An Epic Playlist for an Epic Person Like You
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An Epic Playlist for an Epic Person Like You

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March 10, 2019

You're life isn't a movie. 

It's better than one. 

So to celebrate gettng through most of winter and the beginning of the new year, I present five songs that will help make your 2019 year more epic. 

1. "Becoming a Legend", Artist: John Dreamer 


A track made up of  new tastes of awesomeness, kind of like a cake on a sunny day. This track can be classified as "epic music" and "epic orchestral music". Take everything you know about the orchestra with Bach and Beethoven and turn it off.

A focused guitar melody draws you in before being layered with specks of percussion in the background, building with some strings coming toward you with a vengence. This does not even prepare you for the defiant trumpet part and the giant-sounding choir. Trust me when I tell you, this song will make you obsessed with Epic Orchestral Music forever.  


2. "Harlem" by Cathedrals


This track is one of the many to add to the awesomeness of the Freeform series "Cloak & Dagger". Indie, fresh, and calling it pop would be an insult. It's genre-defying, perfect for when you're ready to make some new rules just like Tandy and Tyrome did.

One's powers coming from the dark and the other feeding on light, the show's pair is far from binary. What you think is good isn't and what you think is bad turns out to have some sweetness. In the grand scheme of things, this song is only one way of explaining how "Cloak & Dagger", like life, is not black and white. A lot of gray hits you, but this song in particular illustrates how it all comes together in the end. 


3. "Limitless" by Jennifer Lopez 

This song makes me want to change my life...right after seeing a couple of her movies and maybe music videos. Her classic voice has only matured into nothing short of a women who knows that she isn't stopping anytime soon. Life, age, not even flashy trends can't compete with a person who's grown gorgeosly through the worst. You could be going through your first act, quarter act, or a bad minute, and this song will remind you that you truly are limitless. 



4. "What's Up Danger" by Blackway & Black Caviar 

So everyone and their great-grandmother/father has seen "Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse" at least one to three times. The overwhelming variations of Spider-people is everything we've dreamt of and more. Having Spider-people spanning gender, ethnic background, countries, and even species was one of the major beauties of the movie.

And let's not forget to give mention to its ultimate soundtrack! Hearing this song as Miles made his just-in-time upgrade literally tied up the whole movie into a breathless first climax. Not only did he lose his fear, he embraced it because he knows he's above it, with his webbing of course! Listening to this track a couple times will have you saying "What's Up Danger" like a boss. 



5. High Hopes by Panic! At the Disco

I didn't know high hopes could be written about so articulately until this song came on one of the MTV channels. Not only was I surprised that they still played music videos, but Panic! At the Disco dropped this track with something hotter than fire.

I mean the trumpets made the head bang, the percussion was cued in at the right time, and the strings give the banger a sort of lyrical feel in between dance moves. "High Hopes" is the I-made-it song, even if you haven't made it yet in your own eyes. Hopefully this song will change your mind.


This is the first of many playlists to come. Rock out, cry out, or smile out to these outstanding tracks anytime you need to. These are all in the journey of helping bring out your most epic self. 

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