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Music Sensation Triple Charm on Their Latest Single, Journey to Fame and More

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October 24, 2022

From Shawn Mendes to Alessia Cara to even Justin Bieber, Youtube is a platform where some of the world's most successful musicians have been born. Through the various social media available today, one can become a sensation in the blink of an eye.

That exact trajectory is happening for the dynamic trio, Triple Charm. With their impressive singing videos, dance moves, and iconic fashion, the sister trio has exploded onto the social media scene, with over 3M followers. Their viral Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts highlighting their artistry, captivating personalities, and sisterly bond have received millions of views.

The Teen Magazine sat down with the three sisters for a talk on their latest release, their love for music, and their hopes and dreams.

Meet Triple Charm

This music group consists of three sisters: Amalia, Raena, and Gabriella- a group of girls doing what they love.

Although the trio has only recently exploded on Instagram and Tiktok, they've been part of the entertainment industry since they were toddlers.

"Music has always been a big part of our lives. We all three grew up doing competitive dance, and then, at 6 years old, Amalia started taking singing lessons. Eventually, her love for singing rubbed off on the two of us, and we decided to join in on the fun!

We have been surrounded by music since before we can remember," Raena, the middle sister, shared. They now have over a million followers on Instagram and Youtube and over a hundred thousand on Tiktok.


Image Credit: Secret Key Entertainment


Image Credit: Secret Key Entertainment


Image Credit: Secret Key Entertainment

The Birth Of Triple Charm

Every successful band needs a name. Coming up with a name seems like quite a tedious task as you have to think about what would truly reflect you, your music, your brand, and everything you stand for.

When the girls were asked how the name Triple Charm came about, they answered, "We came up with the name Triple Charm in a hotel room in LA. We had flown out to LA to record our first-ever single, and at that point, we had another band name, but it just wasn’t right. Eventually, we came up with Triple Charm. 'The Triple stands for the three of us, and the 'Charm' because we consider each other our good luck charms!"

The affection the sisters have for each other is reflected in the name as well as in their authentic music.

Image Credit: Secret Key Entertainment

Originally, the Triple Charm members were dancers. Their involvement in dance and dance competitions also helped them realize their passion and love for music. "Our passion for music first started when we were 2 years old. This was the age when each of us started taking dance classes. Dance was where our love for music first formed! Growing up as dancers and learning to interpret music through movement, has helped us tremendously now in singing and writing music."

Process Of Making And Releasing Hits

The process of recording and releasing a single is quite complicated. From the endless studio sessions to the choreography and finally shooting the music video, it's enough to cause a few gray hairs! Not with these young ladies, however: they described the creative process of creating and producing their first single as "exciting and unforgettable."

"Before Move On, we had never written a song, sung in a recording studio, or filmed a music video, so it was a time of many firsts. We co-wrote the song with Heather Miley, who was an amazing help in bringing our vision to life and helping us develop our ideas and transform them into a song. She took a chance on us because we lacked any prior experience, and she definitely kickstarted our journey.

So we can’t thank her enough! After we wrote the song, we flew to LA and recorded it. That was a fun process, from watching the sound engineer work to getting in the booth together to record gang vocals. Overall, the creation of Move On was an incredible experience where we learned so much!" the stars exclaimed.

Image Credit: Secret Key Entertainment

These ladies consistently produce amazing work with stunning visuals and ground-breaking choreography.

They have worked alongside talented choreographers that have assisted in the productions of big stars in the music industry. When we asked how they felt about working with the likes of Ellen Kim, the trio proceeded to share that "It’s always so much fun getting to work with choreographers in the industry. We have learned so much from each choreographer, and now we feel super confident in creating our own choreography for our music and performance videos which is such a rewarding process."

Journey To Fame

Starting out as a musician can be an arduous process as you have so many things to consider and think about. For example, what genre would you like to focus on? How do you become relatable? How do you not lose yourself in all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood?

For Amalia, Raena, and Gabriella, the complex part was that they had started making music before several social platforms became popular as ways of streaming music. "We had written and released our first single essentially with no audience, so the trickiest part was finding people to share our music with. It took some time to figure out how to grow, but eventually, we got into creating short-form content, which was tremendous in helping us build an audience for our music!"

Take a look at one of their Instagram Reels below! (I promise it will leave you wanting to listen to the full song!)

The single included in the video above is Triple Charm's latest hit, Don't Need A Reason. It recently premiered during Hispanic Heritage month. When we asked if this was a coincidental or planned release, the musicians shared, "We had written “Don’t Need a Reason” earlier this year but knew it would be perfect to release during Hispanic Heritage month.

We are 50% Puerto Rican and wanted to write a song to connect with and pay tribute to our Hispanic culture. Don’t Need a Reason is all about the power of dance and is really a celebration of our Latin roots. So, we thought there wasn't a better time to release it than during the month dedicated to celebrating Hispanic culture and history!"

What's Next From Triple Charm

The young artists have already accomplished so much in the past year. However, they plan to achieve and thrive even more in the coming months and years.

"For the rest of this year, we are focused on writing new music and creating lots of new content for our social media! For next year, we have many goals we look forward to accomplishing, like going on tour. We are so excited for what the future holds, and we can’t wait to take everyone along with us on the journey!"

Image Credit: Secret Key Entertainment

10 Quick Q's With Triple Charm

Who do you hope to collaborate with sometime in the future?

Amalia: We would love to collaborate with Meghan Trainor!

Describe your music in one word

Gabriella: Upbeat!

Favorite thing to do on a hot summer day?

Raena: Go to the beach or lay out by the pool

Favorite Tiktok sound/trend currently

Gabriella: Probably the sturdy challenge! It’s like a workout but so much fun!

Your least favorite finger food?

Amalia: Hush puppies.

Weirdest place you’ve thought of lyrics for a song

Raena: I guess in the shower?

If you were going on tour, where would you want to go on tour?

Amalia: Everywhere! We’ve only been outside of the US once, so there are so many places on our bucket list!

Someone you’d love to headline for?

Gabriella: We would love to go on tour with Sabrina Carpenter!

Favorite song to perform?

Raena: Our latest single “Don’t Need a Reason.” We haven’t been able to perform it live just yet, but we’ve created a full performance for it and can’t wait to perform it for people.

If you weren’t an artist, what would you do?

Gabriella: I can’t imagine doing anything else! But if I had to choose, it would still be something in the entertainment industry, like acting!

Image Credit: Secret Key Entertainment

Connect With Triple Charm

You can follow Triple Charm on Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube. Their music can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.

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