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Singer-Songwriter Liv Miraldi on Her Latest & Most Intense Single, "Friend of the Family"

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Tue, April 16

“'Friend of the Family' was something I was afraid to talk about, so I knew I has to write it. I gave myself the space to feel the full range of my emotions."

Liv Miraldi, a rising singer-songwriter, has garnered widespread attention with her viral hits “Wingwoman” and “Same People," as well as her extensive songwriting collaborations with artists such as Tinashe, Johnny Orlando, and GAYLE.

Following the success of her recent single “Denver," which received placements on Spotify's most listened-to playlists, Miraldi released the second single on March 1st, “Friend of the Family," This poignant indie-pop ballad is a heartfelt open letter addressed to a parent involved in an affair, told from the perspective of the daughter. This deeply personal track displays Miraldi's reputation as a talented artist, capable of creating compelling narratives that resonate with her audience.

Following her single's release, Liv spoke to The Teen Magazine about her latest single, her new EP, and her musical journey to come!

The Story Behind Her New Single “Friend of the Family”

As an accomplished artist, Liv shared the surprising relatability of her life through the song and where it all started.

This song was inspired by a chapter of my life in 2019. I didn’t write it for virality or revenge, it was more about giving my grief a voice. ”

Liv knew that this track was what was needed to register those feelings from that phase in her life, and she was confident about the title. When she and her producers had the conversation in the studio, they all agreed that “Friend of the Family” added a compelling and unique perspective: “We could’ve named it “Family,” but that didn’t feel right."

Liv delved deeper into the message she hoped readers would take away from the song. As difficult as it is to listen to that song having experienced the situation, it's also a catch and release of pain. When Liv released the song, she took blessings from each of her family members to release this song - it thankfully brought her closer to her family and gave her the courage to release it.

What I hope listeners will take away [from “Friend of the Family”] is that it’s easier to blame others than to blame the people we love the most,” she explains, “In articulating our hurt, it gives us permission to finally let it go.”

The Creative Process of “Friend of the Family”

The sound of “Friend of the Family” is the most folk-coded song off of the upcoming EP, “2019”. Compared to “Denver”, which was much more ethereal/pop and used vocal filters to add a far-away effect, “Friend of the Family” has a more stripped-back nature.

“We wanted to showcase how isolated I felt during that year. I needed FOTF to be more organic sounding and to capture the essence of my anger. The vocal is much more in your face and less filtered.”

Producers Michael Blum and Ella Boh were able to put their creative superpowers together on the production! With Michael being an incredible instrumentalist and songwriter and Ella bringing the song into “my sonic world” with vocal production, Liv was able to get her point across in the song. Liv also explained that OSTON, her other co-writer was able to help her articulate what she was experiencing onto paper.

The vocals of this song are personality-driven, which was shown in the performance:

“I was so angry the day we made it, that it really bled through in my vocals. The vocals and intensity of the lyrics really showcase the full range of pain, anger, and sorrow I was feeling in the moment.”

Liv's Music Journey and What's Next

It's a tricky thing to develop a concept and aesthetic for songs and EPs. Liv explained that, similarly to wanting the vocals to convey how alone she felt, she wanted the visuals to do the same:

“During 2019, the world felt so overwhelmingly large and I felt so insignificantly small," she recalls, "I wanted a very simple look that included nature and invited the listeners into my world. I also wanted it to feel nostalgic like you’re getting a glimpse into my memories. I spent hours scouring Pinterest and making vision boards.”

It's an especially hard thing for an artist to balance staying true to their artistic vision while adapting to trends. For Liv, it's a never-ending balance of being adaptable with what is current, while simultaneously staying true to yourself.

“I do a lot of self-check-ins throughout the songwriting and releasing process and constantly have to ask myself, does this resonate and feel like the truest version of me right now?

With “Friend of the Family” now released, there's a lot for fans to look forward to next: “My first EP “2019” is coming this year and I could not be more excited for it! I’m getting shows lined up and am already writing and plotting the next project!”

Quick-Fire Questions

Dream career?

Travelling the world singing and writing songs!

Dream collaboration?

Kacey Musgraves

Dream travel destination?

This changes every week, but right now I really want to go to Thailand or the Philippines!

Your favorite song you've written so far and favorite lyric from it?

“Denver” - ‘Would've gave you kids at 23, would've lost myself to build your dreams.’

Favorite go-to meal?

Pad Thai

Top three favorite songs overall?

Ok, on first instinct:

Motorcycle Driveby - Third Eye Blind

You Get What You Give - New Radicals

Right Where You Left Me - Taylor Swift

Something you never leave the house without?

Chapstick - I keep one in every coat pocket, purse, and in my car.

Your hobbies aside from music?

Journaling, watercolor, knitting, and all the crafts really!

What type of dog do you think you are most like, personality-wise?

Maybe a Corgi! They're friendly, outgoing, and protective of their people.

Best piece of advice you've received as a musician?

Write the song that moves you. If the song moves you, chances are it will resonate with others, too.

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Keep Up With Liv Miraldi

Be sure to check out Liv on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Friend of the Family” is out now.

2019” is set for release in early 2024.

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