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15+ Best Songs You Need to Add to Your Summer Playlist

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June 29, 2022

It's time to enhance the summer vibe and crank it to the next level with some awesome music! As teens, we are always looking for that perfect summer vibe. The warm air hitting your face at the beach.

The waves sparkling for your jubilant view. Laughing with friends and doing things with them that thrill you. Luckily for you, even while you are not enacting these exciting moments, there are songs that provide the energy you're looking for this summer.

I'll list my personal favorites so that you can create a summer playlist that matches the vibe you are looking for. Here are the best songs to add to your summer playlist this season.

1. "Here" - Castlebeat

"Here" by Castlebeat is not a very popular song with only 78k views and 1.4k likes on YouTube. I don't think its caring lyrics and calming rock beat get enough recognition for the strong feelings that they can bring out of you. This song is the kind I go to when I feel alone or need a relaxing beat to listen to.

The beginning of this song just screams, "summer is starting!" This song inspires me to go on an adventure and makes me feel so at home and motivated to hang out with my friends and have deep conversations with them at 3 am in a tent outside. It also makes me feel safe and loved; it has the perfect summer vibe with its soft rock beat and is sung by the calm voice of Josh Hwang.

There are way too many songs by Castlebeat that I like that are suitable for summer, so here is my favorite album by them called VHS. The whole thing is a summer vibe. Enjoy!

2. "Talk Too Much" - Coin

The first time I listened to this song, I knew it was special. The instrumentals are unique and intriguing, making me want to dance or kiss someone. It is a fun song to listen to, and it reminds me of hanging out with a bunch of people, including someone you have your eyes on.

It gets me in the mood to be social for sure. The guitar in the beginning is like a summer morning waiting to be lived. Give it a listen!

3. "Uptown Girl" - Billy Joel

The steady beat in this song reminds me of the countryside in the summer and starting a new chapter in life. It is a chill rock song that always has a way of bringing me home, and it gives off a small town vibe, to which I can relate. It reminds me of riding a bike in a town or going on a stroll.

4. "California" - Phantom Planet

This song makes me want to get up and go on an adventure despite it being about returning to California. California is usually associated with the season of summer which makes me think of beaches and rolling, green hills. It's a beautiful visual that fits summer perfectly.

5. "Hey, Soul Sister" - Train

"Hey, Soul Sister" has a lovely melody and instrumental value. One you'll notice right away is the ukulele, as it creates a very uplifting vibe to the song. The lyrics are sweet and romantic. It is definitely a good song for love in the summer.

6. "Good Life" - OneRepublic

This song is a good song to reflect back on past memories or current moments that light you up inside. Life can really be good! I really enjoy all the places that are listed in this song. It is the sound of living your best life.

7. "Golden Days" - Panic! At The Disco

Summer is all about those golden days, right? This is the perfect song to make amazing memories to. I enjoy listening to this and thinking about all the things I am going to do with my friends and how some of my friendships are going to last a very long time. It makes me feel confident about my friendships and the plans we've made for the summer.

8. "Heat Waves" - Glass Animals

"Heat Waves" was released in 2020 and has gained a lot of popularity with over 300 million views on YouTube. This song has a sad story to it. It's about missing someone who was once in your life.

I enjoy the vibe of remembering someone, and I associate summer with these songs that make me reminisce over memories. This song fits perfectly into this perspective with its low, warm beats that make you feel like you are in the midst of summer's heat.

9. "Tongue Tied" - Grouplove

This eerie and emotion-filled song is reminiscing waiting to happen. The voice of the singer is so passionate and brutal, it may almost break your heart in the best possible way. The lyrics are pretty sad if you consider the meaning behind the song, which a lot of people think is about a break-up. For me, the way that I relate it to my life is telling my friends not to go, which I know they would never do.

10. "Say Hey (I Love You)" - Michael Franti & Spearhead

I love listening to this song in the car during the summer. It reminds me of going on vacation and having a blast!

11. "Saturday Sun" - Vance Joy

"Saturday Sun" is a song I enjoy running to in the summertime with its paced rhythm and kind lyrics. There is an overall loving mood around this song that makes the day feel lighter and frees your heart with the tune of love.

12. "Fire Alarm" - Castlecomer

"Fire Alarm" is the kind of song I will jam out to in the car. It brings up the energy and sets the mood for a drive or a day with friends. It gives off the vibes of a hot summer day and doing something a little daring with your friends.

13. "Good Time" - Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen

Nothing can ever go wrong with this song. I started listening to it more recently and it never fails to lift my mood. It has taught me that you can have fun in any situation and that living life for fun is the best way to live. It has motivated me to have fun this summer and to make every moment count!

14. "Pierre" - ryn Weaver

An adventure was born when Pierre was released in 2015. Ryn Weaver claims the song is about some of her relationships and taking time for herself after them. The melody of the song is almost race-like.

Its beat is bold and full of searching. Perhaps that searching was for herself. This is a great song to listen to during the summer for finding yourself by traveling or doing what you love.

15. "Safe and Sound" - Capital cities

Has a song ever made you feel so safe? The lyrics in this song almost force you to feel good with its loud chorus and bold trumpet instrumentals. There isn't a better comfort than listening to this song with friends or jamming out to it alone in your bedroom. Whatever the situation, this song is always a nice shoulder to lean on in the summer.

Summer Lofi Beats

I'll end this off with some music that will wind you down to rest after an exciting day. Lo-fi music is one of my favorite genres of music when I want to relax and end my day off on a pleasant note. The songs I will be listing are soothing to listen to and give off the best summer vibe at any time of day.

  • "Light in the Sky" by Project AER
  • "Amber" by Foli
  • "The Brighter Side" by Early Garden, Luffmoor

These three songs are some of my favorite lofi beats to listen to while writing or winding down for the day, but they are great to listen to at any time to fit an uplifting and optimistic summer vibe.

Here are two playlists that include more lo-fi beats that are similar to the ones listed above. Happy listening!

I hope you enjoyed the songs I have listed here! They are sure to transform your summer into an exciting vibe that will never grow old. From rock to pop and all the way to lo-fi, there is more than one way to amplify the rays of the sun this summer with a brand new summer playlist.

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