Animation Dance Video Creator Maddi Winter on Her Social-Media Journey

Animation Dance Video Creator Maddi Winter on Her Social-Media Journey

Personal Growth

February 27, 2021

With over 3 million followers on her TikTok(@maddiwinter) and 49 thousand followers on her Instagram(@maddi_winter), has distinguished herself in the social media world, catching people's attention with her creative content and especially animated dance videos.

How It All Started

Maddi first entered the world of social-media world 8 years ago, in 2013, creating her account on Instagram. Gradually gaining recognition for her content, she soon also jumped over to in early 2016, being a part of the first creators to join the app. She has continued to produce content on the now TikTok app, broadening the boundaries of her creativity with every passing year.

The Beginning Of Creative Animation Dance Videos

Maddi had already been actively growing her platform on social media for 6 years when she bought Adobe After Effect, for a completely different purpose, and stumbled upon the Pain feature. Exploring the feature she began to challenge her creative boundaries and ended up creating animation dance videos and posting them on TikTok. The rest is history!


quadruple trouble ;) || edit time: 35 hours!! @mahakhamidd

♬ dc mahakhamidd - Mahak Hamid

I started making creative animations on TikTok actually by happy mistake

And Maddi truly does seem happy doing what she does. Social-media personalities have often been vocal about how recognition has adversely affected their lives and mental health. However, Maddi's experience is quite different. She, in fact, has found herself more confident, happy, and appreciative since starting with social media.

Behind The Scenes Of a Video

Although the videos that make it to Maddi's social media accounts are typically no longer than 60 seconds, the process is significantly longer, to say the least. Just by viewing her videos, it is quite self-evident that the creative process leading up to that final animation is truly strenuous.

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When she was first starting out, Maddi, not putting as much thought into the design, spent less than 10 hours creating the animations she ultimately posted on TikTok. The more experience she gained, however, the more invested she became in process of creating the videos. These days, each video usually takes 20-50 hours to edit. As time-consuming and draining as that may sound, Maddi ensures that “Creativity is pretty much the opposite of stress to me; I actually use it as a break/hobby from school or whatever is happening in life.”

What The Future Holds For Maddi

Without setting anything in stone, in 10 years' time, Maddi sees herself eventually actualizing her dream of starting her own production company.

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I would love to start my own production company eventually!

Advice From Maddi Winter To You

When asked what advice she would like to pass on to her fans, Maddi responded saying, “I hated my life in high school and thought I would never amount to anything, but out of the blue one day I found my creative outlet, everything looked up, and now I wouldn’t trade my life for the world. You can do it!!”


THANK YOU FOR 3.1 MILLION (& happy halloweek) !!!! 🎃👻

♬ Spooky, Scary Skeletons - Andrew Gold

Fun Facts About Maddi

  • Most people who follow her on social-media would be surprised to know that Maddi is actually quite the introvert.

I am actually one of the biggest introverts I know- half the reason I love making animations so much is that I can sit in my house with a fluffy blanket and not have to go out and be social.

  • She also LOVES rainbow sprinkles and refuses to eat most deserts without them.

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