How Celebrities are Practicing Self Care During Quarantine


Self-quarantining doesn’t have to be all bad. With endless amounts of alone time available and not much else to do, now is an optimal time for some much-needed self-introspection and appreciation Being in lockdown can actually cultivate a space for self-care and self-appreciation. In fact, celebs are even using their social media to update us on their COVID-19 self-care routines. From facemasks to bubble baths, the rich and famous have perfected their pampering sessions down to a T.

Below is a list of celebrities who are practising this self-quarantine inspired TLC.

1.) Kim Kardashian

She may be stuck at home with four kids but this momma still knows how to stay glam during a pandemic. Kim Kardashian has posted various videos online whilst doing a make-up tutorial. Stating that make-up makes her feel less lazy, Kim advocates staying dolled-up as a great way to boost confidence during these trying times.

Getting up every day and doing your makeup makes things seem a bit more normal. I speak from experience when I say this. With a full face, you can be ready to conquer the supermarket. And there is no need to shy away from being spotted by people you know during the daily outdoor exercise. Think about it, why should quarantining mean we have to feel like slobs?

2.) Kaia Gerber

During quarantine, Kaia Gerber has adopted a puppy and now loves spending time playing with it. Though yet to be officially named, this little pooch is clearly providing the model with a lot of cuddles! Pets are great stress relief and are sure to bring joy to even the most unloving. If you have them, cherish them. Start teaching pets tricks and new skills – you have time and it can feel so rewarding watching them develop and learn.

But remember, a dog is not just for corona! So, if you're thinking of adopting a new edition to the family right now, know that pet rearing is no easy task. That being said, once you train your pet fully, they make for a great companion and you’ll soon find you won’t be able to live without them!

3.) Jessica Alba

This mom of three still knows how to take care of herself when it comes to a quarantine-style pampering session. In a caption reading “#workfromhome #conferencecalls @honest using @honest_beauty face masks -Detox on T-zone and Prime+Perfect everywhere else”, Jessica shows how business/school do not need to interfere with your self-care habits. This is major work habits goals and is something we could all learn from.

So next time you're having an online class or zoom call, why not disable the camera and pamper yourself in the meantime? Think about it, self-care doesn’t have to wait until the evening. Just like Jessica make it a priority always!

4.) Dua Lipa

Relaxation is this British singer order of the day. Dua Lipa has been spending her quarantine soaking in bubble baths and frankly, I’m quite jealous! I mean, look at the size of her tub!

Treating yourself to a daily bath or shower is a sure way to unwind and relax your muscles. When exercise has become key to surviving lockdown, it is important that we fully cool down afterwards. Epsom salts are great for helping loosen stiff muscles and joints, ensuring both a speedy recovery and a restful soak.

5.) Elizabeth Banks

Since Covid-19, this Hollywood A-lister has swapped her red-carpet get-up for a cosier and more comfortable alternative. That’s right Elizabeth Banks’ is spending quarantine in her PJ’s. This enviable wardrobe choice (or lack of) is something we could all very easily copy.

Let's face it, although it can feel good to get our glam on for our Facetime catch-ups and outdoor exercise, there are some days when we just need to chill and lounge around. Quarantine has its good days and bad days. so, when you're next feeling lazy be sure to know that it's okay – not every day is going to be the best. Embrace your time off school or college with some much-needed downtime and PJ attired chilled sessions.

6.) Adriana Lima

The Victoria Secrets alumni is making the most of social distancing by topping up on Vitamin D in her backyard. Adriana has been posting on Instagram her outdoor self-care routine, which involves spending time in nature by sunbathing.

Just because we may be restricted in where we venture to out in the real world, we can still make the most of the nice weather from the safety and comfort of our own home. Perhaps your summer holiday has been cancelled, maybe you're going stir crazy sitting at your home desk all day? If so, why not put on that new bathing suit and give it the staycation holiday it never saw coming?

Tanning in the yard is the next best thing, so make sure to take some time out of your day to get your daily Vitamin D dosage. Just remember to lather up on the sun cream. Don’t make self-quarantine any more painful than it needs to be by adding sunburn to boot.

7.) Kate Beckinsale

Yoga enthusiast Kate Beckinsale is using isolation to get her ‘zen’ on. Self-care doesn’t have to be just about relaxing persay. Exercise and stay healthy can also be greatly beneficial in looking after yourself.

For many, staying active is a way to release stress. Stretching out those muscles and perfecting your balance with the trusty tree-pose ensures feeling connected to both body and mind. Seriously, yoga is so good for calming the mind.

Self-care is a way to cope with the repetitive and frankly darn right boring aspects of lockdown. If you're not doing so already, make sure you are keeping tabs on your wellbeing. Quarantine has been a real test at times but there are ways to ease its difficulties. Take time to engage with yourself and your needs. Trust me you will feel so much better for doing so

Getting a good night sleep is also key to practising self-care. Good sleep hygiene consists of going to bed and then waking up at the same time every day. Keeping to self-care routine is paramount right, so why not live out the remainder of lockdown by giving back to yourself?

Tia Byer

Tia Byer is a recent Master's graduate in American Literature from the University of Edinburgh. When she isn't writing for The Teen Magazine, she is busy creating content for her blog entitled 'Feminism Through Cinema and Literature'.