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Shanice and Andrea: the Voice UK 2023 Winners on Their New Single Destiny

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Mon, March 25

The Voice is a globally acclaimed singing show, with singers having the opportunity to be mentored by musical stars as they compete. Two such singers, 12-year-old identical twins Shanice and Andrea, born and raised in Leicester, were not only participants at The Voice Kids UK but emerged as winners in 2023.

Starting with a spectacular audition that earned them a 3-chair turn, the girls went on to win the battle round and the final under the coaching of Black Eyes Peas front-man, will.i.am. We had the opportunity to get in touch with them to understand more about their musical journey beyond their experience at The Voice, including their recently released debut single, ‘Destiny’.

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The twins - also known as ‘The Wonder Twins’ - first got into music at a very young age. “Our mum always said that we could sing before we could speak!” they said. While they would harmonize at home and grow their love for music, their true introduction to music was through church, where their love for the art form blossomed. Having been singing in church for many years, as they had been attending since they were toddlers, people around them always told them that they should audition for talent shows. One day, the girls decided to go ahead and do just that, and that application to The Voice Kids UK on ITV is how their journey began.

When asked about the top five things they took away from their experience at The Voice, the girls expressed that it was an invaluable experience. They spoke about how they learnt to be on a professional set and were surrounded by people who work in the industry. They had the opportunity to meet some wonderful and talented singers at the show, and Andrea mentioned that they miss them dearly! “Another thing we took away was vocal care,” Shanice added.

Taking care of your voice can often be overlooked when you’re in such a bustling and electric environment, constantly singing, practicing, and doing sound checks and rehearsals. Through all these experiences, the girls understood the importance of taking care of their voices, and the team gave them a lot of tips and tricks to rehearse in a way that was safe for their voices. They also discovered a lot about themselves through their journey. As perfectionists, they are hard and dedicated workers who want their art to be perfect before putting it out there. Lastly, they believe the show gave them a great foundation to help them take off their careers. Because of the experiences they had on set with being performers, they feel less nervous when they perform now!

For their final performance at the show, the girls performed a stunning rendition of ‘Sky Full of Stars’ by Coldplay that captivated the audience and the judges. When asked how they felt during the final performance, the girls said it was hard to keep up their confidence and stay calm, but they delivered something excellent and memorable. “We had a lot of faith in our performance,” they said, and despite the nerves, the performance was energetic and showed the audience their talent and passion.

When it came to their new single, Destiny, the girls talked about how Astar Studios reached out to them after their appearance on the show and offered them a studio session. “We’d been wanting to record original music for a while so this was the perfect opportunity!” said Andrea. “We met Andy Ross and Luke Edwards at the studio session,” Shanice explained. They pitched the idea of ‘Destiny’ to the girls, and they fell in love with it! Once they laid down their vocals and did some ad-libs, their very first single was ready by the end of the day.

They also spoke about how their style and sound were inspired by the music that they listened to. With the influences of pop and funk artists like Lizzo, along with support from the team at Astar Studios, they discovered the kind of music they truly wanted to make and what it conveyed to their audience.

Photo by Rebecca Knowles

The girls want to send out a positive message through Destiny. “We want everyone, especially twins or siblings, to know that they’re not alone,” said Shanice. “The song focuses on seeing the silver lining in the dark. Whatever is happening is part of a bigger picture and part of your very own Destiny!” Andrea added as she threw light on what they hope people will take away from their song.

The Wonder Twins are looking forward to exploring different music genres and going beyond the styles they have brought out through Destiny. As fans of R&B and Gospel, the girls look forward to creating music that reflects these genres through songs they make and write themselves. As they are starting their journey into songwriting, they are excited for the future and look forward to putting more music out very soon.

Photo by Rebecca Knowles

“We’re always laughing and singing together,” Andrea said as they talked about how special it is to be a twin and be on this path together. They feel instinctively connected, and there’s something unique about having their thoughts and actions be simultaneous. The girls are extremely excited about their journey going forward. “It’s amazing to know that you’re not going down the path alone. I always have my twin right next to me!” Andrea added.

Quick Fire Questions

Here are some quick facts about Shanice & Andrea!

1.What is your favorite time of the day?

Shanice: Afternoon

Andrea: Morning

2. Which music artists are you inspired by?

Shanice: FLO and Destiny's Child

Andrea: Tasha Cobbs and Why Don't We

3. What's one song that you can listen to on repeat forever?

Shanice: ‘Love Struck’ by WSTRN and ‘Sky Full of Stars’ by Coldplay

Andrea: 'Yebba's Heartbreak' by Drake and 'Sky Full of Stars' by Coldplay

4. What is one thing that makes you happy instantly when you feel down?

Both: Singing and music!

5. Have you been obsessing over any movies or TV shows lately?

The new Hunger Games movie

6. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?


7. Which country would you love to visit?

South Africa (we're from there!)

8. Do you have or would like to have any pets?

Shanice: Dogs

Andrea: Rabbits and cats

9. What is your favorite color?

Shanice: Blue

Andrea: Pink

10. What would you like to tell your future self from where you are in life right now?

Shanice: I know you’re nervous, and the future may be uncertain, but channel that into your excitement and rely on God’s Plan!

Keep up with Shanice & Andrea on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok and be sure to check out their single ‘Destiny’.

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