Teenage Psychology and Biology Behind Their Reactions
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Teenage Psychology and Biology Behind Their Reactions

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January 28, 2020

Teenage years are the most memorable years of our lives: it's our developing stage for our mind as well as body. Sexual changes including maturation and other restylings in the body are due to hormonal change.

Teenage is another name for adolescence. Nothing is more astounding than being stupid and carefree. Making mistakes and learning from them makes us who we are and define us as humans but teenagers are widely known as troublemakers and rebels. These are some psychological and actions which makes you a person going through a cycle to be an adult.


Their comes a phrase in these 6 years of life where independence and freedom plays a significant role. Arising a mood of "you can't make me." We teenagers tend to get defensively emotional when being interrogated and sometimes it leads to a feeling of resentment towards others. This has more to do with biological changes in our brain, maturation of prefrontal cortex which is responsible for complex behavior performances takes place which roughly is fully completed by the age of 25. You still have enough part of the brain to distinguish between rebellious and dangerous, trying and enduring.


Most of us have heard people saying "you are too stupid to be able to make decisions" or "you are not responsible enough", I mean, they are pretty right about that. We are not good decision makers at our teenage, most of our resolutions depend  on either our friends or some new trend "everyone" is following, we perform them blindly without referring to the pros and cons.

Various internet sources estimate that a person makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day. Adolescent brains work different than adults. Adults are smart decision makers whereas us teens let our emotions and desperation do the trick. Making decisions by communicating can guide you to understand the situation and resolve most of the issues.

Try to have good talks and let your adults  occasionally help you out even though you have too much pride to admit the problem, at least try them once and analize the difference.


Your emotions don't just swings, they trip, sway, bounce, pivot or even spin once in a while. Feeling like being hit by emotional tornado is totally normal. Main moods for the day are considered to be happiness, sadness, anger, hurt, frustration and anxiety.

We over analyze other's actions when we are supposed to concentrate on ourselves. We let other's words and acts influence us. These little things have the power to make us  awkward and self conscious. 

Being a teenager, I myself feel different when with people I'm not comfortable with. Even though psychological thinking has a tremendous effect but biological facts are guilty as well, continuous changing of chemical and hormones in our brain, arise feeling of confusion within us.

Estrogen and progesterone in girls and testosterone in guys are sex hormones, main cause for being a moody teen. Stress is a real bad trigger causing mood fluctuations. Staying calm and composed can help you go through your day. Having a straight perspective can help you stay organized resulting in serene personality.


Teenagers tend to get insecure or obsessive towards something or someone. We like get a sense of belongingness and security over our relations as well as belongings. Interacting with others help develop confidence and self esteem. Socializing and having popularity status among groups becomes a vital part.

In this stage of life, teens favor to spent time along with peer groups over their families. Of course, there are some exceptions. Age groups remodel us the way we behave and all the wicked plots we put in action. We are able to relate ourselves with them, being able to have someone with similar views bring comfort.

Getting tactic towards another individual have the comparable reaction of having to feel loved and cared about.

Being a teenager is really amazing and magical, but these few years define us for the rest of our lives and have a great impact on us throughout. Having time of out lives without a care in the world is thrilling.

Every action has a reaction either positive or negative and we have to face them whether we like it or not. So, just help yourself identify between a better or worse change you bring upon yourselves. Appreciate every moment and just get on with your life.

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