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Open Talk with Madi Monroe, TikTok Star (& Exclusive Photos)

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December 07, 2020

​​​​​​If you're active on the viral Gen Z app TikTok, you very likely know who Madi Monroe is. As of publication, she's accumulated over 12.5M followers with her platform @madi, and is one of the most popular content creators on the app easily recognized by young teenagers.

The Teen Magazine had the chance to interview Madi on everything you need to really get to know her- ranging from her experiences to fun, hopes, dreams, and more. In this feature, Madi brings us a deeper insight to her life.

Additionally, shared with The Teen Magazine are exclusive shoot photos of Madi by Tati Bruening, 2020.


Journey to Internet Stardom

β€œI started social media last year,” says Madi, β€œChase Hudson [Lil Huddy] introduced me to this field and the general area of where I am now- it was something I hadn't initially taken as seriously, but when we went to a meet and greet, my perception really changed. It was such a crazy experience. There were people crying!”

β€œAfter that, I was really noticed around last summer,” Madi tells us. β€œMy friends and I attended a LightsOut tour. I wasn't officially a part of it, but my [ex]boyfriend and my best friends were, and I visited some spots. From there, I met a lot of people and my following grew a lot, and I was more noticed by others on social media. From there, I really started to take my content seriously.”

"[Social media] was something I hadn't initially taken as seriously, but when we went to a meet and greet, my perception really changed. There were people crying!"

The LA Lifestyle

β€œI've always lived in Los Angeles,” says Madi, β€œI grew up here; my dad was a professional baseball player. While we moved now and then around to Arizona and Washington D.C., mostly, I've resided here in LA. I've been back here in LA for about 3 to 4 years now.”

For Madi, living in LA has become the norm. β€œIt's pretty normal for me,” she says, β€œI went to school out here, and I have a lot of friends that don't do the same thing I do. It's really fun, and LA is the place to be for me, because it's the hot-spot for social media. There's a lot of opportunities here, given I act and make music. There's much accessible [resources].”


Madi on Paparazzi

There has been many clips of The Hollywood Fix surfacing on social media on paparazzi videos of TikTokers- and Madi has been no exception.

When asked of her take on the paparazzi, Madi responds, β€œI don't really mind. Paparazzo has been respectful. Although it's overwhelming in general especially when you're just out for dinner with friends or anything of the sort, overall, I'm pretty cool with it.”

TikTok Content

Madi's TikToks feature many dancing videos, comedy, video clips with friends, and many more. However, much of her content are actually from the day before- all prerecorded beforehand.

β€œI have a set system where I post in the noon, at maybe 1 to 2 o'clock,” says Madi, β€œAs for the reason for why I prerecord, it's so that I don't feel pressured to post at an exact given time. I find that it immensely helps me with my scheduling and time management.”

"I don't [wish to] feel pressured to post at an exact given time. [Pre-drafts] immensely [help] me with my scheduling and time management."


Madi's Favorite Aspect of TikTok

TikTok has been widely known to be extremely fun and addictive with its entertaining 30 to 60 second clips. On its For You Page feature, users can scroll through clips of videos in an easy format for anyone to use.

While Madi's usually the one on others' feeds, she also enjoys scrolling through the FYP videos herself. β€œI scroll through TikTok for hours and hours,” she says with a laugh, β€œIt really is like the newer and updated version of Vine: short videos that are long enough to grab your attention, but not too long to bore. The content is incredibly creative and hilarious- it never fails to keep me entertained.”

When asked of her favorite part about the app, Madi tells us how TikTok has brought out a different side of her as a creator herself:

"I think the thing about TikTok that really brings our generation together on this platform is that you really get to express yourself. With other social media, such as Instagram, for example, many of the photos are posed; it's not the most genuine app out there for audiences to get to know you. But with TikTok, I feel much more confident in bringing forth a more real version of me. I can truly showcase a real side of myself without masking things."

"I think the thing about TikTok that really brings our generation together on this platform is that you really get to express yourself."


The Good and The Bad

β€œThere are so many positive aspects- a really long list honestly- so I'm going to start with the negative,” says Madi, β€œI do find that TikTok has grown to a toxic environment at times, and the negativity can often times go out of control. I've received many hate comments, but I've come to ignore it and focus on the positive.”

But turning to the best points of the app, Madi gushes about how much love she has for the TikTok community. β€œI love and appreciate how the app has connected me to some of my closest and best friends today,” says Madi, β€œThe opportunities from this app is something I am very grateful for.”

The positive aspects of the app doesn't stop there. β€œTikTok has also not only found me a public voice, but a creative outlet to express my genuine self,” says Madi, β€œI get to share aspects of myself I couldn't possibly share anywhere else. It's brought me close to my audience, and I feel we have a bond that's not like any other.”


Having a Huge Platform

16-year-old Madi is at millions of followers on all of her social media platforms, and for her, it's been surreal. β€œIt's so crazy to know how far I've come with social media,” she says. β€œI started social media last year, and now, it's grown immensely that I'm so grateful for.”

An extra question that many fans were curious to know of was how Madi dealt with the crazy amount of notification alerts. β€œI actually have my notifications on,” Madi says surprisingly, β€œThis has helped me stay alerted on anything that pops up that needs my attention. Although my notification button really never stops, it helps me keep in touch with what's going on in my phone.”


Starring in Attaway General

With her growing platforms, Madi has been signed to many opportunities, including an acting cameo as a star in Brat TV's Attaway General. A series of YouTube episodes featuring many TikTok stars like Madi, Attaway General revolves around the storyline of teenage hospital volunteers.

However, Madi is no newcomer to acting; she's previously been on films such as Revenge! and My Two Left Feet.

With Attaway General, Madi tells us how it is behind the scenes with her cast mates. β€œI've known some of the cast previously before filming for Attaway General,” says Madi, β€œWe were already friends, but the show has definitely brought us closer.” Casted with her are fellow TikTokers Dixie D'Amelio, Griffin Johnson, and Diego Martir.

Her role as the brisk and sharp Nina has been well-received and loved by fans of the show, and her ventures into acting is one she is passionate about.


Content Houses & Friendships

While Madi is not in TikTok's Hype House Collective, she is close friends with many of its members. Previously, they have even gone on trips together to Hawaii for Madi's 16th birthday, and a group adventure to The Bahamas.

β€œIt feels like a family,” Madi says, β€œEspecially with the trips and adventures we've been on, we had so much fun and by the end of the trip, we were crying because we really didn't want it to end. I love that TikTok has brought me the chance to meet many other creatives and content creators to form some of my closest friendships.”

β€œIt feels like a family," says Monroe. For her, TikTok has concocted influencer homes- but strong friendships as well.

Not a Content House

Not so long ago, Madi and her close friends have established their own content house- @notacontenthouse. Consisting of her TikTok best friends Devyn Winkler, Cynthia Parker, Lauren Kettering, and Ava Tortorici, the five girls are paving their way in the industry of content creator groups.


Advice from Madi to You

"Don't focus on the negativity of social media. It's easy to say, but hard to actually do- but once you really do what you want to do, and not let the hate get to you- it will be so worth it."

Upcoming: Be on the Radar!

β€œI'm very thrilled to be releasing merch pretty soon,” Madi tells us, β€œI've been working on it for some time, and it's extra exciting because I've never released merchandise before.”

merch? πŸ™ˆ

β€” madi (@madimonroe) July 28, 2020

What Madi Wants You to Know

When asked of what she would like for her audience to know about her, Madi tells us, β€œI would want others to know that I'm not afraid to stand my ground in what I believe in. I'm proud of myself and for what I stand up for.”

"I'm proud of myself and for what I stand up for.”


10 Quick Q's with Madi Monroe

Get to know Madi better with our TTM 10 Quick Q Series- sharing fun facts you may not have known about the TikTok star.

What is your favorite food?

I love crispy tuna rice!

What is your favorite movie?

I really like Nightmare Before Christmas.

What is your zodiac sign? Do you think you match how they are said to be?

I'm an Aquarius, and I strongly think I definitely align with the characteristics of one.

What is a secret talent of yours?

A lot of people don't know this- I've actually figure skated for quite a long time!

A dream collaboration you would love to do?

I would love to make music with Saweetie. I also make music myself, so that would be amazing.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I see myself at the Bahamas, snorkeling, diving, just having fun... I also want to save marine life and do beach clean-ups with my friends!

Dream travel destination?

Bora Bora- I would love to go there!

What is your favorite personality trait that you have?

I like that I'm stubborn, and that I am strong to not be taken advantage of.

What is something from your fanbase that you appreciate the most?

I just love having such a strong support system. My fanbase is so sweet and I love interacting with them. We send each other memes all the time- and I do my best to take time out of my day to talk to them. I love seeing photo edits and drawings of me; I think they are the coolest and every time I notice a drawing of me, I always repost it- they are really so amazing.

What is something that makes you the happiest?

My friends, my mom, my dogs, my lizards... a lot of things make me very happy!

Thank you Madi for your interview!

Make sure to keep up with Madi on her TikTok @madi and her Instagram @madimonroe.

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