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My Top Ten Songs That Made My 2023 a Better Year

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Wed, January 31

We’ve had a couple of crazy years since 2020 with Covid. For me, 2023 was my senior year. Of course, senior year is a difficult but fun exhilarating time.

You have senior perks, senior skip day, senior trip, graduation, etc. My year first started off great as always but then I started to get seniorities within two months. I started falling behind with my schoolwork, I got really depressed through the rest of the year. It took a huge toll on my family and me, so I turned to my therapist and of course, music - something I've deeply loved since middle school.

Always listening to it, dancing, and trying to sing to it. Music takes me to a different place in a good, allowing me to be myself and relax in life. During my senior year, I listened to music way more than a normal person probably would and I fell in love more and more. Here is a list of ten 2023 songs that made my year better!

1.Vampire- Olivia Rodrigo

Vampire is my number one on the list for a few different reasons. Olivia came out with this song on June 30th, 2023. When I first heard this song I was obsessed with it right away.

In my head, I knew that Olivia had done it again with her amazing vocals and powerhouse intelligence. For her to write a raw authentic song is just amazing. I can’t relate to the song but I can definitely scream it out my car. I love car songs, that you can sing loudly about. This song helped me this year due to it allowing me to get all my anger out while screaming to this song.

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2.All My Life- Lil Durk And J. Cole

All My Life is my favorite song by Lil Durk. Lil Durk raps about two rappers. He and J.

Cole overcoming their struggles and just struggles in general of being rappers; addictions, depression, heartbreak, and guilt. They talk about using their music to heal themselves from all of their battle wounds. I love this song because I feel for them. I also love this song because I feel like I can relate to them, as my situation is I am a teenager, not a rapper. Teenagers go through all those things. I went through using, I went through guilty things that I have done and depression, and so much more. I can put myself in their shoes and I feel as if Lil Durk knew I needed this song.

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3. Hope- NF

This was a hard tie between Hope and What Was I Made For? But Hope won by a smidge. Hope is about NF and who he is today how he got there and who and what made him, him.

As always for me, Nf never disappoints with his versatile songs, ever. He is always talking about mental health, struggles, and real-life issues, in which need to be talked about more often. I love his songs for these reasons, always. Hope, I can also relate to this because there are things that made me who I am today as well. The reason it got me through 2023 was because it continued to remind me that those things were good and bad but they made me a better person and realize life can be beautiful and sometimes it's worth sticking around for.

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4. What Was I Made For?- Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is my girl and I believe always will be. With her low quiet soothing voice, she heals me. This song healed me even more.

The song is from The Barbie Movie, talking about Billie’s life as well as about the life of women. How women are made to fit into boxes and when they break out of them, they are not sure what to do with their new life. I believe so many people, myself included, were able to relate to this song. Billie did such a good job on this song, I was able to put myself in her shoes, understand her emotions, connect with her feelings, etc. This song would make me cry and every once in a while everyone needs a good cry.

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5. Waffle House- Jonas Brothers

I have never really been a big Jonas Brothers fan but their music is good I will say. My favorite song of theirs has to be Waffle House, the place they would always go for comfort or good things. I love this song because it’s a bop, it's super upbeat, and the lyrics are fun and funny.

I love dancing and I can absolutely dance to this song. This is another sing-in-the-car song. It got me through 2023 given its happy, upbeat, and uplifting lyrics and beat that made me in a better mode. I think I will forever love this song.

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6. Barbie World- Ice Spice And Nicki Minaj

Two amazing rappers in one song, how could things get any better? This song is also from The Barbie Movie. I am a huge rap and hip-hop person and I am a fan of both rappers.

The song talks about being a strong, confident, sexy, awesome woman. It says that they want to have fun just like Barbie gets to. Feminism plays a big role in this song and being a woman I have to agree with the song. I really enjoyed this song a lot. It's another upbeat song but with power that got me through the year. This song was a must need that I didn’t know I needed to get me through my year.

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7. Dial Drunk- Noah Kahan and Post Malone

This may not be the most intelligent thing to do, dial drunk. It's about a man drunk running into a cop and needing help, from a broken heart. This is another good song in my opinion that got me through a tough time.

Dial Drunk is similar to something I’ve done but it was a friend, not a cop. Having your heart broken can suck. It is something that a lot of people go through and hurt from it. I had a friend who I had a crush on but they liked somebody else and it crushed me. This song helped me relate to Noah in so many ways. That and it's just a great song.

8. Agora Hills- Doja Cat

Agora Hills is about Doja making a private relationship public from where Doja used to live. I can't really relate to this song, but I just really like this song in general. I love Doja Cat and she did an amazing job with this song.

A low slow, sympathetic song that puts you in your feels. I like being in my feels sometimes, it is good for you at times.

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9. Greedy- Tate McRae

I love this song and Tate McRae. This song is a confident and empowering song. Tate talks about how she tells a guy to pursue her too eagerly.

This song is honestly a great upbeat pop song that makes me feel good about myself in a way. I definitely need more of these songs in my life and just more music from Tate McRae.

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10. Sorry Not Sorry(Rock Version)- Demi Lovato

Last but not least my favorite singer Demi, is my girl. The song originally came out in 2017 but Demi just redid some of her more popular songs as rock and I am so here for it. My favorite song of all time has always been Sorry, Not Sorry, the only reason it's last on my list is because it's already been out before.

Although it has it still made 2023 a decent year for me. It reminded me of the bullying that I used to go through and it let me know that if I was able to get through those middle school years, then I could get through my senior year. Not only that but Sorry Not Sorry is just a bop, I can dance to it, I can sing with it, it's just awesome.

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In my opinion, these songs are amazing and helpful for me. Music takes me away and puts my mind at ease. I don’t know what I would have done without these awesome songs. They got me through 2023 and I am so happy about that.

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