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Lottie Moss is Writing Her Own Story: a Talk on Her Self Exploration Journey

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December 18, 2021

Lottie Moss is a fashion model and Onlyfans creator from the United Kingdom. Growing up amidst the media’s fixation on her as Kate Moss’ little sister, Lottie is no stranger to public attention, positive or negative. Her alluring looks, witty humor, and outspoken mind have earned her a mass attraction on Instagram with 400K followers.

As a successful model, breaking her first cover on Vogue in 2016, the 23-year-old star has a lot on her mind.

The Teen Magazine had a chance to chat with Lottie about her journey and encounters in the fashion industry, and the ever-popular 10 Quick Q round for you to better get to know her.

Family & Growing Up

Despite many’s speculations that she would have grown up with immense pressure from both society and the family’s own expectations, Lottie felt differently. “I just grew up with my mom and dad, so I was very close to them, so I had a relaxed, normal upbringing,” she answered frankly, “People would assume it was crazy but it wasn’t.”

Lottie’s favorite childhood memories include going to her mother’s hometown in Norway, visiting her friends and relatives while enjoying the Christmas snow that adds a magic touch to the view. She reminisced, “I have charming memories of skiing too.”

Career & Stigma Against [censored] Workers

Lottie has been on the covers of all different kind of magazines, from Vogue, Dazed, to Teen Vogue. However, she took her career another turn. She explained, “I wanted to do something that felt a little more me.”

Lottie started her OnlyFans account this year, getting hundreds of thousands of views and attention from the public. She described her action of starting OnlyFans as “empowerment for women,” where they are celebrated.

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After being in the fashion world for her whole life, she also wants a different vision for the broader industry. “I would love for them to start using more trans people in the fashion industry,” Lottie voiced her thoughts. She explained that her trans friends have heard hollow words from the people in the industry promising their support of the LGBTQ community. However, their campaigns, branding, and magazine speak differently.

Lottie also spoke of her personal struggles, “I have faced discrimination, but also received the same when modeling. The fashion industry should be more inclusive of all genders, skin colors, sizes and sexualities. There will always be someone out there trying to put you down, but you have to be strong and independent.”

For young adolescents who want to enter the fashion and entertainment industry, she only has one advice: “Don’t do it.”

Relationships & Sexuality

Lottie realized she was bisexual when she was a kid. She recalled, “I used to be at sleepovers with girls like ‘let’s kiss.’” She was embarrassed when she was around girls, and after she slept with a guy at the age of 18, she knew something was up.

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The press never left Lottie alone, whether it was about her sexuality or her career. Lottie commented on the hate and comparisons she receives, “I’ve been in the press for such a long time — I stopped caring. I'm so used to it, unlike people who have become famous so much later in their lives. I’ve never really let it get to me because I was so used to it.”

For the future, she wishes to use the OnlyFans platform to make more people comfortable with their own body and open to exploration.

10 Quick Q's With Lottie Moss

1. If your personality was a type of alcohol, what would it be?


2. What does your self-care day look like?

Tequila and a face mask.

3. Favourite fashion trend?

Crocs and nothing else. Just Crocs.

4. Which trend should ever be recovered?

Men. I think their time is over.

5. Biggest red flag in a relationship?

Being shady with his phone.

6. Logic or emotions?


7. Favorite TV show at the moment?


8. Any favorite underrated brands that more people should know?

CSD World — it’s a place where you get great pre-owned clothes. Also, Gucci. I feel like people really don’t know about it.

9. Biggest pet peeve?

People that are late and people that walk slowly.

10. Which Disney princess is your favorite?


Keep Up With Lottie

Be sure to keep up with Lottie on Instagram at @lottiemossxo and TikTok at @lottiemossx.

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