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Social Star Tacoda Talks Music, Inspirations, Being in the Spotlight, and What's Next

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June 21, 2021

You're probably come across Tacoda's content at some point in social media. Whether it be his all-around-casual-cool skating tricks, style checks, striking music creations, or his public relationship with Dance Moms star Kenzie Ziegler, the eighteen-year-old is here to make a mark.

The Teen Magazine had a talk with Tacoda on everything that's Tacoda- music, inspirations, the social media spotlight, and what's next.

Music Origin Story

What’s your music story?

"Well, honestly, I was always into hip-hop and jazz as a kid. When I was really little, I was introduced to 'Stayin Alive' by the Bee Gees and I loved the sound and how they harmonized the voices," says Tacoda.

"I also got into hip-hop young and have always loved the song 'Best Friend' by Youth Thug. I loved how both of these songs were very unique in their own sense and it's always made me want to create my own sound that’s different than most or what’s trending."


my parents will be mad ##fyp

♬ Check - Young Thug

How did you get into songwriting?

"I have always loved poetry and reading since I was young," Tacoda tells us, "I think when I joined the debate team in high school, writing papers with specific word choices was mandatory, so I connected that love with songwriting and it's just clicked in my head since then."

The Best and the Burdensome

What is the best thing about making music and what is the most challenging?

"The most challenging thing is being confident in what you create and not overthinking it," reflects Tacoda, "I think the best part of it is the control I have over what I create."

I think the best part of [making music] is the control I have over what I create.


Be on the Lookout

How would you describe your music? What upcoming projects do you have planned for the near future? Any new songs coming out?

"I have a song coming out really soon! I can’t say the name, mainly because it hasn’t been decided, but it's a new sound different than what I have put out. It's going to be very deep with lots of meaning and just a glimpse of the direction I am taking my music passion in."

Be sure to stay tuned!

What would be your absolute dream collab?

"My dream collab would be with Earl Sweatershirt because he just seems so laid back yet powerful and driven," Tacoda shares.

"The way he recites his lyrics is so carefree yet you feel the emotion and words in your chest. I also genuinely love his music and I could catch a flow with him or at least have fun trying."

In the Spotlight

As someone who’s recently stepped into the spotlight as someone on social media, what's that like?

"Honestly, it's really hard," Tacoda says. "It's a lot harder than I thought, and I am barely even followed," he adds.

"I have had to deal with a lot of fake friends and a lot of hateful things. I am not one to take comments and internet words to the heart, but I have never experienced the amount of hate I get. It's so hard not to go off and have a whole argument with a bored kid."

I understand you’re dating Kenzie, who’s lived her whole life in the public eye—what unique experiences has that brought about?

"Yes, I am very happy with Kenzie. She is my flower," Tacoda says.

"Seeing what it’s really like waking up with millions of followers seems so draining. I applaud her for being so strong because there is so much hate on the internet and, unfortunately, she is way deeper than me in it."

"So I think that’s one thing that I have experienced. Another thing I was never used to is being compared to an ex-boyfriend," Tacoda tells us. "I am constantly compared to other people and, being the normal kid I am, it often creates this pressure to be someone to live up to that expectation."


##greenscreen happy birthday beautiful girl ##fyp @mackenzieziegler

♬ Legends of the Fall - Piano

On Inspirations

Who are your biggest musical inspirations? Are there any specific elements or styles of theirs you try to incorporate into your own?

"I have two main inspirations for different reasons," says Tacoda, "My first is Charli XCX for how she has completely made a genre out of the music she has created. She is so unique and bold with every enunciation or lyric she recites. My second biggest inspiration is Earl Sweatshirt because every time you listen to a song of his, you will get something new from it. Whether that is a deep and clever verse or a sound you have never heard in the beat."

Finally, what inspires you (music and life-wise)?

"What inspires me is definitely the tough times I have been through and how far I've made it. I give glory to God and choose to look at every day as a gift because he’s taken me from a lot. My inspiration is looking at those tough times as battles I have won and conquering the challenging things that I love to do."

9 Quick Q's With Tacoda

1. Songs you cannot get enough of right now?

"Emotional" by Eddie Benjamin has been on repeat and definitely Came and Saw off Young Thug's new album.

2. Statement wardrobe piece?

My shoes. I am a huge sneaker head so I always make sure I’m with it.

3. A TV show you would be okay living in?

This was a hard one but I came to the decision of Outer Banks because it would be nice to live that beach life.

4. If your life was a song, what would it be titled?

"Saved Sinner"

5. Your superlative in high school?

I dropped out of high school so I don’t really have any.

6. Your zodiac sign? Do you resonate with it?

Scorpio and definitely. I'm sure my friends and family can agree.

7. If you could only listen to 3 songs for the rest of your life?

"Check" by Young Thug, "Unlock it" by Charlie XCX and "Oldie" by OF

8. If you could trade lives with anyone for one day, who and why?

I would trade lives with Travis Scott for sure. He lives such a crazy life and probably lives it to the fullest each day.

9. The next boxes on your bucket list?

To release three singles this year and get more discovered in the music industry.

Keep Up with Tacoda

To keep up with Tacoda, make sure to give him a follow on TikTok @tacodaaa, Instagram @tacodaaa, and Spotify @tacoda.

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