet the cutest denim skirt you've ever met that will make you want to take on a night out: the Miami Vice Mini.

Shop the Miami Vice Mini in Brushed Plum here.

This chic skirt features brush denim that's not too rigid nor too short. The mini skirt comes in a gorgeous plum shade just like the jeans, and has a cool washed look to them. I just adore the deep purple shade; it feels so grown-up and stylish. It's always so much fun to experiment with a pop of color for the bottoms, and this purple really makes you feel the coolest.

The skirt is also low rise like the jeans; I love that it's made to be paired with a stunning tank top or baby tee. Because the skirt comes with a nice set of belt loops, you can really adjust the rise to whichever height you want it to be.

The skirt includes so many pockets that make going about so much easier- two in the front and two in the back!

To style this skirt, go for something light colored as the top to bring attention to the moody deep mauve shade. Because the skirt is so mini, you can use this opportunity to bring out a pair of tall boots to make for a city girl chic look!

The Turlington Mini Skirt

I am not exaggerating when I say that this might be the most gorgeous skirt I've ever seen. Named after the stunning model Christy Turlington, this mini skirt exudes ethereal energy.

Shop the Turlington Mini Skirt in Eggshell here.

The Turlington Mini Skirt is truly the silkiest satin skirt ever. Even from the first look, the way the light bounces off the skirt makes it obvious that this skirt is no ordinary piece. I love how lightweight it is- seriously the lightest thing ever- and how it is just so flowy around the legs.

My favorite thing has to be the stunning design of the dress. The handkerchief mini style with all the mismatched ruffles at the end has to be the most gorgeous thing ever. The way some of the folds ripple over each other is simply so mesmerizing, and I am completely captivated- it almost feels like an art form!

This oversized skirt is all about a seriously low-waisted look. Right at the low waist is a v-line that gives your waist the coolest accent. I love that it as an elasticized waist, which makes it so much easier to wear.

The eggshell shade of the skirt gives it a beautiful pearl-like ivory color, making it a versatile piece to style with just about any top. If you're looking for something more laid back, go for an easy silky halter top, and if you want to fancy it up a little more, go for a lace-detailed corset.

The Turlington Mini Skirt is just the most prettiest skirt, and it will make you feel oh so radiant.

The Stone Cold Crop

If you ever wanted to find a vintage-inspired feel with the most futuristic style ever, the Stone Cold Crop is exactly what you've been looking for. Made with the coolest material ever, this crop top will make you feel like you're decades ahead of the fashion game.

Shop the Stone Cold Crop in Oxford Blue here.

Most notably, the Stone Cold Crop is made with neoprene- the same material used to make swimsuits and sleek textiles! It has the coolest texture ever and is puffy and thick at the same time.

The top has a raglan sleeve, giving ti a nice shape to the upper torso and really emphasizing the delicate shoulders. The raglan style can be seen with the stitch and hem detailing done in a darker navy shade.

The top is cropped, showing off the upper stomach, and has an invisible side zip that makes the shirt easier to put on.

I just adore the navy shade of the top; it's perfectly moody like a storm. This top comes in a set; pair it with the Stone Cold Mini Skirt for a cohesive, futuristic look.

Keep Up With Lioness

If anything, Lioness is the it-girl outfitter; their one-of-a-kind pieces always create stunning outfits that make you feel empowered and gorgeous inside and out.

To stay up to date on all things Lioness, be sure to follow them on social media on Instagram @lioness_official and on TikTok at @lionessfashion!

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