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Pros and Cons to Getting a Corgi: in Memoriam of Olivia


December 16, 2023

Hammy and Olivia

Hammy and Olivia is a YouTube channel that features two ebullient corgi siblings and their humorous talking performances. The channel has garnered over 4.5 million subscribers and they continue to grow rapidly. Their TikTok fanbase consists of 6 million followers, and their Instagram has over 1.5 million followers.

This doggy duo has melted hearts across the world, but unfortunately, Olivia passed away a month ago, which the owner shared in a heartbreaking video. Audiences across the globe miss Olivia, as she stole their hearts. Olivia will be greatly missed, and she has a special spot in dog heaven.

What is a Corgi?

Behold - the mighty corgi stands before you. These short-legged dogs are all bark and no bite. But don't let the barking intimidate you, because they're just fluffy loaves of cuteness! A corgi can be your faithful companion, loyal friend, and trusted guardian.

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Just as corgis possess a rich personality, they have a history equally as rich. Corgis were brought in their aboriginal form by the Celtic tribes who migrated to Wales from central Europe. Then, corgis were bred for herding, proving invaluable to farmers in Wales as they served as rodent controllers, 'security guards,' and most importantly, fluffy baguettes.

Despite their long history, the word “corgi” was first used in 1926. It comes from the Welsh “cor” meaning dwarf, which is the same root found in “leprechaun," but don't let the misleading etymology fool you.

Corgis are members of the spitz family, a group of northern dogs like the Samoyed, Pomeranian, or chow chow. Members of this family feature erect pointed ears, dense coats, and tails that curve over their backs. These features helped the corgi's herding ability; which requires agility, obedience, and tracking. Sometimes, owners take their corgis to herding tests. Utilizing their spearheaded instincts, corgis maneuver gracefully and assertively, proving to be tenacious herders.

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But now, they aren't called upon to herd as often. Instead, the fairies of Wales use corgis to work fairy cattle and pull fairy cars. And it's not a myth. But… we'll never know for sure.



Corgis adapt to any environment; they can live in a small apartment or a spacious farm because of their agility. Don't let their stubby legs fool you; corgis herded animals three times their size. So, they're adept at managing any challenge, making them the perfect companion.

Whether it be hiking in a dense forest, treading through pillowy snow, or plowing through sand, corgis manage it all. Their thick fur maintains a normal body temperature which protects them from the blazing sun or cold. So, there's no worries when it comes to temperatures or seasons. And their herding instincts replicate in any situation: fetch, running, and playing. So, corgis can help you exercise and get you out the house!

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Exceptionally smart

Corgis exhibit high intelligence, surpassing that of the average dog. They are renowned for their trainability, sympathy, and problem-solving capacities. Coupled with their herding instincts, you can teach them a wide range of commands and tricks.

Moreover, their intelligence contributes to their role as exceptional companions. Corgis possess a high emotional quotient, enabling them to detect changes in their owners' behavior. Through problem-solving and obedience, corgis promptly respond to commands and offer support when their owners are feeling down. Furthermore, they retain memories of learned tricks and abilities, so you won't have to worry about retraining. Overall, corgis embody all the qualities a companion has: playfulness, problem-solving skills, emotional support, intelligence, and trainability.

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Corgis have a special place in the dog world. Besides being stubby, short, athletic, and stocky in the rear, corgis are royalty. Queen Elizabeth II owned more than 30 corgis from 1951 until she passed away in 2022.

And her corgis took the world by storm. Artworks and professional photographs immortalized these fluffy loaves of love, widely publicizing them.

But, Queen Elizabeth recognized there was more under their dense coat of fluff. Corgis can be one's best friend during hardships. When Dr. David Nott, a vascular surgeon, returned from war-torn Syria, he suffered a PTSD attack in Buckingham Palace. Queen Elizabeth took action immediately and had her corgis accompany Dr. Nott. Dr. Nott then said, “Stroking animals, touching them, and feeding them. I will never forget it.”

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Their thick coat maintains their temperature, but the corgis have to maintain how their coat's thickness. So, corgis shed year-round. This can be a problem for people with dog allergies.

Imagine if corgi fluff ends up on your tailored suit, and you wear it to a meeting with your allergic boss. Certainly, corgis don't have enough royalty to get you out of that situation.

Or, corgi fur can end up in your food and all over your house. Although, corgi owners are prepared for this as they constantly “lint roll, vacuum, and brush to maintain a clean home.” The question is: is this roll of fluff worth the extra lint rolling?

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They are vocal

Corgis bark to communicate, and it doesn't stop there; they grunt, whine, and grumble. Owners often complain about weird noises. But they can't help it; corgis used their loquacity to herd.

Barking is an essential part of monitoring animals, so the trait passed down through genetics. So, if you can endure the deafening noises, you'll be fine.

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Devastating health problems

Unfortunately, some of the genetic traits of corgis become detrimental and result in disorders. One common genetic disorder in corgis is Von Willebrand's Disease. This disorder causes the blood in the corgis to improperly clot.

This can be fatal especially during wounds. Another genetic disorder is degenerative myelopathy, which causes the spinal cord to gradually deteriorate causing weakness that leads to paralysis. And treatment is costly, ranging from $1,750 to 2,250. Fortunately, genetic testing and immunoassays are usually performed before breeding.

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In conclusion, corgis aren't just dogs. They are faithful companions, trusted advisors, and shoulders to cry on during tough times. Of course, everything comes at a cost; corgis require high amounts of exercise and playtime, so they need owners that can free up time in their schedule. But, their adorable fluff and floating butts (yes, corgi butts float) are worth the uncontrollable barking and other cons. So, will you follow in Queen Elizabeth's footsteps to get a corgi?

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