Lash Lifts vs Lash Extensions and Which One is Best for You
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Lash Lifts vs Lash Extensions and Which One is Best for You

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May 07, 2020

From the old days of applying charcoal and petroleum jelly to the eyelashes to the modern usage of liquid mascara, it's commonly agreeable that improving the way your lashes look can make a great difference to your appearance. The act of enhancing the eyelashes dates back to Ancient Egypt at 3500 B.C., where materials like kohl and even malachite were used to make the eyelashes look better. People risked their health and safety just to have their lashes look amazing, but thankfully, we have safer options in the modern world.

Nowadays, aside from lash curlers, mascaras, and falsies, we've got two more interesting options to choose from: lash lifts and lash extensions. Both of them provide a semi-permanent effect that can simplify our daily makeup routines, sparing the mess of accidentally smudging mascara onto your eyelids, but many are still hesitant on which to choose for themselves. If you're one of those hesitant people, or if you're just curious about the differences between these two, read on!

What is a lash lift?

You've probably seen a video on Instagram on how a lash lift procedure works. It's done by sculpting your lashes upwards onto a silicone mold to create a curl, then setting them by applying on two cream solutions, the first one to make the lashes hold its shape, and the second one applied afterward is to fix the shape in place so that it lasts for a long time. You could choose to follow up this treatment with an extra tinting process that will darken your lashes.

The results are longer looking, more noticeable lashes. It's all naturally made up of your own eyelashes, just enhanced with a perming and tinting process.

How long does it last?

It depends on how fast your lashes fall out and regrow, but typically it lasts for around 6-12 weeks. The permed lashes don't uncurl; they just stay that way until the time it falls out. It's good to remember that during the first 48 hours after the treatment, you should avoid getting water or makeup onto your lashes so the results can set perfectly, ensuring a longer-lasting result. 


  • You can still use mascara or false eyelashes.
  • Looks perfectly natural. 
  • Longer time between maintenance/touch-ups (8-12 weeks).
  • Very comfortable, because it's using your own lashes.


  • For those who favor dramatically noticeable eyelashes, a lash lift might look too subtle.
  • Not everyone can get this done. If you naturally have very short and sparse lashes, a lash lift may not be possible to be done. 

What are eyelash extensions?

A professional artist will apply individual fake lashes onto your real lashes using medical-grade adhesive, creating a look similar to normal stick-on false lashes. You can choose between many different lengths, thicknesses, and you can even choose hybrid combinations for your lashes, where several different lengths of the fake lashes are used to enhance or alter your eye shape. 

Commonly, a natural lash extension would mean having 1 individual lash extension applied on one isolated eyelash. If 2 or more individual lashes are applied on a single real lash, then it’ll be called a volume extension. 2D lashes mean there are 2 lashes on each real lash, then the same goes for 3D, 4D, and so on. Usually, they come in premade singular “fans”, where the lashes are already in a fan shape and are ready to be placed onto the client’s lashes. The style of extensions where the fans are all created by hand is called a Russian volume, a technique created by Olga Dobronravova from Russia. 

How long does it last?

They last around six to eight weeks, depending on your lash growth cycle. They require frequent retouches to maintain a full appearance.


  • You get a dramatic effect from the fake lashes. Think of an “insta baddie” or doll-like sort of look.

  • There are many different options to choose from, from lengths, thickness, and application style. You’re able to choose one that suits your eye shape best.


  • This is highly subjective, but lash extensions may cause slight discomfort, due to its weight or how longer extension lengths may slightly obscure your vision.

  • You’re unable to use mascara, and it may be more difficult to apply and remove eye makeup with extensions on.

  • They’re quite high maintenance. Once some of your lashes fall out, it may create a noticeably patchy look.

So, which one should I get?

It all comes back to personal preference. Adjust your choice to your daily lifestyle and what type of look you're aiming for. They're both suitable for those who have trouble using eye makeup or have no time to do it, but these two look and feel very different. If you're very active outdoors, play sports, or need a clear, unobscured vision at all times, a lash lift would do better for you. But if you don't mind a little discomfort and you hate the sticky mess of applying false eyelashes to get a dramatic appearance on the daily, you can opt for eyelash extensions.

How about the price?

The price of these services vary widely depending on where you live. Compare one place to another when you're looking for a salon or aesthetic center that offers lash services. Make sure they use high-quality materials and hygienic tools because you might risk infection if they don't. It's better to pay a bit more for a quality service than to settle for a cheap one and get complications later on.

Lash extensions and lash lifts are quite a breakthrough in the beauty world, simplifying people's daily beauty routines and providing a way to get strikingly beautiful eyes without all the fuss. Would you get one for yourself? Which do you prefer, extensions or lifts?

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