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The It-Girl Queen of DIY Fashion: Maddie White on Redefining Style

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August 01, 2022

The styling queen of TikTok, Maddie White, has caught the eyes of millions of fans when she transformed pieces of ordinary-looking clothes into vintage outfits effortlessly. Her fashion tips are the first ones to follow when you're struggling with which clothes to wear, and her amazing sewing DIY trend will be the last to be tired of.

Now with more than 2.8 million fans on TikTok and 400K followers on Instagram, Maddie takes the crown of being the finest fashion influencer out there, all whilst defining fashion in her own way.

The Teen Magazine had the chance to speak with her where we asked a series of questions all about her creative world of fashion.

Getting Started On TikTok

When Maddie downloaded TikTok during the lockdown two years ago, she had no idea her platform could become so huge. “I spent about a year just watching content and making the odd video with my friends,” Maddie commented on her time spent on TikTok.

After a few of her videos went viral, one including a video where she facetuned her boyfriend Andrew’s forehead, Andrew encouraged her to start posting regularly in March of 2021. She explained, “My thrift flips and sewing videos were what catapulted me into being a full-time creator.”

Her TikTok fame had taken her family by surprise. It’s her father’s go-to topic at pubs, showing his daughter’s videos to everyone with all the pride he holds for her. Her mother gathers vintage clothes from the 80s for her to reinvent, supporting her sewing and thrifting endeavors.

Sewing & Fashion

Sewing is a big theme in Maddie’s TikTok videos. A skill that requires delicate hands and a patient heart, Maddie mastered the art because she couldn’t afford new clothes.

“I have always loved fashion and keeping up with the trends, but I didn’t have the disposable income to keep buying things retail price. So I bought a $30 sewing machine on Amazon and forced myself to sew and learn how to thrift flip,” Maddie recalled.

She spilled that Youtube is the gateway to mastering sewing, and that after unlocking such a skill, a whole new world awaits you. Maddie explained, “It gave me so much freedom to be able to dress exactly how I wanted, to make things fit the way I wish they did, and to refine my personal style.”

Even though sewing is her go-to skill, she admitted that sewing TikToks are the hardest ones to make, requiring “a LOT of mental gymnastics and hours” behind sewing machines just for a few-minutes-long video. The results are rewarding, as she gets to try out more adventurous styles and mix and match pieces that don’t usually go together.

Maddie sees her content to be evolving around what she is interested in and how the audience interacts with it. She knows that her theme will surround fashion, beauty, and lifestyle in the near future, but she’s excited to see the new ways it can grow. Maddie says of the future, “[I] definitely [want] my own business or two; I’d love my own clothing brand.”

11 Quick Q’s With Maddie

1. What’s a fashion trend that has to go?

Clothes with tons of holes. I’m with my parents on that one!

2. Favorite clothing hack?

Any dress you don’t like is almost always cuter as a two-piece.

3. What’s your ideal day off like?

I love driving to Santa Barbara and walking on the beach with my dog for hours.

4. Favorite song as of this moment?

These nights by Loud Luxury (not biased at all)!

5. If your personality was an alcoholic drink, what would it be?

I’m an Aperol spritz girl to a tee.

6. How do you like your eggs?

I had a nightmare about eggs 3ish months ago and now I have a phobia of eggs. It’s a curse.

7. Things that you would like to see becoming a fashion trend.

I love 90s fashion, mini skirts, opera gloves, feathers, sequins, and hyper-feminine silhouettes. It’s already a big trend at the moment, but keep that coming!

8. Favorite show you’re obsessed with at this moment?

Love Island UK.

9. Do you prefer going out on a Saturday night or staying at home and having a movie night?

Both? My ideal Saturday is going out with my friends for a boozy lunch, and being home in bed watching a movie by 10 pm.

10. What’s your go-to outfit?

I think jeans are so uncomfortable; so either wide-leg pants and a tank, or a little dress, with a classic pump and some chic sunnies.

11. Outside of Tiktok, what kind of work do you most enjoy doing?

My time is consumed so much by social media and creating content at the moment, but I used to volunteer every week baking birthday cakes for underprivileged young people in foster care/shelters. I’d love to take up baking more seriously one day.

Keep Up With Maddie

Follow Maddie on TikTok at @madeleinecwhite and Instagram at @madeleinecwhite.

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