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Get Ahead of the Game: a Look Into Fall 2023's Future Favorite Pieces

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August 01, 2023

Before you tilt your head, I know it's July. It's the peak of the summer, when everyone is out in bikinis and shorts, not thinking about what they're going to wear in the chillier months. Everyone... except designers, that is.

High-end clothing is always a few seasons ahead, with bi-annual fashion weeks held in February and October, displaying clothes for the Fall-Winter seasons and Spring-Summer ones, respectively. Fashion shows predict upcoming trends, with Ready-to-Wear runway items trickling down from the latest Vogue issue to the streets.

As autumn draws closer, Fall 2023 fashion shows come to a conclusion. To this end, I have compiled a list of the trends that are sure to hit the public in the next few months.

1. Headphones

They've been big for a while, but there is no doubt in my mind that oversized headphones will make a massive appearance this autumn. When the Fall 2023 fashion season was at its peak, we saw some of the biggest names walking the streets in their headphones. According to Vogue, this accessory was predominantly seen on models.

"Over-the-ear headphones were most commonly spotted on models at the shows. [...] In between the final fittings, backstage glam, and first looks, the best way to zone out is to put on your favorite tune."

– Irene Kim, Vogue Runway

Noise-canceling earphones will always be used for their more practical aspects, but that's not to say that headphones can't be on-trend.

We've seen an influx of popularity over the "model-off-duty" look, with people styling basics as more than just basics. Plain white tanks are worn with low-rise jeans, with simple accessories to match– not out of lack-of-inspiration, but because people are channeling some of their favorite fashion icons.

Over-the-ear headphones are going to be worn in the exact same way, both with the functional use of music and the stylish use of an accessory.

If you're looking to buy a pair that will last forever, the best two on the market are Apple's Airpod Max (a Bella Hadid staple) or the Sony WH-1000xm5 (Jenna Ortega's pick, as well as my personal headphones).

2. Lack of Color

After scrolling through photos of Ready-To-Wear runways, the biggest pattern I noticed was the monochromatic aspects of these shows. I think that this is something we will definitely be seeing come October. Fashion enthusiasts will ditch the light blues that have been popular this summer in favor of completely achromatic outfits.

Paired with chunky black boots, sheer black tights and mini skirts will, once again, be all the rage. Warm coats tied at the waist will be put over this, for practicality more than for style.

Contrasting this, we're going to see white flowy skirts with faux-furs and white tennis shoes. This style has been a popular one for a few years, what with the micro-trendy Moon Boots. But we should expect some classic elements this fall.

Lastly, the groutfit (gray-outfit). The widest of wide-legged trousers combined with a fitted waist coat and potentially a blazer, all in gray. I've never been a huge fan of the groutfit, but I think there are some totally chic ways to make it work, so here's to hoping that that's what we see this autumn.

Versace embraced a collection of about 90% full-black outfits. Gigi Hadid opened the show in a fitted black coat, followed by several other models sporting similar looks.

It wasn't just Versace who put achromatic outfits on display; we saw similar themes in Fear of God, Sacai, Valentino, Balenciaga, and more.

Throughout all of these collections, everything was shrouded in black, white, and gray. Though it is common that we see bright colors in the warmer months of the year, it is rare to see this many designers excluding the rainbow from their collections overall.

3. Worn Brown Leather

Miu Miu is hitting the public. This brand's vibe of "normal clothing for rich people" was shown off during the Fall 2023 season, with the biggest thing their collections had to offer being these brown jackets.

No, you don't need to spend $6900 on the Nappa Leather Jacket (unless you really want to). You can find affordable leather in any thrift store or second-hand site. The more vintage it is, the more worn the look will be, so don't be afraid of going for some really old pieces.

I love a bomber jacket, and they're going to be huge in this brown color. They're a comfortable piece, providing warmth and security while remaining endlessly on-trend.

“Frankly, from my perspective, the bomber jacket is such a classic item you can wear it even when it's not on trend.”

— Tim Gunn

After Miu Miu's display of similar pieces, I have no doubt that brown bomber jackets will be all the rage this autumn. Search your local Goodwill, charity shop, or Depop feed, and I guarantee you'll find one that you love.

4. Head Covers

From hoods to balaclavas, more and more people covered their heads and faces during the FW Fashion Season. Many have been embracing the balaclava in Slavic or Eastern European countries for years, toying with the stylish elements of warmth.

One of the questions I ask myself when deciding if something will go out of style soon is: How practical is this? If the item has a greater use than its aesthetic, then chances are it will stay on-trend for years. Trust me, this isn't an end-all-be-all tip, but it's a question worth asking. Head coverings have a use!

Some of my inspiration for this section comes from the street style we saw during this fashion week. However, Max Mara was one of the designers that really implemented this into their collections.

Hoods, hats, and more all came into play in this neutral-themed assemblage. In all honesty, I hadn't heard of this designer before my research, but I truly think that they're onto something.

The larger, thicker coverings will, of course, be specific to the colder regions of the world, hence why balaclavas have been "in" in eastern Europe for years.

However, hoods are year round, and can be a great accessory for those in the Southern Hemisphere, leading into their summer months. A simple hoodie or hooded jacket can be thrown on for comfort while the weather is still mild.

Wherever you are, know that you'll be seeing covered heads very soon.

5. Baseball Caps

If you see something popping up on multiple runways, it's likely that you'll be seeing it on the streets very soon. And I saw hats from Hermés and Christian Dior.

Baseball caps have been a street staple since 1970s America, when headwear went from purely for sport to fashionable. Since then, we've seen them popping up constantly, so there is really no end to this iconic accessory. However, there is expected to be a massive boom in wear as the weather cools.

In addition, it's another "model-off-duty" staple that we often see on names like Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid. Models are incredibly close to fashion itself, so they usually have a firm hold on trends, sometimes even before they're trendy.

Baseball caps are a casual accessory, intended for street wear and comfort. Pair one with some baggy jeans, a dad shoe, and a crop top to give yourself a timeless yet stylish outfit.

6. Big Shoulders

I have to say, out of all of the trends I noticed, this one shocked me the most. Not because it's out-of-left-field, but because I thought that we'd already been seeing this for the past few years (a sign of a timeless piece). However, after some confused studying, I realized that shoulder pads totally make sense for the 2023 Fall Winter season.

Blazers and big coats over skimpier clothing have been a large part of this year's spring and summer street style. It is only natural that these pieces begin to develop more structure, broadening the shoulders and giving some shape to the model.

Broad shoulders, especially in women, have begun to be embraced with clothing, instead of hidden, which I think is amazing. You see tank tops and tube tops everywhere, pieces that draw a line across the collar bone.

To get inspiration for outfits involving shoulder pads, the most obvious choice is to look back to the 80s. This was when Karl Lagerfeld took over Chanel and made everybody crave a structured blazer. This is exemplified in the above throwback to vintage Yves Saint Laurent (now just Saint Laurent).

But just like I said, big shoulders are not new, so you can easily look at your Pinterest feed or Instagram explore page for the hottest looks involving width across the shoulders. Spoiler alert, you'll probably see a lot of mini skirts and boots, just how these pieces were styled on the runway.

7. Pointed Toes

On the complete opposite side of things, I think this will shock nobody. At the beginning of 2023, pointed toes were still out of the question for the average person. However, when runway season hit in late February and early March, the public was quick to grab hold of this shoe shape.

Because of that, as the months have gone by, we've seen an influx of pointed kitten heels and cowboy boots. This growth has been subtle but rapid, with more and more pointy shoes going viral or popping up as style inspiration.

Because of this, I don't think it's much of a surprise that this trend will continue into the later months.

While I do think that the strappy kitten heels will continue, fall and winter are known for one shoe style: boots. Knee-high boots have been all the rage for the past few years, and I don't think they show any signs of stopping.

What we will see is the round toe finding its edge.

Pointed toe boots can be uncomfortable, and I personally despise the statement "beauty is pain," so make sure you use good quality leather, consider purchasing a leather balm, and wear thick socks! Take care of your feet to feel as good as you will ultimately look.

8. Squared Toes

Yes, I know I just talked about pointed toe shoes. That doesn't mean that another style can't also be on trend.

Squared toe shoes are, in my opinion, the most comfortable, and probably the coolest shaped toe you can find. We've slowly been seeing them in Mary Janes, as well as the iconic knee-high boots I discussed earlier.

From the dramatic rise and fall of the ballet flat, squared toe shoes were left behind. Chiko Shoes is a pioneer for this style, offering hundreds of kinds of squared-tipped footwear. Most of these items are relatively affordable without compromising quality, and won't be in and out of trend before they arrive.

Model and fashion icon Kaia Gerber has been seen in squared toe shoes on multiple occasions, pairing them with miniskirts or baggy jeans. Above, she is pictured in a straight-off-the-runway look by Valentino.

No matter your style, your preferences, or your budget, you will definitely be able to find a square toe shoe you love, if you haven't already.

9. Big Purses

Big purses have been inching up the ladder for months now, but singer, actress, and fashion enthusiast Jane Birkin's recent passing sped up the cycle. In 1984, Birkin and the chief executive of Hermès designed the famous "Birkin Bag" on an airplane. Since then, it has ramped up in popularity and price, now known to be one of the most expensive bags available.

"There's no fun in a bag if it's not kicked around, so that it looks as if the cat's been sitting on it— and it usually has. The cat may even be in it! [...] I always hang things on my bags because I don't like them looking like everyone else's."

— Jane Birkin

To honor the entertainer, many people have started decorating their bags in similar fashions to Jane's. They style a large silhouetted purse into their outfit, the most common colors being black and deep red (which I'll discuss later).

I am a massive fan of this trend. I think that the trendy microbags are cute, albeit impractical. As I've already said, the more useful an item is, the more timeless it stays. Big pockets, a thick strap, and sturdy leather make a purse easy to use.

While it grows colder in the Northern Hemisphere, many are going to opt to ditch the light linen totes. In their wake, big leather purses will take the stage.

I've seen more and more people making the switch from a backpack to a leather handbag for school. They're stylish, and after the recent infatuation with romanticising school, they've found themselves in the limelight.

As with most leather (vegan or not), buying a nice piece can cost a good sum of money. However, invest. It might make you cringe at the price, but opting for good quality is much better than some cheap purse.

If you can't afford a new leather bag, check out the handbags at your local thrift store. You will usually be able to spot some designer pieces there.

10. That Red

The color of the changing leaves makes red a very popular autumn choice. But I'm not talking about just any red. I'm talking about that red. The deep red that's been popping up throughout the last few years.

The bright pink from Barbie is going to mellow throughout the months, and we'll be seeing this shade of red everywhere. From jackets to jeans to manicures, it will be the pop of color seen every which way.

Contrary to popular opinion, I think that red suits just about everybody. It's a staple color that is incapable of going out of style, so there isn't any harm in buying as many red pieces as you desire.

If you aren't sure if the shade is for you, try out a deep red hat or belt— something inexpensive but can last. I wouldn't be surprised if you realized just how much you love the color within seconds.

Usually, increasingly popular shades of colors are considered microtrendy— something that will be considered out-of-season within weeks. However, like I said, this red has been creeping up for years. From the Harry Potter renaissance to the rock star girlfriend aesthetic, there have been few trends that haven't appreciated it.

11. Skin

Sheer tops and short skirts have been, and will continue to be, immensely popular. After the "free the [censored]" campaign became mainstream, we have seen more and more translucent shirts. Brands like Paloma Wool and Auteur Studio have embraced this with open arms, with catalogs chock full of sheer tops.

After Florence Pugh's incredible Valentino moment in the summer of last year, more people have found confidence in showing what was once considered taboo. Women, especially, have styled norm-crossing outfits with just a top.

Miniskirts will never be "out," and bare legs are most definitely "in." Celebrities like Kendall Jenner have been wearing shorter and shorter skirts, and with the hot weather, they've been paired with skimpy tank tops or light blouses. As it cools, we will be seeing heaver coats blanketing torsos, but the legs will stay bare.

As body positivity and neutrality move forward, so does confidence. So it is no surprise that showing more skin is becoming more and more popular.

Some fall looks are slowly emerging now, and some will likely take a sharp turn in direction. It is important to shop for what you like, not what everyone else does. Therefore, this sneak peak into the autumn might give you some ideas about what you're drawn to. Now, you can shop for your favorites before everything is sold out!

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